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    Sorry - I thought I’d replied to this. We spent a couple of hours at Richard’s. He set my daughter up in a soundproof room, with dozens of guitars, an amp and a couple of chairs, and told her to try out anything she fancied playing. She picked out a really lovely Gordon Smith GS1 (Les Paul Jnr copy), and decided on that. Richard insisted on putting it through his workshop for a full setup, new strings and a polish, and it was ready for collection a day later. Really excellent service, no pressure to buy anything, and just nice people.
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    Likes we have over on basschat, let’s see what y’all have! i like me some cheap German fun. This is my Te70 rosewood deluxe that i’ve Put a new neck on. The original neck had a couple of issues so I bought a new neck off eBay and finished it with tru oil. New neck needed a thorough shimming. Thinking I might get some new tuners and a fancy bridge. I figured the stars made me think of a Wild West Sheriff so it’s earned the name Sheriff Fatman as I love a bit of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.
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    Is the Crayola Builder in Lead Zeppelin ?😀
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    I really like the pencil one. Having worked in a primary school where you always end up with numerous short, coloured pencils, that continually break when sharpened, this seems like the perfect end for those unloved stubbies.
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    After a quick visit to the bay of evil last night I came away winning this . model TE 5 EB. I couldn't find any info anywhere on the interweb so I contacted Tanglewood direct to find out that it is so new that they have not added it to their website yet, and that only 24 will be released in each colour this year. The pickups, headstock , the two controls ( one volume and one tone ? ) and the offcentre dot markers seem to hint at a modern rocker rather than traditional 335 type, how a music shop can let it go at far less than 1/3 of the RRP is beyond me, but I'm not going to complain and I will give it a go when it arrives on Tuesday.
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    I got this pair as an upgrade from the little 1w Blackstar combo I've been using for the last eight or nine years. It's a DV Mark Micro 50 Mk 2 head and a Barefaced GXII cabinet (American voiced) and they sound absolutely fantastic. I'm really impressed with the amp - the clean channel is fantastic but I'm really impressed with the drive channel. It's basically an overdrive pedal built into the amp but it means I can add a little bit of dirt to the tone and still keep everything at neighbour-friendly volume levels. I'm also really impressed with the cabinet. It's super light and handles everything the head throws at it without ever sounding strained. I really like it with the clean channel on the head - a touch of reverb and my Epiphone es175 sounds wonderful. I'm well chuffed with these two 😀
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    I turned up to rehearsal on Monday and found that our guitarist had decided to celebrate Christmas early this year and had treated himself to an EVH Frankenstein Frankenstrat Replica. Not the £700 one mind, but the $25,000 Fender-Charvel variety! I have to say it's an absolute beast of a guitar and the attention to detail is phenomenal. it comes with loads of candy, a reliced flight case and just has that sound in spades. As an aside, if anyone is familiar with what I believe to be an original type Floyd Rose term and the specific tool you might need to tighten the trim arm, then your advice would be much appreciated by it's owner. We've both had a look at it and are undecided as to whether it's even possible. We decided it might be a nice idea to have a side by side shot of the 'monster' next to my pristine Ritter Cora.
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    Borrowing from BC's 'Basses On The Settee' thread, I thought we should have our own. So...
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    Puns on GC too? I can’t bear it 😉.
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    Love it when people get creative.... Any others out there?
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    I’d call it free improvisation. There was a lively discussion on this a while back over on Basschat, but it is a movement with quite a long history. A lot of it’s best known exponents are horn players such as Lol Coxhill and Evan Parker. Amongst guitarists, best known are people like Derek Bailey and Fred Frith in his wilder outings. Very much an acquired taste of course and not really for anybody who likes to know where the one is, but it does have a following. For the curious, there’s plenty to choose from over on yoochoob. Not for the musically faint of heart though; you have been warned.
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    My American Deluxe. I replaced the N3 stock pickups with Kinmans which sound so much stronger. Never got on with the cream/parchment PG so swapped it for a white one.
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    I love stuff like this. I wonder if anyone could tell the cardboard strat from a wooden one in a blind sound test?
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    It's like walking into your local and all your mates are there, only in drag.
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    OK and here it is, my new Ltd M403HT superstrat. As some of you may have seen elsewhere on here, I've been after a guitar for that neck, single coil Strat vibe that wasn't necessarily an actual Strat, and this is what I've ended up with. It's a 2016 Korean model, basically in "as new" condition with a solid mahogany body, flamed maple top, maple bolt on neck, rosewood or pao ferro fret board (the current Malaysian ones are pao ferro but I think the Korean models had rosewood - it certainly looks like rosewood to me anyway), a pair of Seymour Duncan STK -S4 stacked single coils in the neck and middle positions , a TB-14 Custom 5 in the bridge, a hard-tail bridge with through-the-body string anchoring and Grover tuners at the other end. Controls are a 5-way selector, a single volume and a single tone. First impressions were that it looked really good and played OK - the previous owner had the action set far too low, the pickup heights were all over the place, and the tone knob was coming loose but after a quick setup, everything is much better although I'm finding the dead-flat fret board a little unnatural feeling but no-doubt I'll soon get used to it. The Custom 5 in the bridge is a perfectly good pickup but I'd had one of those in previous guitar and knew what to expect with that. The S4s are amazingly quiet with the hidden coil doing an excellent job of cancelling any hum (in fact they appear to have less noise than the bridge humbucker), tone-wise they sound pretty much like your standard single coil pickup, perhaps a little warmer, but I will give them a go one day with this second coil shorted to ground to see if it makes any discernible difference to the sound - if it does, I'll probably then replace the tone pot with push-push or push-pull so that I can have this as a switchable option. General workmanship is pretty good - the fret ends are nice and smooth (more so than my previous Korean made Fenders which needed a mini-workover with a small file and some wet'n'dry), the strings and pickups line up on this one unlike an earlier one that I almost bought, although I can feel the slightest of lips on the nut where it's less than a hair's width out of alignment - one day I'll probably have go at fixing this too (anyone know if it's possible to easily remove the nut and reposition it on these without damaging either the nut or the guitar?). I've got a new set of NYXLs coming in tomorrow and I'll write a more detailed review when I've put those on and given the guitar a thorough setup. Update - it's now been re-strung with my string of choice, the fretboard cleaned and oiled, the pickup heights adjusted and the relief / action / intonation all setup. So what do I think now? The bridge pickup is great for heavier stuff - a little scooped but not too much (the NYXLs help smooth that a little but emphasising the mids and high mids while toning down the bass and extreme highs a little) and the neck and middle pickups are great for the funky rhythm stuff when played together. As I've already said, the build quality is good for the "street price", certainly on a par with my other Korean guitars but it just can't quite match the feel of quality that you get with a full-fat Japanese ESP. It might sound like a cliché but when I play my Japanese ESP Eclipses, they don't feel like guitars - they feel like a part of me while this feels like … a guitar. A good sounding, well balanced guitar but still a guitar none-the-less. The main reason for that, I believe, is the neck - while it's beautifully smooth and shallow, it's just a fraction wider than I'm used to with a flatter fretboard - no doubt if a I give it a chance and play it as regularly as I play my other guitars, I'll soon get used to it, after all I can switch quite happily from a 5 string Spector Euro 5LX bass to a 4 string EBMM Sterling and then to an ESP Eclipse 6 string electric guitar. Update 2 - I've now re-aligned the nut, and the pickups (the middle pickup was slightly slanted and the bridge humbucker was slightly off centre), and now I'm feeling happier. I'm still finding it a little un-natural to play but I've only had it a day so give it some time ...
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    I’m a huge Tele fan, much meatier than a Strat in all the positions IMO. Every home should have one 😊.
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    Fascinating...it would be interesting to see its strengths and weaknesses against the competition - especially head to headed with my own latest acquisition mentioned in my Nemesis thread on Basschat. To explain, just picked up my Gillett Contour 6 electric in Rocklite that has been doing the shows for the past two or three months. I'll do a full review thread as soon as I can find the time to fully put it through its paces
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    OK - here's one of my recent lightweight builds. Built for my sister-in-law at 25" scale length and 5lbs 3oz total weight. Amboyna top, oak back (from her late mother's mantlepiece), maple/purpleheart/mahogany neck :
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    So many... in sort of no particular order... Gordon Giltrap - right at the top of my list Gary Moore Steve Howe Phil Keaggy Wes Montgomery Alex Lifeson Ian Bairnson - Pilot, Kate Bush and The Alan Parsons Project Brian Robertson/Scott Gorham - The Classic Thin Lizzy line up! Stevie Ray Vaughan Larry Carlton ...that’ll do for now.
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    He is a great player and teacher. I have learned a lot from him. The video you mention seems to be affecting all the online guys. Another great teacher is Justin for simpler stuff.
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    Has anyone been through his guitar course? I've been watching his youtube videos & find his stuff really engaging, he also does some slightly off topic vids, a recent one being on the subject of copyright & how it affects him...
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    I’m a beginner on electric guitar should I buy a B&G little sister guitar or a fab telecaster I’ve been offered
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    Hello! I've been bitten by the guitar bug at the age of 46 having been able to play very basic stuff for years. Currently working my way through Justinguitar.com beginners course & will start actual lessons in 2 weeks.. I've been having fun with the app Tonebridge which gives you loads of guitar tone/song settings as 'pedals' also using an iRig but suffering with some latency issues as I'm using an android phone. My guitars: an acoustic '[email protected] model by Vintage which can be both strung as baritone & standard I have it as standard & a Prs custom 24 that I managed to get for a steal! Cheers! Gav
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    You can use the strikethrough option (funny-looking S at the top of the edit screen) on items that sell from a list.
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    Thanks. I am following the justin guitar beginners course but have also booked lessons.
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    Welcome to the forum! As mentioned above, a lot of us here are really bass players who dream of being “proper” guitarists 😀 so it’s nice to welcome someone who’s learning to handle all six strings right from the off 😀 Unfortunately, there’s no magic answer to help you develop your playing. It’s all difficult and a bit painful at first - but then it kind of clicks together and you don’t even think about it any more. So the only advice I can offer is.....persevere! Lessons are great - the online courses (of which there are many but the justinguitar ones seem excellent) are good but I would strongly suggest that you also sign up with a local tutor and take a few lessons on a one to one basis. This will help you develop good technique from the start and help to stop you developing habits now that may constrain your playing in the future. Courses are great but I think the real-time feedback from an actual tutor is invaluable to set you on your way. Enjoy the forum and let us know how you get on. If you have questions about gear, technique, gear, songs, gear or anything really - Including gear, we like talking about gear - then ask away. You’ll get a million different opinions and always be able to pick one you like, lol 😀 😎
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    My main influence is Marc Bolan, in his earlier Tyrannosaurus days. I principally play acoustic (or Variax on an acoustic patch) as I now recognise that I'm a crap lead guitarist.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I have looked at justin guitars you tube lessons and am going to work through them systematically. Scratch.
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    If I say so myself, it plays and sounds great.
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    I recently posted that I had picked up a LTD M403HT superstrat from eBay and I thought I'd post some brief comparisons between this, my LTD elite Eclipse and my ESP standard series Eclipse, and the work I've done to it since buying it. Now, I know the M403 and the Eclipses are very different guitars but by comparing them it is still possible to gain a bit of an insight into the difference between a full-fat ESP, a top-of-the-range LTD and a mid-range LTD. First off, the general build quality of both Japanese built Eclipses is identically excellent, the hardware is identical (Gotoh bridge and locking tuners, hand-cut bone nut) however the fretboard binding on the LTD elite was a little too angular but nothing that 2 minutes with a cloth and some rubbing compound couldn't fix. The other, and probably biggest difference, is that the body shape of the LTD elite is slightly different, adhering to the 3 knob and shorter bottom horn variation of the American model rather than the traditional Les Paul format found on export models - I assume that having just one body type saves production costs for the LTD but other than this there are no other signs of cost cutting. It's probably worth noting also that the LTD elite range only lasted for about a year before it was superseded by the E-II range. It would be interesting to compare the LTD elite with a Korean built EC1000 to see how they compare. Moving on to the Korean made, mid-range LTD M403 now: hardware-wise it has Seymour Duncan pickups all round - a pair of STK S4s in the neck and middle positions, and a Custom 5 in the bridge. The tuners are Grover non-locking tuners, the bridge is a decent copy of a Hipshot hard-tail and the nut is a similarly decent copy of a Graphtec graphite enriched moulded plastic nut; obviously using non-branded hardware for the bridge and a moulded nut are 2 ways to keep costs down but they seem to be decent enough quality, so all's good so far. However, build quality and finish was a bit hit and miss. The pickups didn't align properly with the strings - the middle pickup was slightly slanted and not parallel to its route, the pickups where packed with foam behind them and without springs, and the nut was playable but cut too high for my tastes and was also slightly wider than the neck so that the edge could be felt overhanging the neck slightly. Finally, the binding on the fretboard was very square and a bit uncomfortable. One last thing, the pickup combination also struck me as an odd choice, with the two S4s being hugely overpowered by the much hotter Custom 5 in the bridge. Anyway, apart from that, it was all fine! Now don't misunderstand me, the M403 was not as bad as all that sounds and is a fine everyday guitar but you could feel the difference in the finish and attention to detail when compared to the LTD elite and ESP. Now here's a good question - with time, effort and some experience of this sort of thing, is it possible to make a mid-price guitar play like a top-of-the-range one? So with that in mind, I set about addressing all the little niggles with the LTD M403 - plugged and re-drilled the holes for the pickup screws, fitted springs under the S4s to work alongside the foam to keep the pickups better supported and aligned, trimmed and re-finished the nut, rolled the fretboard binding, swapped the Custom 5 for a TB59 for a better tonal and volume balance between the pickups, and gave the guitar a damn-good setup. Two weeks later and it's all done, but is it now as good as the other two more expensive guitars? I would love to say "yes" but the real answer is going to have to be "nearly". It's a huge improvement over how it was "out of the box" but the Japanese made Eclipses still have the edge, but bearing in mind that full-fat ESPs now retail for over £2000 and E-IIs for around £1800, I'd say that the Korean LTD, with a street price of around £600 offers fantastic value for money and a good base to build on if you have the time and patience to tweak it a little.
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    He's been dealt with.
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    Haven’t bought one for years, but I always thought Guitar Techniques was best for improving guitar playing, just seemed a bit more grown up than Total Guitar and provided more proper lessons as opposed to just transcriptions. But a lot could have changed since I last bought either, and with all the lessons and videos available on the internet, I’d have thought it would be difficult for the magazines to survive these days.
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    Something a bit different this week. I’ve had this Tele body hanging around for ages, so I thought I’d repurpose it. I need a small, low table for cups of coffee, etc and this seemed like an ideal solution. 4 legs and a pack of mirror screws from B&Q and we have the Tablecaster.
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    Oooh, that is nice
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    It’s still just a placeholder but the pre-orders are now being taken so the proper page should appear soon. It’s basically a 12” version of the existing GX (although I’m sure there’s more to it than that!). https://barefacedaudio.com/products/gxii I’ve been thinking of treating myself to a new guitar amp for a while so I've just ordered one of these at the early-adopter price. Just need to choose a nice head to go with it now.....the little Bugera amps look interesting and pretty good value....
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    I'll admit to a vested interest here - I used to work with her Dad - but this girl can play....
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    Watched this on the BBC last night, fully expecting it to be terrible and a re-run of the usual clips/suspects. I was pleasantly surprised that it was rather good, more a journey through modern guitar tone and effects than anything else (some technique, but not much). Worth a watch IMO.
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    Well here I am, not dead, another Basschatter venturing into six string territory. My band has been in its death throes for the last couple of years, and I haven’t really been terribly active over there. It’s now officially deceased, my circumstances (work, shift work in particular) prevent me getting another together. I’ve been dabbling in guitar for a while, and now I’m going full tilt to try and become a proper guitarist so I can hopefully do some solo stuff. Just had my first guitar lesson ever, loved it (and got to have a go on a 1961 Gibson 335!). So I will hopefully be taking more of an interest around here whilst I get my head around this six string business. I have a house full of cheap guitars, treated myself to Fender Sonoran acoustic recently, but I ‘m much more interested in electric, and hope to replace my Vintage Zip (Les Paul jr copy) with some sort of semi acoustic, Epiphone Dot, Gretsch Electromatic or similar. See ya round!
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    Crikey can she play. *mutter. grumble, unfair..*
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    This is what you call 'Early Days'
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    Hello, GuitarChatters. I have been on BC for a good while. I play electric bass in a jazz trio (mostly jazz standards, along with sentimental favorites [not always mine] and originals) of bass, violin, and keyboard. While I played guitar for many years as a 'bold strummer', good with a flat pick and fingers, I never progressed above the Arctic Circle of the fifth fret. Now I am ready to learn more--jazz, or something in the style of Richard Thompson--and recently bought a Fender Duo-Sonic. We'll see how it goes! My bass training should come in handy. Wylie
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    I have an Epi Es175 which I have string with flats. They suit the guitar perfectly and give me that smooth jazz tone I wanted. I don't think I'd like them on my Stratocaster though
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    My main guitar is a bit of a metal beastie with active pups, I bought this Squier to be a different option. I bought it second hand from my local guitar shop, I tried it in store and it played wonderfully so had to come home with me. Cost £200 and is well worth it. The neck is pretty thin, which I like, it plays fast. Tuners work smoothly and hold tune perfectly. The trem is nice, it gives a nice wobble, great for a surf rock kind of sound. It doesn’t do big dive bombs like a floyd rose though. It has a myriad of options and switches. Flick the main switch upwards and it uses only the bridge pup with the upper volume and tone wheels. main switch down uses both pups and the lower switches. One each to turn on and off each pickup, along with a high pass filter to cut the low end for an exaggerated single coil sound. The volume and tone knobs work with this circuit. The pickups are Duncan Designed and review very well, widely considered better than the Fender Japan pickups. I certainly like them, they are clear and with a lovely quack. Sound really nice clean and crunchy. i wouldn’t swap them for what I use it for, easily good enough to gig or record with. Very satisfying sound and exactly what you want in a Jaguar. There is so much to like about this guitar, especially for the price. However one thing many people complain about is the bridge. Squier tried to keep this guitar as faithful to the sixties model as possible and that includes the bridge, which is bad. It has loads of tiny grooves which the strings do not sit in well. I’m a pretty heavy handed player (mainly playing bass) and if you hit the strings hard they jump around in the saddles, not helping the tuning and intonation. This is easily solved though. As per most other reviews, I fitted a Mustang bridge, which is a drop in replacement. It has a proper groove in the saddles. Mustangs have a different radius on the fretboard so I got a bridge with adjustable saddle heights and it is perfect. I put 11 gauge strings on it which in conjunction with the new bridge solve the problems perfectly. It is a slightly shorter scale guitar than normal so the thicker strings work well with it. The scale makes it ridiculously easy to play. To sum up, this is an amazing guitar for the money. Plays really well, easy and fast. sounds great, iconic single coil tones on tap and clear note and chord definition. A quick £10 bridge replacement and you have a great axe that punches well above its price point. The guitarist in my band has an American Fender Jaguar and it is assuredly a better guitar, locking tuners but less tonal options. His sounds a little bit better, but nowhere near better enough to justify the price tag from my point of view. If you are looking for a great value guitar that is good enough to practice, record or gig, with versatility from jazz and blues, to rock and punk this guitar does everything far better than its price would suggest. You’ll struggle to find anything better for anywhere near the price.
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    Hey folks, Jim here, bass player mainly - but also anything else with strings on - from Northern Ireland, now in Dublin. Have been playing originals lately (http://runin.red), and covering git fiddle parts in the studio gave me a taste for it again. Glad to join ye's on the skinny neck side 😄
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    That’s brilliant info, thank you !
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    Not quite as it currently stands.. The wireless on the right is gone, the Maxon Fuzz is now replaced by a Suhr Riot, and I've somehow squeezed in a Subdecay Octasynth and a Digitech CabDryVR. Oh and an ISP Decimator G string. I can route the input via the Fishman Aura or not depending on whether I plug in an acoustic in, but can use any of the fx either way, and have both an amp and DI output (and can loop an amp preamp into the o/d loop). Power brick underneath and a pedalsnake cable to and from whatever its plugged into. You should see my old board. Now that was even wider.
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    The pickups on the standard Squier aren't that bad... I'm not sure it would be worth it.
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    Along with music, building Lego is a big hobby of mine and I’ve managed to combine the two by putting my hand at stop motion videos and doing promos for the band. Just finished my 5th, using the Sydney Opera House set to pretend that the we played a gig on the other side of the world.
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    I know PRS can divide opinion, and they're often seen as a middle aged person's choice of guitar, but I'm middle aged anyway so that's fine. Here's mine just to get things started, it's not a full fat "core" PRS (I'm not actually a fan of the fancy ten top style ones), it's a PRS S2 Custom 24, so that's made in the same factory in the USA but without the carved top and a few other things to save money. It still has the set neck and the same quality control etc, but at a much more sensible price, and this was second hand as well. It's basically this: https://www.prsguitars.com/index.php/electrics/s2/s2_custom_24_2018. Not to be confused with the PRS SE guitars which are made in Korea, I actually traded a PRS SE 245 for this and it's a huge step up from the SE. It's the nicest playing guitar I've ever owned, I really like the way it looks - the picture doesn't quite do the colour justice - and the sound is just exactly what I wanted. I think it will be my #1 guitar for a good while. (I don't know why the picture comes out that way round when it's vertical on my PC, but it does't really matter. It is actually hanging on the wall, not performing some levitation trick!)

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