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  2. I have a Jumbo Epiphone with a Esonic2 which has 2 pickups and 2 jack sockets. The preamp now has a common fault. The battery light stays on where plugged in. I don't really like the Nanoflex feature anyway so would like to change it for another preamp which can accommodate the 2 pickups. There is a Fisherman Or easy which appart from the normal single pickup, it has a Mic attached to it with a visible lead. Question is, does anyone know if I can replace the Mic for the remaining pickup. I am competent to do the work invloved.
  3. Hi I have a nylon string guitar . i learnt the basics of classical a number of years ago. Then my ear improved. Now i try to play fingerstyle guitar of popular songs. (popular in 60s 70s 80s mainly. I'm 61 but havent given up the idea of performing a complete cover on youtube. maybe a Beatles one. I am a long way off though.
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  5. We've just released our new EP, Collision Course, the title track is an instrumental with lots of guitar going on.
  6. Left handed Tanglewood, Solid Mahogany top and back, discreet B Band electrics with volume control just inside soundhole. In excellent condition. Well setup and plays beautifully... just fitted new GHS silk and steel strings..
  7. Those Vintyage VS6s are really impressive. I used to play a lot with a guy who owned one, and I found it every bit the equal of the Epiphone models, though they sell for much less.
  8. Remidns me of the Kramer semi with the diamond 'f holes' that Dave Grohl played for a bit. Doesn't a guy from Queens of the Stone Age also play a semi now? THen there was Malcom Young.... so this type of thing has a bit of hard rock pedigree. I've only owned Tanglewood acoustics, but I have handled a few of thyeir electrics and they are always impressive for the money.
  9. Is that the model that's slightly smaller in the body than most Gibby semis? Looks great. Certain guitars to my eye just look far better with a Gretsch on them, to the point where it's worth donig purely for cosmetic reasons. (Also good for rebalancing a neck-heavy SG! :-) ).
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  11. Price reduced to just £1,975. That's less than half price - and it's still in absolutely brand new condition. And for the Hastings-dwelling history buffs amongst you, the serial number is 1066 ...
  12. Free guitar backing tracks (jam tracks) on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKeJDrmyu3yrnclbd1On3OA
  13. I went all-valve on my bass gear a few years ago (Ashdown), but I've only got halfway there with the guitar setup - got a Blackstar HT-1 for practise and recording. I know it's a hybrid, but I wasn't gigging enough on guitar to warrant a bigger amp. If that does change, I'm tempted by the Laney Cub series - anyone else had a play around with those?
  14. I don’t know about the Jags, but from what I’ve heard online, the Vintera Tele modified is pretty much the old player series, Baja Tele, renamed.
  15. Hi all, Mainly a bass player but I tried a classic player HH a while back and thought it would a good addition for keeping my hand in and a bit of recording. The new Vintera is quite similar with some differences in wiring and pickups; anyone with thoughts on one or both of them? There a few used Classic players out there but would consider getting a new Vintera if it was worth the extra. Thanks
  16. I've been playing guitar for years on and off, and currently having a resurgence! My main axe is a 90's cij jazzmaster with creamery vintage reissue pickups. My other axe is a 99' USA legacy special that I'm looking to sell because I've just bought a Doheny V12... I play through musicman amps - I've got a 210 sixty five and a 112-rp-65 and I supplement with a musicman 210rh cab when I'm on bass or want more bottom end. Rich
  17. I have a couple of 5E3 based Ibanez TSA5 combos for practice and they are great. I also have a Burman Pro501 which is ex Lindisfarne and a Fender Concert II (Rivera era). I'm curious about the newer Roland JC40 amps as I loved the sound of the original JC120. Also have a hankering for a Mesa Boogie Studio 22 if I ever tire of the Burman.
  18. I have a couple of 5E3 based Ibanez TSA5 combos for practice and they are great. I also have a Burman Pro501 which is ex Lindisfarne and a Fender Concert II (Rivera era). I'm curious about the newer Roland JC40 amps as I loved the sound of the original JC120. Also have a hankering for a Mesa Boogie Studio 22 if I ever tire of the Burman.
  19. Look on the creamery website. Jaime makes amazing handwound pickups. My jazzmaster cij replacements are second to non. Turned an average sounding guitar into the nicest jazzmaster I've ever heard
  20. Have been back in the studio working on a cover of, I Think We're Alone Now.
  21. My Legacy Special is a do it all Strat. It's at home with jazz, blues, rock, metal, anything it can do it all. Gotoh pickups are great and the tone can be properly dialed in.
  22. I’ve had this guitar in my possession for 17 years so sorry to see it go! It’s had light use over those years and it’s been very well taken care of. It comes with all the case candy too. Hardly any fret wear, apart from a light ding which would be easy to resolve, it’s in near mint condition. The quality of the finish, less the minor ding, is near mint. There are not any of these for sale new in the UK and I believe this is the only one being sold. Retail of this particular version was in the $1,750 new. Firstly, unplugged this guitar delivers the best tone I’ve ever heard from an electric, it's really loud and pleasing.It’s simply an amazing piece of wood. Construction is impeccable. This iteration of the Legacy is unique in a number of respects: The combination of the graphite nut, locking machine head and G&L dual fulcrum bridge, means it keeps it's tune extremely well, even when giving it beans on the vibrato. The next obvious difference are the dual blade pickups which in combination with the controls can get very very close to any sound you need which makes it brilliantly versatile. Finally, it does have it’s own tone coming from the pickups which are wide ranging and makes it an excellent tool for any pedal board or post production techniques. I play through a Music Man 210 Sixtyfive and had it sounding very vintage, especially when a couple of pickups are selected at the same time, with volume dialed back and tone brought in progressively till I find the tone that makes me smile. It’s easily up there with the best fender custom shop offerings, I’m only selling as I’ve finally given up on 12” neck radius. I play my MIJ Jazzmaster a lot more which has a 9” radius, or maybe even a 7.25, and when I pick this up it’s just too different for me and my fingers are quite small. I’ve recently bought its replacement, so it needs to go! In summary, this is an excellent guitar in excellent condition. The photos show off the quality of the finish and how little wear there is on the frets. This is the build and spec sheet: · CONSTRUCTION: bolt-on · SCALE: 251/2" · PICKUPS:G&L Dual-Blade in neck and middle position, G&L Power-Blade in bridge position · BODY WOOD:Swamp Ash · NECK WOOD:Hard-Rock Maple with Rosewood fingerboard and a satin finish · NECK PROFILE: G&L #1 with 12" radius and 1 5/8" nut-width · NUT: Graphite · FRETS: 22 medium jumbo, nickel, Plek dressed · TUNING KEYS: G&L locking machine heads · BRIDGE: LeoFender-designed G&L Dual-Fulcrum™ vibrato with chrome plated brass saddles · CONTROLS:5-position pickup selector, volume, treble, bass (PTB system) · CASE: G&L molded.
  23. Hi guys, Just wondering whether anyone else uses musicman amps Richard
  24. Musicman210


    I don't know anyone with one but I asked my amp tech about them and he thinks they're decent. The original Orange no less...
  25. My mate Paul keeps his in our studio. Decent amp. He made it louder putting in a silly eminence hemp cone 12". Gets some nice tones out of it, distortion to clean.
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