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  2. I recently registered on Basschat because I am getting back into bass after a long absence. I've just wandered over here so thought I'd say hello. I primarily play electric guitar -- Strats in my youth, PRS now I'm older and less likely to break it. Oriented towards atmospherics rather than virtuosity (i.e. I'm comfortable with my technical limitations). I record and write music for relaxation and creative procrastination but don't play live. Best wishes, and hope to see you around.
  3. I'm a little late to this conversation but, if the OP (or anyone else) is still looking for suggestions, I heartily recommend the Avid Eleven rack. It has a good range of modelled amplifiers, cabinets, effects and microphones. I bought one six years ago and it is the only piece of kit I have needed apart from my guitar. It costs less than £600 new, including a Pro Tools licence. Pro Tools is fussy about what computers it will play with but it's a powerful system. The Eleven rack works very nicely as an interface without Pro Tools, and you don't even need to connect it to a computer if you don't want to. Used Eleven racks are a bargain if they come without Pro Tools authorisation. At the time, I considered buying the much more expensive Axe-FX II. The deciding factor was the controls, which on the Eleven rack are much more like the knobs and switches of an amp or effects pedal. Something like the Eleven rack will do everything the OP wants except for the drums (although my version of Pro Tools came with loads of drum loops that I used for years). BugAxe, I was also getting back into music after a twenty-year hiatus, so I applaud you and wish you great joy.
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  5. I guess not seeing as I have never had a response.....🤔
  6. Anyone got any ideas on how to create the Type o Negative sound on an electric guitar? Not properly played guitar in about 10 years so for all intensive purposes a beginner.
  7. In answer to your question, YouTube is often your friend here, given that a picture paints a 1000 words, etc. Here’s a link to one, I’m not saying it’s the best, it’s just seems short and to the point, but you could also check out Gibson’s own LP set up measurements, there’s bound to be a set up guide on their website.
  8. Thank you for the reply! And I am unsure as to what you mean by the second bit - dummy language is appreciated as I am not clued up on terminology lol
  9. You’re fine, these things are held on/down by string tension, next time you change strings, do them one at a time. I would point out, however, that the height of the stop tail should be low enough to create a decent break angle behind the tune-a-matic bridge, in the same way the headstock creates a break angle behind the nut.
  10. Hi all, I have just tried to change my guitar strings and removed the original strings, its a les paul copy 2 epiphone, and the 'bridge' (not too sure if thats the correct word) is completely loose and can slip right out. I will insert pictures. And another piece can also come out. I wasnt sure whether or not to tighten it in case it wasnt right to do so. As I'm sure it is obvious from the title and lack of knowledge that I'm a beginner so please don't judge lol! XD
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  12. Hope you all take a moment to check it out! Thank You Kindly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmAY1hRaDv0
  13. Mint cherry sunburst 2013 All original with trem and moon inlays Fabulous build quality, player and sounds and very versatile with coil tap option and pickup configuration Tags & PRS hard case - a little tatty looking on the outside (stickers etc) but fine inside and all works Looking to sell for £1850 but may entertain trades only for high end Superstrats like Suhrs, Tylers, Grosh, Xotic or possibly Music Man Lukes, but must be HSS pickup configuration and with a trem, but no Floyd Roses but locking machine heads fine
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  15. Hi, I'm learning acoustic guitar, have small hands and was wondeeing what is the best guitar with thin necks. Thanks
  16. This thread had me playing my Tele again yesterday (it had been residing in a gig bag and not easily picked up for a quick noodle) man alive that neck pickup is an aural thing of beauty! Shame about the monkey playing it 😂.
  17. Some lovely jobs here. Such talent some people have.
  18. My rebuilt Tele. It was originally a Squier CV '50s, but then it evolved. The neck is original, but I changed the body for a contoured, ash body. I added DiMarzio pickups (a heavy blues Strat neck pickup and an Area Hot T in the bridge, painted to match) and a chromed brass bridge. I have also fitted a Stesbar tremolo, but I swapped back to the hardtail recently. The body was coloured with water colour paint and then Danish oil and waxed, I then added a faux binding courtesy of Humbro model paint. It sounds great, very P90 like. Here it is in both trem and hardtail guises.
  19. This is going to be my next mod project. Originally I was going to Super-Tele it, Floyd and double humbuckers but then I thought I already have a Super-Strat so it's going to remain a hardtail. What I am going to do is strip it and try and contour the Fender comfort contours into it, use a neckplate-less method on the neck and shape the body there a bit before refinishing in Tru-oil. I may turn it into firewood of course. I may put some hotter pickups in, but to be honest the Squire standard ones sound OK to me.
  20. This is my Partscaster. A Series10 neck from a friend and a normal front routed strat copy body from the small ads in the back of Guitarist, long before the internetz 😉. The bridge and neck pickup cavities, the bridge cavity and control cavity out through the back were done on a mill, I didn't, and still don't own a router! The wiring slots and control cavity were covered with a wooden lid. Filled and rubbed down and finished in a Ford metallic green rattle can, it could be a Vauxhall colour, I can't remember now! The bridge and tuners are Gotoh and the pickups are from memory Kent Armstrong.
  21. Hello and welcome. Enjoy the forum.
  22. Hi, I'm a newbie, and still starting training and still looking for a guitar to start. I live in Portugal, in the city of Lisbon.
  23. Hi, I'm considering purchasing a VGS RC-100 brand guitar. What is your opinion? Has anyone performed a test with this model? Thank you https://www.amazon.in/Gewa-Music-GmbH-Guitar-Rc-100/dp/B019OENSO2
  24. Brand new and unused, immaculate pearl white squier twin humbucker strat. Genuine reason for sale, namely an unwanted present. Photos as attached (shortly). If item is to be posted, please pay by PayPal -instructions will follow if yo u contact me via this forum. You can also pick it up in Birkenhead or Liverpool area with payment on the day.
  25. I have just bought a 2002 Sheraton. The bridge pickup is not working. Could I replace it with a single coil pickup and still keep the original neck pickup ?
  26. My experience of Vox amps is that they're bloody loud for their rated wattage, so I imagine it would have enough juice for small gigs and rehearsals! I had a Pathfinder 15R for a few years, and the few gigs I did with it, I certainly wasn't struggling to be heard. Afraid I can't comment on the ins and outs of the model you've got in mind, but I think as long as you like their "baked-in" tone, Vox are a pretty safe bet.
  27. I might have to buy one of your signature models! I'm a sucker for a good-looking SG, and there is something wonderfully aggressive about the ones with P90s. I might be tempted to have a trem retro-fitted to mine, though. Maybe one of those Bigsby ones, like Robby Krieger had on one of his SGs.
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