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  2. I'm also a big fan of delay and (to a lesser extent) reverb. At the moment I am using an EH Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazerai - mainly for it's reverse setting which is superb - a Strymon Timeline for loops, clean-sounding and 'fancy' delays (such as the filtered delay) and a Strymon El Capistan for general (almost) always-on delays. For reverb I have a Boss RV-5 that took the place of a Boss FRV-1, so I can switch to the shimmery setting for a couple of tunes. I also use the reverb in my Laney amp.
  3. These days almost all of the entry level instruments are good, maybe not brilliant but certainly much, much better than they were in the days of old. Get out and try a few, find one that feels right to you. The best thing you can then do, is have it properly set up, whether you do it yourself or pay a tech, honestly it will make the learning experience easier and more of a pleasure.
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  5. Personally I put mine after all dirt, filters and modulation but in front of delays and reverb. I like to have my phaser chopped up by the trem and then passed through delays.
  6. I am a newcomer to guitar (completely). I feel to be kind of progressing but I am currently trying to learn paranoid as I have been told it's good to learn and fairly easy supposedly. I have a telecaster and grafter amp with overdrive switch. I cannot seem to get a sound anywhere near the online tuition. What settings should I be using? The guitar is a telecaster with standard pickups.
  7. The RG series has such good credentials, it’d be hard to go too far wrong there (I know nothing of the Ergodynes, but probably just aesthetically different). When looking to keep cost low but quality high, I’d always be looking at a Yamaha. However, there’s nothing better than actually getting you hands on a batch to choose what plays the best (pickups can always be upgraded).
  8. What a beautiful looking guitar good luck with the sale.
  9. Hi all, First post here! I'm a bassist with 10 years experience. I'm a big fan of Ibanez, having owned an Ergodyne EDB-400 as my first bass, and now an SR-500. I loved them both. I've also got a Freshman electro-acoustic, but have never owned a proper decent electric, so I'm in the market for one! I've found the following options, trying to keep it under £200. I'm leaning towards the Ergodyne just because I like the style of it better than the others. All opinions welcome! Washburn X40 - £100 Ibanez Ergodyne EDR470EX - £200 Ibanez RG350EX - £250 Many thanks
  10. For sale is my Ovation Balladeer 1771LX, made in the USA, with the OP-Pro preamp. Good condition, with a few small marks to the top, and some staining to the fingerboard, but the frets are in good shape. With Ovation fitted hard case. Priced at £400. Collection preferred, but I can ship insured at the buyers expense. Sorry, I'm not looking for any trades. My feedback can be viewed under the same username on Basschat.
  11. Hi DarkAndrew Apologies, i could have been clearer. It is principally for me at home to play around, practice etc. I am not in a band or anywhere near any scene now so home use only. I have Amplitude on my mobile but thought there would be something more complete rather than lots of tiny apps and messing about but if thats what you all use then perhaps im over expecting. I find myself troubleshooting rather than playing and creating so thought i was doing things wrong. A one stop shop might be useful actually so i will look at those devices you just mentioned. Ta
  12. For sale is my Taylor T5-S1, Honduran Mahogany with a Flame Maple top. Bought on something of a whim a few years ago, and sadly not enjoying enough use to justify keeping it. Excellent condition, save a small ding on the tip of the headstock, and slight tarnish on the neck retaining bolt. Otherwise unmarked. Complete with Taylor fitted case, also in excellent condition, with just a couple of very minor scuffs. Minimal fret wear. Priced at £1000. Collection preferred, but I can ship insured at the buyers expense. Sorry, I'm not looking for any trades. My feedback can be viewed under the same username on Basschat.
  13. There are plenty of multi fx that have amp sims, headphones and line outs. However, if you’re feeling flush Line6 Helix products seems to be very de rigueur at the moment.
  14. A lot depends on whether you're intending to use the gear at home or for gigging. If you're not intending to take the gear out then it's amazing what can be done "in the box" on a computer these days. There are many guitar effects and amp / speaker simulations which are perfectly OK (Amplitube, Guitar Rig, etc) and a plethora of recording packages which include libraries of drum and other loops ready for you to arrange and edit as you see fit (FL Studio, Garage Band) or if you want to go a bit more "pro" you can get something like Protools or Cubase and a dedicated Drum VST such as BFD. You will also need a low latency audio interface for your computer which will allow you to plug your guirar into it. If you don't want to go down the all-in-one-box approach of using a computer with various items of software, then you can get some pretty decent hardware for not too much on eBay and the like - something like a Line 6 Pod or Boss GT with a digital multi-track recorder.
  15. Hi I havent been in a band now for some 20 years and awfully rusty however, the world and tech has thundered on in my absence! I see lots of home studio videos where people are dubbing themselves, practicing and recording themselves digitally and using headphones and all sorts of clever tech. So much so that it is quite bewildering to be honest and i dont know where to start and simply 'shut down' rather than try to crack on. What do i need beyond my guitar? I would like to practise with effects, practise with headphones, record myself and add to it (I have a copy of Reaper but not thrown myself at it) with guitar overlays, drums and anything else really. A list of all the items would be great as it would enable me to start aquiring them and work towards this. Thank you very much Nat
  16. For sale is my mint condition Digitech RP360 multi-fx. I bought this for home noodling with electric guitar, but now need something buskable and battery powered so am using a Zoom G1 Four instead. Although this is my first post on guitarchat, I am a long-standing member of basschat, and you can see my feedback thread there. https://digitech.com/en/products/rp360 Users manual - 55 amp sims - 27 cab sims - 85 stompbox sims - 8 fx blocks per preset - looper - drum machine (though nb you can't use looper and drums at the same time) - can connect external expression pedal for wah, volume etc - use footswitches to turn fx on/off in stomp mode, or to switch presets, or operate looper. - usb : serves as recording interface, or to edit/store/share presets on computer using free Nexus software - soundcheck function allows you to record a phrase and repeatedly play it back while you tweak your settings - aux in and phones out on mini-jacks
  17. Wifes one in one out rule is being enforced so I'm putting this one (and my Les Paul) up for sale due to an incoming project guitar. Neck is from a Revelation TTX-DLX. Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, Binding and Block Inlays. Fitted with vintage style tuners. Body is 4-piece Alder with forearm contour and belly cut. Has been stripped and resprayed in a natural finish. Modern bridge with Artec Alnico V pickup. Pearloid Scratchplate (protective plastic still fitted) Pickup is currently wired to the volume and tone controls with the switch bypassed. Guitar is in good condition - there is a small chip on the headstock and the clear respray is OK but not perfect. Plays well with a low action. Stand not included. Collection from Edinburgh preferred but delivery with neck off or on could be arranged.
  18. The Epi 339 runs about $499 here in the US, and is, in many respects, worth the money. The guitar is fairly light, sits comfortably on the knee for seated playing, looks great, and has no cosmetic flaws that I can see. The fretboard is beautifully done, and all hardware works well and looks right. However, the guitar has problems. First, the top pickup is a snoozer--just not much there. If you are a jazz player looking for some subtle tones out of that pickup, you will be disappointed (as I was). I strung mine with flats--didn't help. Second, the action was far too high for comfortable chording; my luthier adjusted the bridge and truss rod, but most importantly lowered (shaved and re-slotted) the nut, which was too high and contributing much to the high action. It may be that I expected too much from this guitar. I bought it from an online retailer after looking in vain for weeks locally (we're pretty rural here); if I had played it before buying, I probably would not have bought it; after all, with the cost of the luthier and more cost for a new pickup, I will have spent up into a different quality of guitar.
  19. We have just released a new EP, On the Road, four tracks including a cover of the Priest classic Metal Gods.
  20. Ha-ha !, that might be closer than you think ....
  21. Good questions, well asked !, be interested to read any reply's from anyone with the right knowledge, but it would be long winded reply to cover it all
  22. MWH

    Which guitar

    I agree with that, i bought a Gibson Nighthawk to leave tuned OpenE, 800 quid, near mint, should get most of my money back one day.
  23. I must stop buying guitars Anyway, this is a nice early example of a Tribute Asat, equipped with Leo's very powerful MFD pick ups. Very good condition, with one dink to the top horn and one on the back of the neck (see pics). Everything works as it should and the weight is just over 8lb. I've given it a proper clean , set up and a new set of D'Addarios. Decent hard case included. Price is £ 425 ono. Collection preferred but can courier for around £20 (mainland only)
  24. Not sure how crisp clean you're going to get, given that you go for a slightly overdriven AC30. Having said that, a pick up swap can really improve things. I've installed Seymour Duncans on a customer's SG and he loved the result.
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  26. Hi Andrew Is this still available? Would you accept Paypal?
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