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  2. Jazz Guitar Lessons - Chords and Rhythms
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  4. I thought I’d try it with a galvanised pickguard but it looked a bit too shiny so I sanded it a little bit then gave it a bath in some brick cleaner and then washed it with T solution and then it came out a lovely rusty looking colour which I thought was in keeping with the style of the guitar Now just waiting on the rest of the parts for both of them but I’m probably going to do a Les Paul style pickguard out of the galvanised as well..............😀
  5. Jazz Guitar Lessons - Technical Exercises
  6. The Ghost under the tree - The ghosts surround us, sometimes we can see them… Have you ever seen one? Regards
  7. Like a resonator dialled back a bit. I'm lukewarm on the shape, but very much sold on the sound!
  8. As long as a guitar feels good and has a good clean sound, imo that's all you need to play jazz. The only reason to get caught up in what is "right" is if you're playing out to audiences that require the right "look".... A lot of hardcore rockabillies, for example, won't go and see a band that plays very modern look equipment as they won't have the right look - very much part of the package. Happens all over the musical spectrum - audiences expect the look as much as anything. Branding / marketing aside, I say use whatever you like. Sometimes some resl creativity can spirng from using the "wrong" guitar...
  9. Lovely work. Keep us going with your piccies as you build it.I just love creativity.
  10. Traveling with the diminished scale C D Eb F Gb Ab A B - Guitar Improvisation by Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus
  11. Exotic Scales - Chad Gadyo - Chaio Scale - Chiao Scale - Chin Scale Regards, Marcus
  12. Coffee Music - Café Music - Campello - Funky Jazz Fusion - Long Guitar Solo Improvisation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQApKQd2NHU Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  13. Exotic Scales - Arabic Scales & Byzantine Scales - Hijazkiar - Double Harmonic Major Scale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNNFPZpTRMw Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  14. Had a quiet afternoon so I thought I’d start on the Les Paul body............
  15. Here’s the body after a couple of coats of tinted Danish Oil on the sides and plain Danish Oil on top, I’m going to sand the top back a little bit so the colour will probably lighten a bit.......... I’m now in two minds whether to bother with the fake branding or just do it like a standard barncaster with a pickguard I’m thinking for the pickguard either aged White or Black??? Opinions please??
  16. Got both bodies cut this morning I've decided to make the fake branding slightly smaller than my mock-up I need to make up some ageing solution to try and get the sides the same colour as the top I’ve read that mixing white vinegar with some bits of wire wool will make it go the kinda silvery colour but I’ll see how it comes out.............🤞
  17. I got hold of an old scaffold board to do the body for my Telecaster build so the body blank is all glued up ready to cut tomorrow and I’m doing a Les Paul body blank as well as I’m not too sure about the other body I’ve done............🤔 Ooooohhhhh lovely and rustic!!!!!...........👍
  18. I’m toying with the idea doing a fake barrel top telecaster after seeing a Big D Guitars Video on YouTube Heres a couple of ideas I’ve came up with............😀 They will be slightly aged looking with relict hardware....... Opinions please??
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  20. I’m looking to sell my Limited Edition Fender Twin 65 Reverb. As much as I love the sound of it, I’m getting sick of lugging it around - it is heavy! It’s in very good condition and was serviced / fully re-valved earlier this year. If anyone is interested send me a message! I can email photos etc. Thanks
  21. Exotic Scales - Akebono Scales - Traditional Japanese Music - Diatonic Scales Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  22. Ahava Rabbah Scale - Jewish Prayer Freygish Mode - Ukrainian Dorian Mode - Marcus Nalgaber Regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  23. Napoleón - Smooth Jazz Fusion - Coffee Music & Café Music by Marcus Nalgaber Best regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  24. Selling a barely used Sigma 000m-15, mahogany body acoustic guitar. It's in perfect condition as it's been kept in its original box for a short time. Shipping can be arranged, or collection of local.
  25. There's a great band in Stowmarket who are looking for a guitarist. They're good musicians and top people. Their Join My Band ad is in the link below, contact them or PM me and I'll put you in touch. https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/guitarist-wanted-t1208668.html
  26. Not sellers regret, more, took to the skip and got rid of regret. My first electric guitar that I bought 2nd hand for £60, hadn't played it in years and no longer worked properly. So I disposed of it. There are times I regret, and wish I'd held on to it for nostalgic purposes.
  27. Never mind. 😀 On BassChat and elsewhere I got some helpful hints that some here might like to see: - Alhambra - Alvarez - Camps - Cordoba - Ricardo Sanchis - Takamine - Taylor - Yamaha
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