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  1. Does your practise amp not have a headphone socket..? That's your priority, I'd say: get a headset. Which one..? Spoilt for choice really, but the main criteria (apart from comfort...) is that it be of the 'closed' type, so that sound leaking out doesn't disturb others, and you're not disturbed by room noises. Budget..? I use a Superlux HD669, which costs £23.70. You can spend more, or less, but should be 'closed' for what you want. Next up is something to get the guitar signal into the PC. There are several USB interfaces, starting with a simple cable adapter (I have one from Alesis; Thomann have a Behringer equivalent at £13.90...), or, if you will be wanting later on to record with a mic, or have better control, a free-standing interface such as the very popular Focusrite models, starting at £92. Yes, you can play along to Youtube and the like, and amp sims will work (I've no idea what sonic difference there is between Custom Shop Strats and Squiers, even in the 'real' world, so, through an amp sim ...). For amp sim software, there are quite a number to choose from, too. They become expensive if you want a bit of everything. AmpliTube are about £100 a pop, or £315 for a pack of amps; there's also Waves GTR3 pack at £26. Worth looking at free amp sims, too; there are some very good ones. Best to get a rig up and running first, then ask again once you get to that stage, maybe..? There's a free, slightly cut-down, version of AmpliTube 4 which is free, and a good jumping off point. Hope this helps. Another option to consider might be this ... Harley Benton DNAfx GiT ... ... which does all you're asking for (plus the headset...) in one pedal. Worth a look..?
  2. As a musical piece, it works very well indeed. Not sure about 'The End Of The Road'; it evokes a readiness to embark on a much longer voyage. It would find its place either as the kicking off for a complete opus, or as a finale, rounding off an opus just finishing. Is there a wider framework to this..? (If not, why not..?). Shades of Curved Air in there (that's a compliment, and a rather high one...); maybe a hint or two of Jean-Luc Ponty..? Good Stuff, in any case. I'd be more than willing to listen to more of this quality. I'd also be interested in reading a 'making of' of the piece, with, perhaps, a bit of context..?
  3. Good evening, Matt, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  4. It's 'normal' for most Gibson/Epiphone models, and has its advantages, as you've mentioned. Here's a page on the Gibson site, giving a full, rather detailed, description of what's happening, and an alternative ... 3 way switch in middle, turn one volume down, BOTH pup outputs go down. Wanna know why? ... Hope this helps.
  5. Have look here ... Thomann: 12-string guitars cases ... If you need to check dimensions, I've always found them very amenable when I 'phone with such inquiries. Hope this helps.
  6. Personally, I'm not a 'better' person, and disapprove of 'winning' in general, so 'No, I wouldn't participate in either format'. Old curmudgeon..? Probably.
  7. Good evening, Stu, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  8. Gretsch had (have..?) a press-studded pad on the back, to avoid 'buckle rash'. The Gibson 333 has a panel on the back for pot access. It's black plastic; maybe Bakelite would give a better tone..?
  9. But that would only encourage folks to fiddle about inside 'em, instead of playing 'em, no..?
  10. This depends, up to a point, on your goals. In general, it's no bad thing to become 'flexible', and the body and brain quickly understand what's going on, and make the necessary adjustments. This is helpful further on down the line, when playing other guitars. If, on the other hand, the idea is to become virtuoso in as short a time as possible, then concentrating on one instrument will work slightly better. It becomes a case of 'painting oneself into a corner', but if the goal is to be in that corner, then why not..? Learning guitar (and other instruments...) is a medium/long-term affair. Be patient; things will happen far more quickly if you go slowly. Play one, or the other, or both; the essential thing is to play. I've several guitars and basses (disclaimer: I'm a drummer...), and go from one to the other with no qualms. OK, I'm rubbish on all of 'em, but that's down to me being rubbish, that's all.
  11. Dad3353

    Fender CD60 CE

    If it's 'as new', that's about the right second-hand price (new, they're twice that...). If you've tried it and it feels comfortable to you, it's a good starter guitar. Especially attractive if it's a trusted seller (someone you know, or a reputable shop...). As a guitar, they're fine. Hope this helps.
  12. There's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip..! ...
  13. Dad3353

    NGD! Harmony F01 E2

    Just my kind of guitar, with piezos as a bonus.
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