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  1. Dad3353

    Tele Tuesday

    Not sure if this is on topic or not, but seeing the HB pics above ^^, I thought I'd share this photo of my Xavier, with a similar pick-up disposition ... Based, loosely, on the Tele Thinline (one day I'll maybe be able to afford a real guitar ...), the p/u's resemble Filtertrons. A push/pull splits to single coils; the mini-switch cabling has been removed (was for phase change, but too much of a faff...). You can't really appreciate the Black Sparkle finish. An excellent 'player'; it's really my 'go to' guitar these days, for any electric stuff. Sounds very nice through a Germanium 4 Big Muff, and records nicely, too.
  2. I have a Fender Bassman Export 50, and its associated 2 x 15 cab, and can confirm that it is excellent as a guitar rig. I also used it for several years as my bass amp, on big stages and exterior gigs, as well as home practise, and it worked splendidly for that, too. The head is currently with my amp repair man, awaiting pick-up after its major overhaul (re-caps, and a duff o/p tranny...); I'll have to make time to get it, as it was ready before Christmas, but travel wasn't allowed, so... Hmm... Maybe next week..? S'been too long since I used it. Here's a (very...) old photo; it's just visible on the left ... ... and again, with one of my guitars ..
  3. Good evening, xxxxx , and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  4. Doesn't work for me 'We could not locate the item you're trying to view' message. No idea why. Hmm...
  5. Only partly, in truth. I've been playing guitars, of many sorts, for over half a century now; I worked in a music shop for several years, too. I can't honestly say I've ever known anyone, least of all myself, that consider the 'tone' of any make of strings, from Cathedral through Ernie Ball to D'Addario and Elixir, passing through many others (Dean Markley, Fender etc...). The gauge will have an effect, but when I changed from Fender Bullets to Elixir, I noticed only that they lasted one heck of a lot longer. Tone..? That's my fingers, and (partly...) the guitar and amp. OK, pedals, too, when used. But the make of strings..? That's a new one on me. Others may have better ears than me (not difficult, especially these daze..!); I'll ask Our Eldest (a luthier and guitarist...) and see what he thinks. No, it's not a factor I've ever considered, tonally. The feel, yes, but not the tone. Blind, I'm not sure anyone could tell what brand is what. Edit: Our Eldest is also surprised by the notion. If there is an effect, it's well down on the list of potential tonal changes, behind fingers (obviously...), pick-ups, potentiometers, amp, jack lead and more. Very difficult to do a real 'A/B' test, too, but our experience is that the brand matters little, tonally. Just sayin'.
  6. Tone..? What is this 'tone' of which you speak..?
  7. Probably too soon to tell for longevity.
  8. My first week's wages, in a little brown envelope, amounted to 6£, as an apprentice, in '66. It was spent on my first guitar, a Russian-made acoustic classical guitar, strung with steel strings about 1/2" from the 12th fret. The neck joint was a simple horizontal bolt through the heel to the body. I would, of course, need a guitar method book, so I bought, at the same time (from Bell's Music, Hounslow...) the Mickey Baker Complete Course In Jazz Guitar. Here's the book ... ... still available, very inexpensive, from Amazon and elsewhere. Here's Lesson one, on Page Two ... I can't say how many hours, days, months, years I've spent breaking my fingers on those chords. Things improved somewhat when I 'upgraded' to a Hofner President, but it was a hard slog. Happy daze...
  9. Here's a review of a few ... https://producerhive.com/buyer-guides/best-thin-body-acoustic-guitars/ I've a son-in-law with a Fender Acoustic Electric which plays very well, and sound nice with or without an amp.
  10. I use Nanoweb 10's; they last years (I have 'rusty' fingers...), although, to be fair, I'm a drummer, so don't play my guitars day in, day out. I have a couple of guitars I've not brought out to see daylight for a couple of years, and when I hauled one out the other day, it was still in tune; I played all afternoon on it (Hofner Verithin...). I used to use Fender Bullets, but they go rusty on me very quickly; well before 'dying'. Soooooo... Elixirs. A tad more expensive at the outset, but far and away cheaper in the long run. I usually wait for a 'pack of three, price for two' offers, for instance. I've just fitted a set on my 12-string electric, too (a pain in the wotsit, changing strings on a 12-string, so I like to do it as little as possible...). Hope this helps...
  11. Good morning, Adam, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  12. Let me know when I can get a physical CD of this, posted to France (I don't 'do' downloading, and the site says not to order from outside the UK. I can pay directly to you via Paypal, or any other means you may prefer, just give me an all-in price and a PP address and I'll sort it. I haven't listened to all the tracks (I like to keep some surprises...), but what I have heard sounds Jolly Good. I like to support BC (and, by extension, GC...) efforts, most especially when they're Good (which this is...). Let me know, then, if and when it becomes possible (by PM..?); meanwhile... Thanks for posting, and have a great day. Keep well, stay safe Douglas
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