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  1. Fiat make cars, and paint them. One colour they use is called Giallo Ginestra, Once translated, this Fiat colour becomes Fiat Broom Yellow. Why broom..? Ginestra is a common enough plant in Europe; it's UK name is 'broom', and it's a strikingly bold yellow. This is a photo of ginestra, or broom... There; that's the origin of Fiat Broom Yellow.
  2. Good evening, P9uma, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. Dark art, indeed. Here's a tip for you ... You don't have to bar all the strings, especially when beginning. Use a fingering for the top four strings for an 'F' chord when playing those tunes. To practise barred chords, go up to the eighth fret and get 'em right there (it's a 'C' chord, by the way...), then, once you're happy with that, move down a fret, progressively, till you get back to 'F'. I learned on an unplayable 'cheese-wire' Russian 'Spanish' guitar, using the Mickey Baker book. From that experience, I learned to play mostly three- or four-string chords, instead of full barres. Just a tip, then; don't feel that you have to play all six strings all the time. T'ain't so.
  3. Good evening, Andy, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  4. Both sites have a strange notion of 'Full Description'; neither give any dimensions (except thickness of padding for the gig-bag...)..!. The Thomann site is no better, but the first comment on that site states that the bag is fine, but tight, for a telecaster, but one will definitely not be able to fit a Jazzmaster into it. From that alone, I'd recommend looking for a more roomy bag. Here's the Thomann offering; VAT has to be added to see the shipped cost, and there may be a shipping delay, but it will fit a Jazzmaster. Hope this helps. Thomann : Jazzmaster gig bag ...
  5. It would appear, from having searched around a bit, that this model is now being fitted with the Fishman system, and not the E-Sonic. Why..? No clear reply so far, but the E-Sonic does not have unanimous approval from buyers, apparently. Most vendors are up-dating their sites, but some are slower than others. Your acquisition is fine, and is missing nothing, unless you specifically bought it for that E-Sonic version, now out of production.
  6. Are you sure about that..? How would you know..? Here's the Full Description, taken from the Gear4Music site ... https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Epiphone-DR-500MCE-Masterbilt-Electro-Acoustic-Natural-Nearly-New/2D68 '... Pickups and Hardware The NanoFlex™ pickup positioned under the bone saddle is a low-impedance pickup that not only picks up string vibrations but also top and body vibrations as well for a truly acoustic tone. Complimenting the NanoFlex is the revolutionary NanoMag™ pickup mounted at the end of the fingerboard. Exclusively from Shadow, the NanoMag features 3 Samarian-Cobalt magnets and an integrated active circuit to capture all the highs and lows, including a wide range of harmonics. ... Hope this helps.
  7. Good Work, well done. It's a pity that it's illegible, though. Run out of black ink..? ...
  8. Good evening, Alby, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. Another vote for the Nighthawk, a very versatile guitar. Our Eldest has had his for decades, now, and; although he now builds his own, still has a soft spot for that Gibson.
  9. Good afternoon, Lucas, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  10. We have cpl all around our stone cottage, and have amps and audio equipment everywhere, too. Our cpl do not give off parasitic signals, and nor should they. Here's what we use ... TP-Link Cpl ... Worth trying out..? If not satisfied, return them, but they do a fine job for us.
  11. Good evening, Tim, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  12. Some of us like the UK (at least a bit...), but live elsewhere..!
  13. Whilst waiting patiently for the Epiphones to come in stock, buy one of these, available right now, to keep your hand in.... Epiphone Les Paul Special... If you're interested in those (fine...) Epiphone Limited Editions, the Gibson will bring you nothing more worth the difference, in my opinion. Don't forget to budget for a decent amp, naturally. As an aside, if you buy a total of three guitars from these folks, get a hard case thrown in as a bonus (the others already have them...), as you'll need somewhere to put the ones you're not playing. Who knows, it could be the LP Special that gets played the most.
  14. @Cookster @Kiwi knows how to talk you through this, so follow his method and you'll get through. Another of the wonders of GuitarChat..! Be patient and all will be well; good luck with the project.
  15. My father was a total 'lefty', and passed it down to one of my younger brothers. Lefty in all things, Geoff nevertheless picked up my guitars, and so played 'righty', and very well indeed. I'm a 'righty', but play my drums 'lefty'. Go figure. Try a mate's guitar and see how it inspires you. There are, though, plenty enough 'lefty' guitars in the World; they're not as rare as all that. Less choice, maybe, but choice still.
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