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  1. OK s'hard to tell without knowing what it sounds like but I'm glad you worked something out.
  2. Hey Ricky, welcome and congratulations on popping your GC cherry. Last time I looked into it, the digitising and undigitising of the guitar signal introduced a slight lag. However that was about 10 years ago so perhaps things have improved since then given Joyo offer the JW1 and there is the Boss Air Katana. Boss seem to be doing great things generally around amps these day. Have you done a search on amazon for bluetooth wireless guitar or looked at retailer sites like PMT?
  3. Closed forums can't be accessed by search engine bots so the content is never registered as searchable. Searchable content is valuable for the purpose of attracting new members via search engines. So it helps the site to have accessible content.
  4. Welcome aboard!

  5. Try inversions. Drop the 5th lower than the root so it effectively becomes a 4th.
  6. Hulk fists and wet celery...or a spot of mud wrestling as they did in the old days, with onlookers throwing guinea coins and making obscene or humiliating demands.
  7. Yes but different styles of Kung Fu, which tend to be highly stylised. Anyone with a background in MMA or even Muay Thai would have made a meal of him. BTW having a Dad who practices acupuncture is no substitute for living in China. That's like saying 'my Dad has a PhD in Medical Ethics, so I know all about that science stuff'.
  8. OK it's three months old but I've only just discovered it. Some of you might have missed it too. TDLR: Basically an attention seeking youtuber called KDH goes after a few online personalities on his channel, including Rob Chapman, like some vigilante undercover tabloid journalist. In Chapman's case, KDH claims to have exposed various perceived issues with both Chapman and Chapman Guitars, some of which may have some basis in truth and others didn't (with the benefit of hindsight). Some of the points covered include QC issues and speculation dressed up as sensationalist fact around Chapman moving from Riff City to Guitar Centre as US representatives. Chapman's online following see red and go after KDH like a blood thirsty vigilante mob. Chapman does nothing which is seen by wider internet as an abuse of 'power' after KDH removes said video (but has since reposted it). Chapman issues an apology video which give's Prince Andrew's Epstein interview a run for it's money. Riff City subsequently post their own version of events, after Chapman apparently deletes their response on his vid. Cue every other guitarist-youtuber out there jumps on the band wagon posting reaction videos criticising Chapman for lacking in sincerity and being more than a little economical with the truth, if not bypassing it altogether, particularly around the Riff City thing. KDH subsequently posts a pointed parody of Chapman's apology, checking off every point on a video by Pewdipie on how not to apologise. Chapman can do nothing apart from sucking up the burn and chalking it up to experience. This is the internet ladies and gentlemen, how different things are from 20 years ago. Toss shit about and everyone directly involved gets hit. The rest of the world jumps in on it salaciously, revelling in the smell and texture like it was Chanel face cream. One day my grandkids (IF, and that's a big IF, I survive into my late 70's-80's) are going to wonder what the world was like without internet in the same way I wonder what it was like without TV.
  9. Facebook isn't as good as it used to be. The advertising isn't all that effective, it appeals to a Gen X and older demographic and it's not great for relationship building...but what social media is? Twitter is all about proclamations and instagram is all about thirst, there is no depth in either. Google is still king but it takes more work to get things up the search engine rankings these days due to competition and an algorithm which is harder to game than it used to be. I know Andertons well, Lee and I occasionally exchange messages. They are massive because; 1) They started posting in 2009 before Youtube exploded as a promotion tool. They got carried along on the tide as it were and probably wouldn't be able to repeat the success now as the algorithm has changed and there is more competition. 2) Lee (and Rob Chapman) are charismatic on camera. Rob put Lee onto the idea of Youtube as a promo vehicle at the same time he was thinking about Chapman Guitars over ten years ago. Lee has a stake in Chapman as well. 3) Andertons have an established and trusted brand, customers expect Lee and the team to take care of them (and they do).
  10. I've seen some videos just now which explain music theory so they're definitely available. I actually took up guitar to help me understand more about chords to help my bass playing. It didn't work, I started to find guitar more interesting than bass.
  11. FWIW I'm self taught, I look for songs that interest me and I try to learn how to play them. Steve Stevens, Steve Lukather, Alan Murphy, Boon Gould, Nile Rodgers...I follow their leads. I don't need them to teach me if I can work out what they are doing with the help of online chord charts.
  12. I'm more or less numerically dylsexic. Basic arthimetic and stats are OK...they're grounded in the real world. But calculus and quadratic equations...might as well be a foreign language. But if you understand maths and can visualise it, I'm sure you will have few problems. Bach was of the same view. My opinion isn't important and in any case, it takes more than some text to be an effective teacher. There is sensitivity/empathy and the ability to make complicated things really simple. Compartmentalising information into bite sized chunks is key. And the ability to make learning entertaining either through personality or through staying close to the students' own passions.
  13. Kiwi


    Whatever it is, it doesn't need to be so thick. Sealing can be solved with a quick spray over. I suspect it might be more of the plastikote primer originally used on Fenders since the early 60's. Basically a dip that seals and levels in one go, ready for final coat. It's chemical cured so impervious to any solvents.
  14. Yeah I've watched videos of the 519/509 which attracted my attention and even when Paul was demonstrating the 'single coil mode' I thought it was a bit raw sounding. Once I have a bit more disposable income, my eye is on a Custom 22 and maybe a 503. The guitarist in a band I was once in back in the late 80's had an early PRS Custom 22 and a Boogie Mark IIc. You could see they were his holy grail and with good reason. It was in a different league to everything else I had heard - Jems into 5150, Strats into Marshalls etc. The overdrive was so tight.
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