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  2. so the JD wiring, starting at the bridge pickup, position 1. Position 2 gives the out of phase strat 'inbetween' sound Postion 3 both pickups in parallel (like a normal tele) Position 4 is the neck pickup plus some sort of capacitor which tries to make the neck pickup sound like a humbucker (roll the tone down a bit and it's not toobad) Position 5 is the neck pickup. I actually have 4 vintage guitars now, one is the Geoff Whitehorn signature from July 08. I keep this in my office and use it to learn songs on, during lunchtimes. I have an SG with vibrola and a 335 type, both used in my Paul Weller and Stereophonics tribute bands. They are all excellent guitars and hold their own against my other higher range stuff. (I have 3 Les Pauls, an SG jr, PRS signature form 1989) I am making it my goal to only gig with these cheaper instruments as taking 3 to 4 grands worth of guitars is starting to bother me
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    Tele Tuesday

    Not sure if this is on topic or not, but seeing the HB pics above ^^, I thought I'd share this photo of my Xavier, with a similar pick-up disposition ... Based, loosely, on the Tele Thinline (one day I'll maybe be able to afford a real guitar ...), the p/u's resemble Filtertrons. A push/pull splits to single coils; the mini-switch cabling has been removed (was for phase change, but too much of a faff...). You can't really appreciate the Black Sparkle finish. An excellent 'player'; it's really my 'go to' guitar these days, for any electric stuff. Sounds very nice through a Germanium 4 Big Muff, and records nicely, too.
  5. Very nice. What's different about the JD wiring, aside from the Strat pup in the neck? The JHS Vintage range is lovely stuff; I'd genuinely struggle to choose between the likes of a Squier CV and the Vintage 52. I'd probably be seduced by quite a lot of the Vintage range, save for the fact they don't do many of the more interesting looks left handed. For Gibby styles, I think they're far better value than Epiphone, and snapping at the heels of the very top Squiers for Fender types, while being markedly cheaper than either.
  6. I also took delivery of this fantastic Vintage V58JD. It has the Jerry Donahue wiring, strat pickup in the neck. This guitar is really loud acoustically too. Cleans up on the volume knob beautifully. Nice chunky neck, absolute tele spank from the bridge pickup A fine instrument (and a lovely cat called Midnight)
  7. Interesting project. From experience, I's suggest you may notice playing this one unplugged it will have a darker sound than maple and the usual.... right up until you plug it in, and then any difference will rapidly diminish, especially once you start using overdrive and f/x. This looks cool. I have in the past toyed with the idea of doing something similar, except using second hand parts from ebay. Let chance dictate what crops up (especially being lefty). For now though I need to thin the herd or I'll be in trouble with a Higher Power who - quite reasonably - thinks I should play the ones I've got more before I buy more guitars!
  8. Not a Tuesday, I know, but.... The Fender Noventa I: If they did a lefty (I don't believe they do at present), I'd be seriously tempted. I've always loved the sound of an LP Junior (Johnny Thunders, Mick Jones), but I feel much more comfortable with a Fender in my hands. This looks like somebody in Fender figured they'd have a go at making a Junior with Fender parts.... Wonderfully brutal, takes the Junior concept and makes it even more utilitarian. If Squier did a lefty of this, it would be an amazing modding platform... This Harley Benton Tele-style with filtertron type pickups looks cool AF: I like how these have something of the Barncaster vibe to them (the three in the middle, anyhow - that green.... yummy), while also that hint of Gretsch-style from the pups. It's be interesting to see one of these with a Bigsby. They do do a lefty I've seen (inevitably in the much less interesting finishes on the outside left and right). I wish they'd put a more conventional, standard headstock on them, though I suspect I could also be won round by the practicality of an inverted headstock (my first electric was a Hendrixed right hander, and the tuners on the bottom were actually much more convenient in many ways). While I've yet to play a Harley Benton, it's really interesting following them online and seeing the brand take established, classic designs and playing around with them like this. A pity that the Brexit upcharges have made it much less practical to take a punt on mail-ordering from Thomann. I'm pretty fixed on knowing what I like nowadays, but I'm wary of paying upcharges and import taxes I can't get back if something turns out not to be right. That aside, though, nice to see a brand emerging at this price point that has a real sense of character to it.
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  10. Hi, I’m planning to go for what is advertised as a epiphone les Paul standard 2013 in wine red only thing is the serial number when I ran it is an 2007…but they weren’t available in wine red in 07…the machine heads are grovers which matches a 2013 standard plus top pro but not the 07… all the other hardware also matches a 13 model… anyone any ideas ?
  11. Ok so I've spent a bit of time today on prep work. I've redrawn the pickguard the correct way round and also added in the switch guard and truss rod cover. I've then mixed my wood grain up with IPA, as the tin says, and rubbed that into all the mahogony bits. Start sanding that back up tomorrow. As is often the weather on the UK, it's raining, and has been raining on and off all day. Supposedly it's supposed to stop for a few hours this afternoon so my plan is to get out there to start cutting the pickguard out.
  12. The good thing is that they’re incredible value used. (scuttles off to BC marketplace)
  13. ezbass


    Best guitar amp I ever owned was a ‘59 Bassman reissue. Brian Setzer plays through Bassmans and he knows a thing or two about playing guitar. Solid choice IMO. Well done for posting pictures in your debut post. All of which earns you a hearty
  14. I like her videos. The one on Unchained Melody is great. She did a good Dio one as well. There is a buzz in hearing a trained singer react to great rock/pop voices - but usually it's because the rock/pop singer got some decent voice training early on.
  15. I have a Fender Bassman Export 50, and its associated 2 x 15 cab, and can confirm that it is excellent as a guitar rig. I also used it for several years as my bass amp, on big stages and exterior gigs, as well as home practise, and it worked splendidly for that, too. The head is currently with my amp repair man, awaiting pick-up after its major overhaul (re-caps, and a duff o/p tranny...); I'll have to make time to get it, as it was ready before Christmas, but travel wasn't allowed, so... Hmm... Maybe next week..? S'been too long since I used it. Here's a (very...) old photo; it's just visible on the left ... ... and again, with one of my guitars ..
  16. i did think of the Bassman when i tried it! i kind of assumed the Bassman was a good guitar amp since it wasn't a very good bass amp, but perhaps it's just a matter of taste - i do prefer a more mid-heavy guitar tone without much treble, so it makes sense a bass amp would work for that. (it might also help that the Barefaced One10 cab has a fairly high treble roll-off for a bass cab.) Ampeg doesn't seem to be the "in thing" for bass at the moment (feels like everyone's moved on to Mesa and MarkBass) but i really like mine.
  17. Good evening, xxxxx , and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
  18. Welcome W-H. I think guitar through a bass amp used to be relatively common (the Fender Bassman being a case in point). I do like those Ampeg Portaflex amps - I’m tempted to try one for myself
  19. i'm not really a guitar player, but i sometimes pretend to be one, so i thought i'd drop by and say hi. it's been a long time since i played, but recently i picked up a Yamaha Pacifica 120H to noodle around on and i've been enjoying it more than i thought i would. i've even been learning a few new things - although that's not saying much since i could barely play before! maybe this time i'll take it a bit more seriously... obligatory gear photo: i wasn't expecting a guitar through a bass rig to work too well, but with a bit of dirt on it has a lovely crunchy tone, and i think i actually prefer it to a friend's Laney PL100 2x12 that i've been borrowing. when i'm not playing guitar i also play electric bass (badly), fiddle and Irish flute. (note to self: try the electric fiddle through the bass amp...)
  20. Hi all. Apologies for vanishing, I've had some issues where I totally underestimated just how tough cutting 2mm aluminium would be. I've been waiting to get hold of some better bits, so I now have a proper jigsaw to attack it with. I've also purchased a proper workbench instead of trying to clamp it to the garden seat! Also I'd realised I'd purchased wood filler, not grain filler so had to get some of that as well! I've also had the stomach bug from hell the last fortnight! And yes, there was an umm deliberate mistake there. Err well done for noticing that if I'm flipping the metal to draw the template on the back then I need to reverse the template!!
  21. In my case it was something to watch whilst waiting for my role-playing group to all get online and sort themselves out. It doesn't hurt that she's rather cute, but I found it interesting for a while. I would imagine once you've learnt about singing, stance and how not to do vibrato they become quite samey after a while.
  22. I've listened to a few of hers. They are good in the sense of being musically astute, but IMHO unless you're either a singer or wanting to learn, they're a bit limited in their appeal.
  23. I've got sucked into watching the Charismatic Voice. She doesn't do reaction videos as such, though there is a fair amount in there but she then dissects the technical aspects of singing which is interesting rather than just going OMG all the time. There's a composer I've found who does the same thing with the tune, dissects what's going on with the melody. I'm in awe of him. He was listening to the new Maiden single, second time of listening, and he's following along on his piano whilst talking about it. Presumably you can learn to name tones as you hear them? It's a skill worth learning if you can I suspect.
  24. I've actually watched a few of those. They're not quite so bad (yes they are bad, but bear with me) when they're done by music professionals as at least you get something resembling an informed opinion, but I drew the line when I saw one in my recommendation list in which a beauty therapist or some such was supposed to be reacting to an acappella song (which, let's be fair, is a bit off the beaten track to start with)...
  25. I found some of Beato’s stuff interesting but then he started getting all self-referential and the videos were more about his experiences as a YouTuber, copyright strikes and his dealings with other Tubers and less about the music. I’ve recently noticed a trend for “reactions” videos where someone is filmed reacting to their (supposed) first hearing of a classic track such as “Close To The Edge” or similar. I’m sure these have been going for ages but they’ve just started appearing in my suggestions. My initial reaction is “why?”. Why would I want to watch a person I don’t know listen to a piece of music that I do know and why would I care about their reaction? I’m sure these things bring joy and happiness to many so good luck to them.
  26. i have played mostly rock etc for many years , and took up CG in the mid-nineties to keep practicing away from amps etc. As life has gone on i have been underwhelmed by the CG world with its bunker mentality , and would like to see it develop more on rock lines .e.g whats the first thing you do when you plug in? find other like minds to make an appalling row until some music comes out!! Or maybe just leave CG players in the sidings ?
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