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  1. Kiwi

    Hi Guys

    @Human welcome aboard! If you have any problems, feel free to drop me a line.
  2. Kiwi


    It's OK though, we can be cell mates. Top bunk is mine though and don't ask for any favours.
  3. They've probably all escaped and run off to set up a refuge where they feel empowered to explore a more plectrum orientated lifestyle that includes singing plectrum empowering world music, reading lifestyle magazines and periodicals exploring what it actually means to be plectrum aware, celebrating significant dates in the history of plectrums, promoting plectrum friendly destination holidays, and organising large scale public events to raise awareness of plectrum friendly alternative perspectives on pressing issues of public interest.
  4. There's a distinction to be made though between the kind of appeal that attracts initial interest and the kind of appeal that sustains interaction in the longer term.
  5. That reminds me of a joke from work. Q: How many designers does it take to change a light bulb? A: Does it have to be a light bulb? I think it's OK for each to define their own senses of community and identity. It's probably inevitable and helps ensure a broader appeal.
  6. I think you're right - so the problem is about how to draw in from a larger source I guess.
  7. I think you're heading in the direction I'd go in. The one thing I'd probably suggest is a treble booster - use an eq pedal if you have one kicking around. He really liked to run those AC30's at full tilt and the treble boost is at the start of the signal chain, so it's gain, gain, more gain and yet more gain again. Premier Guitar did a Rig Run Down with his roadie at one point in the past:
  8. @Jimothey How did you transfer the fake branding?
  9. CA (superglue) is an alternative if there is exposed wood. It soaks into the wood so offers a nice, tight bond as well.
  10. How about we shape the forum in favour of the things you like to post about? It will take a while for things to pick up but if no-one posts anything then nothing is going to change. I was also thinking about giveaways or a competition or something but the benefit is usually temporary unless the place is more interesting to use.
  11. Some of the Ibanez S line are outstanding value. Yamaha Pacifica are tried and true also.
  12. What were you looking to achieve? If you want a woodier tone, a PAF might have been a better option. I have Armstrong PAFs in my Yammie MSG and they are great - 80 quid a pop too.
  13. I bought a NEW Chinese made acoustic 12. On paper it looked the part, sapele neck and sides, spruce top. But it needed a bit of work - they'd thrown a 12 neck on a 6 string body and the X bracing wasn't up to scratch (square bracing would have been better) and the bridge hadn't been filed properly so you could drive an oil tanker under the strings. I ordered a doohickey thingamajig from Stewmac to take some of the strain off the top. It worked really well to the point where I don't actually need to tune the guitar much after going weeks without use. The string action is still a smidge high but I managed to carefully file the plastic saddle down enough.
  14. And he enjoyed a brief flirtation with an Image/MSG as well to which the PRS Santana model bears more than a passing similarity.
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