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  2. Good evening, Scott , and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. No suggestions except... Go for it..!
  3. Hi folks . Up in Scotland Not a complete guitar noob used to have a Yamaha Pacifica when I was about 17 , sold it after a couple of years to fund a set of decks and hadn't touched a guitar since until last week . The father in-law invited me up to his man cave where he has amassed a collection of nice guitars over lockdown . A 60s Gibson Les Paul that someone gave him , an American Stratocaster , a fender bass to go with the squire strat he already had . I asked for a shot he says any 1 but the Gibson . I grab the fender strat and even though I can't play for shit just holding this fender and strumming it was a thrill and now I want my own guitar . The plan is to make myself a replica of Syd Barretts mirrored esquire but the budget is quite small do it won't be a real 62 esquire that's for sure . Any suggestions welcome . Thanks . Scott
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  7. Er, okay. Weirdo. I’m not a massive fan of quilted finishes or highly-figured grain anyway but in fairness the combo probably works better in the flesh than pictures. The good thing is, I only have to play it and don’t have to look at it 😁
  8. Call me a weirdo if you must, but I actually quite like it. Not convinced it goes with the fretboard hue if I'm honest, but whatevs...
  9. No worries, it is a bit bilious. From what I can work out, they only did a roasted maple neck in the SE range in this colour so it’s not like I had any other options - but fortunately, I don’t give a stuff about the colour, it’s just a dream to play. 😁
  10. Sorry Skinz, but that looks like a Wickes melamine kitchen worktop that's been glued on and polished. The rest of it looks nice though 👌
  11. ** Please Note: Price incorrect - should be £1495 A rare opportunity to own this luthier made guitar by Steven Wailes. Beautifully consructed from a variety of top quality tone woods, please refer to the details below to fully appreciate this unique instrument. Spalted Beech chambered guitar: Face: English spalted beech with Mexican rosewood centre strip. Laminations: Padauk and Maple Core: American black walnut Back: American black walnut with Wenge centre Neck: 3 piece lamination Maple, Wenge, Maple Fingerboard: Wenge Frets: 22 Dutch nickel silver Pickups: by Kent Armstrong Controls: Master volume, pan pot pickup selector, active tone Construction: 2011 Plese see wailesguitars.com for further pictures and information about this guitar
  12. Hi @Noobmaster69, and welcome to the rabbit hole that is the world of learning to play guitar. It's good that you have a tutor; they'll be able to guide you in the right direction, structure your learning and help you with queries. I spent many years teaching guitar and bass, and if there's one free tip I can give you it's that you should never be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem dumb at the time. It's your money paying for the tutor's time.
  13. There are loads of products already out there that I think should be more mainstream. The Wilkinson VS100C vibrato bridge for example. Or any number of innovative modular pickup systems. It's not the guitar or guitar makers that are the problem, it's the retro-obsessed market. One part of it is retired middle class professionals with cash to burn. Another part of it is young players with no clue about how gear works beyond brand names. But the net result has been a market that eschews technology and innovation (in guitars, less so in effects ironically) as if it's an anathema to 'authenticity'. The only real innovation in guitars that I can see is in prog metal. They've re-embraced headless guitars and active pickups.
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  15. Without hesitation, this one ... Mickey Baker's Complete Course in Jazz Guitar ... Stupidly low price, and a wealth of information that one would be hard to garner elsewhere. I've worn out several copies over the last fifty-odd years, and still consult it. Indispensable.
  16. Thread resurrection time. I’ve been following Chris Buck with his Friday Fretworks videos for a while now. However, this week, instead of his usual piece to camera about something guitar related (always fun - YMMV) he released a video of his new band, Cardinal Black. This ticks many of my musical boxes, not least in that it’s reminiscent of Storyville.
  17. I’ve had mixed experiences with the Dummies books. Some have been good but the ones on music theory and composition I just didn’t get on with at all. The thing I enjoyed about the David Meads book was his writing style. Very accessible and enjoyable.
  18. The ‘For Dummies’ books always seem very helpful. I don’t have the guitar one, but the bass one is rather good and I would imagine a very similar approach for the guitar version. I remember David Meads from Guitarist magazine, he was always good. In fact all of their technique tutors were on point. I particularly used to like Adrian Clarke.
  19. There are many, many books on music theory but the one I’ve found most useful (and very readable) is “Chords and Scales for Guitarists” by David Meads. Anyone got any others that they’ve found helpful or particularly well written?
  20. Welcome to the forum, Noob. I started learning when I was in my early fifties so you’re a mere slip of a lad still 😁 Whether it’s scales or songs doesn’t really matter - what matters is that you enjoy what you’re doing. Having a decent grounding in theory will serve you well in the future and I think you’ve made a wise decision to work with a tutor. Good luck with the practice and have fun!
  21. Oh, all right then…
  22. C’mon, you know the rules, photos or it didn’t happen.
  23. Update; I used it at rehearsal last week and I’m blown away (as were the rest of the band). I wouldn’t use it for every song but it opens up all sorts of possibilities for arrangements.
  24. That’s why I bought mine - as a travel guitar that I could take as hand luggage. And for that it was great but I still found the absence of a headstock very disconcerting. In other news, I got into my local guitar shop today and had a play with every PRS in the shop. I fully intended to get either a Mira or Starla but the one I left with was an SE Custom 24 (a 2019 limited edition in bilious green with roasted maple neck). The neck is just a joy to play and is what sold me on the guitar (and ignore the colour). The Starla was a real disappointment. Initially looked good owing to the light weight but there’s a boominess to the tone that I couldn’t get rid of and which was there on a couple of different amps and irrespective of pickup selection. The Mira was nice in a sort of SG-on-steroids sort of way and I would probably have got it if I hadnt picked up the Custom 24. So, GAS attack has passed. For now….
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