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  1. The customised guitar low pass filters arrived today from Lustihand. I was surprised at how compact they are!  A set of gold locking tuners arrived last week for about 16 quid and a set of solid aluminum knobs in black are also on their way. The CAD drawing for the body is also done after a lot of reviewing and translation. I'm currently talking to fabricators about a build price.
  2. Kiwi

    Post your pedal board

    We have a similar floor...
  3. Today I ordered a version of the dual low pass filter by Lustihand that has been customised for guitar. After a bit of research we identified that the Alembic sweep filters used on the Aria went from 350Hz - 6Khz. I did a spot of investigation with my EMG strat and a parametric eq and that chime setting seems to need boost around 5KHz. The filters I've ordered will match the same (custom order) and there will be the same 9dB of boost that goes into the bass circuits. I may modify this later if it proves to be too noisy. I've also revised the circuit diagram because the output from the low pass filter is active rather than passive. So one of the changes will be the replacement of the blend pot with two inputs from the pickup selector into the summing amplifier before it reaches the integrated volume. I also have some 2 pole 6 position rotary selector switches so that just leaves tuners and knobs. I can't seem to find a chickenhead knob anywhere on the Chinese e-commerce sites. Plenty of oven knobs though...
  4. Yes I had a Guitarist mag when they ran the fold out posters which featured this guitar one issue and there was no wood in it's construction - everything was 100% lucite. Nile has said on FB that his was made from perspex by some small (at the time) operation called "Guitarman" that operated out of a music store on 48th street NYC. Bernard actually had a matching bass which is in Nile's possession now:
  5. I am! I spent 1990 in fine art school where I was subject to alt rock constantly by my thoughtful classmates. Over many months I gradually learned to develop a total loathing of it and, funnily enough, of fine art school also. Detachable Penis by King Missile was tolerable only because it was slightly interesting. I like Simple Minds, are they cool? I wasn't into the new wave thing although I'll reluctantly confess to having owned a pirate shirt at one point...without lacey frills [ahem]. But those days were all bass, I didn't really get serious about guitar until about maybe 7 years ago. In 1987 (I turned 17 then) had a term of paid bass lessons in September and my first lesson was a couple of days after Jaco died. My bass teacher showed me the newspaper clipping, and I didn't know who he was. So we did a lesson looking at Portrait of Tracy and he showed me how to play a few lines of Donna Lee before Mark King took over my interest for the next few years. Before then the first song I'd ever learned was New Years Day by U2 but that wasn't on guitar. So, on reflection, at 16 I was only just getting serious about bass and letting go of drums. And I discovered L42 which I suppose was life changing in the sense I obsessed about them for the next 7 years or so. But it wasn't guitar related.
  6. I'm not cool enough to participate in this thread. I was a teenager in the eighties.
  7. I think Nile Rodgers has one, he used it for the Get Lucky video. But his has a clear pick guard.
  8. it really depends on the direction of the connections and how much slack there is in the wiring. There's going to be a lot of twisting.
  9. It's legible but...well, funny you should mention the black ink...I can do any colour your heart desires though. Fuchsia perhaps? I was working on the schematic up until midnight and made some major changes that means (thankfully) I may only need 2 pole not 4 pole and I'm probably going to ditch the reverse phasing for now as it might not be needed. The whole point of doing this was to get my head around the switching arrangement as a form of escapism over CNY to stave off boredom. It worked. I've also been tweaking the body a little more and worked up two alternative designs using a Kahler 4200 X trem bridge, one has a glue in neck and the other is through. However there aren't any CAD blocks out there of the X trem so it seems like I'm going to have to buy one and work it up myself just like I did with the Wilkinson VS100. But Kahler's installation instructions are a whole load more helpful than Wilkinson's and drawn up in CAD.
  10. Last night I decided to tackle the matter of whether phase switching was needed for positions involving two pickups. I did a bit of research on the sound of reverse phased pickups and found one vid where the vlogger had switched the phase of pickups in his telecaster and it sounded damn close to the Aria Esprit. So then the challenge was to adapt the original circuit diagram, but the more I looked into it, the more it seemed like a separate pole was needed to handle the earth/neg side...and I didn't have one spare because of the need to connect the middle pickup to two different poles. By late this morning I'd more or less given up and was in the process of typing an email to someone asking for help when it occured to me that instead of making the middle pickup switch from one side of the preamp to the other, why not make the neck and bridge swap from one side to the other and have the mid stay on the same channel while it's connected. I did a bit of mucking about with connections and found that not only could it work but it actually freed up one pole for use as an earth so it was possible to switch phasing for the bridge pickup in position 4 by swapping neg and positive around. I also had to wire up the neg side for all the other pickups to run through pole 2 as well but the point was it's possible. This also means I can go back to the plan to have a push pull vol pot to switch the preamp in and out. I have also found a supplier on Made-in-China who does 6 position 4 pole pots and they don't cost anywhere near the same as those made by Stewmac. This is subject to further tweaks, for example, I suspect pole 4 won't be needed either if I make better use of the vacant positions on pole 1.
  11. I love Mesa Boogie amps and have searched on YouTube for review clips of the 5:25. It's supposed to be pretty versatile.
  12. It's a way of describing a physical or electronic vibration. The ringing noise. Is it something physically vibrating or is it something feeding back electronically?
  13. Sounds like an earth loop with something else attached to the mains. It could well be the other thing which is faulty. Maybe there's a piece of internet equipment not earthed properly.
  14. is it an electronic or mechanical oscillation?
  15. I think it tightens up the low end and boosts the midst a little.
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