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  2. Just drill a hole on the opposite side and fit the jack there. I can't see there being much on the inside of these to get in the way of you doing that.
  3. I've intrigued by the kits, but I'm not sure I have what it takes for the assembly skills... Do you know if those gyus do #em left handed, by any chance? I suppose it'snot much to Hendrix one of these, but I still prefer the socket on the correct side...
  4. TBH, my professional opinion (as an academic lawyer and something of a specialist in defamation), unless you're in a position like Chapman's and you're advised that there's an actionable defamation, I wouldn't consier it necessarily wise to acknowledge that sort of criticism publicly. Rather than a rebuttal, he'd probably have been better off playnig the bigger man and telling his own online following to leave the kid alone, a la Mary Beard.
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  6. I don't much care for effects with bass.... too prog for me! I'm not quite as minimalist with guitar - I like the option of reverb (if it's not in the amp already) or echo (*echo*, not "wanly eighties delay"), and a trem pedal for occasional use. Otherwise, it's two or three boost / drive pedals, as for whatever reason I've realised I prefer to use a saingle channel amp set either ot claqn or edge of breakup, and add dirt to taste with one of two or three pedals over a multi-channel amp. I have flange and wah, but unless or until I decide to do a regular cover of voodoo chile slight return, I don't really use the latter, and the former is for the ocasional raygun noises. As a rule, I tend to prefer pedals(other than drive/ boost) to be much more subtle than "Oh, what's the effect they're using there?". I'll use flange or phase about as often as Steve Jones did on Never Mind the Bollocks (once, from memory, in Liar).
  7. Hi everyone Hope someone can help me out. About to buy a Blackstar HT60 212. The reviews seem decent but would love to hear a bit of feedback about this amp. Am going for an Oasis type sound and will be gigging. Thanks in advance! Cheers rICH
  8. I suppose that's true to an extent, but I don't think Thomann have a storefront real world at all?
  9. OK, I had no idea. That’d be an issue for the mods I guess.
  10. Mayu is a internet troll. You need to sort out who joins this forum??
  11. PMT are quite prolific on YouTube with two guys that are interesting to watch. So I don’t think you can blame pricing on bricks and mortar Shops. If you are a big chain of shops like PMT are. The internet shopping part of there business should be massive by now. Especially now in these coronavirus times.
  12. Gah, so many different things, but I'm guessing that few of them will be pertinent 😂. If it's with regard to your DT projects, then I'd probably go down the case route (I like a combined stool and stand, but there's little I can think of that would improve on products already out there, so if you decide on that, copy what's available). A robust, yet lightweight case that securely holds your instrument, pedals and bits and bobs is something I'd look at (individual, customisable compartments for the pedals and accessories would be a nice touch). Good luck with your project and don't forget to share some photos when you're done.
  13. I think buy which one you like the look of and will make you want to play it. Any shortcomings can be sorted out by a setup or hardware upgrade. Perhaps the Epi might hold its value better should you move it along, but I may be wrong there (it's certainly true of basses).
  14. You might find this interesting?
  15. Jazz Club


    A Bong looper delay. I really like the song.
  16. How can I stop really fit female groupies from throwing themselves at the guitarists and singers and throw themselves at the drummer? Was my O level research.
  17. £215 will get you one of these excellent Harley Benton 12 strings from Thomann.
  18. £37 will get you a nice 3 string DIY kit.
  19. I was a drummer percussionist that had to stop playing back in 1999/ 2000 for medical reasons. I’ve got a few acoustic and electric bass guitars. I have arthritic fingers and recently took up the bass again as a form of hand and finger exercise and something to do with my son during lockdown.
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    ^^ See answer in other topic...
  21. See answer in other topic ...
  22. Either of these two guitars will get you started with no issues. The Thomann site has sound clips from both; they sound very similar to my cloth ears; there's certainly no radical difference. They'll both play pretty much any style in the same manner. The real clincher will be, in my view, your own aesthetic tastes. I'm an Official Old Duffer, so would be more at ease with the more 'traditional' Les Paul shape; I doubt you'd have these same qualms concerning 'pointy' guitars, so it's totally up to you. The Epiphone pack has the slight advantage of being 'Plug'n'Play', in having absolutely everything required; the Ibanez would need an amp of sorts to get the best from her, and strap etc, so the budget climbs slightly (depending on choice of amp, of course...). The Short Answer is: both are fine, so you choose, and be happy. Good luck on your journey.
  23. Do you have the option to try them both? Instrument quality can vary wildly between manufacturers and even from the same factory. You're better off actually trying them. I can say get the Ibanez over the Epiphone because I'm not a fan of the Les Paul shape 😉 but the one that you get *may* weigh too much and have sharp fret ends, at which point it's put you off playing it. What's the budget out of curiosity, and do you have to get an amp and the rest out of that money?
  24. Should i get a ibanez grg 121DX Gio WNF Or An epiphone Les Paul player pack
  25. Should i get a ibanez grg 121DX Gio WNF Or An epiphone Les Paul player pack
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    Should i get a ibanez grg 121DX Gio WNF Or An epiphone Les Paul player pack
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  28. I would guess that part of it is that PMT are primarily brick and mortar stores where you can go in and haggle, whereas the internet 'works different'. I'd also expect thnigs to be a little more expensive in a bricks and mortar store because of increased overheads, though not £300 different. Doubtless lefties are a little more expensive to make because of retooling, lower demand and such, but I do also feel we often get the shaft in pricing because we don't have the same range of options. Things have improved in many stores, but evne twety years ago it wasn't uncommon to walk into a guitar shop and them not have a single lefty in stock. I badly miss Holiday Music in Leytonstone....
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