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    Liquid Blues

    Power supply, size of nothing really, looks like a Boss p/supply in size. Yes, Strymon is involved I believe, never thought about a youtube review as I thought these pedals were old hat now, barely ever see one for sale. I'll go look, Ta.
  3. This is me thinking with my fingers as I type but perhaps we need to augment and amend the content a bit? We’ve been relying on the content growing organically and, for all the reasons stated, it just isn’t happening. Maybe it’s time to start pushing content onto the site to seed it (and the search engines) with content so that non-BCers start seeing GC in search results? I think that within the overall guitar-playing community, there’s a distinct sub-group of learners. A much bigger group, and on a much longer journey, than those on BC and, if my experience was anything to go by, very intimidated by those who can play. So perhaps the site needs a dedicated (and very visible) learner section where newcomers to guitar can have a “safe space” to ask dumb questions, get novice-specific advice? Reviews of all the tuition sites out there, for example. Sites like Guitarbots. Who’s used them? Are they any good? Within the general site, gear reviews - and, again, reviews of YT review sites. Playing and composition videos (especially while we’re all locked away). I know the site has the potential for all of this but maybe it needs a group of people to submit the posts and, most importantly for the search engines, start discussing them? It will feel artificial at first but that will change as the audience grows..... Sorry, this turned out to be a bit more of a ramble than I anticipated but, hopefully, within all this blather there are one or two valid thoughts. I think I need a lie down now.
  4. OK s'hard to tell without knowing what it sounds like but I'm glad you worked something out.
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  6. Hey Ricky, welcome and congratulations on popping your GC cherry. Last time I looked into it, the digitising and undigitising of the guitar signal introduced a slight lag. However that was about 10 years ago so perhaps things have improved since then given Joyo offer the JW1 and there is the Boss Air Katana. Boss seem to be doing great things generally around amps these day. Have you done a search on amazon for bluetooth wireless guitar or looked at retailer sites like PMT?
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  8. Hi All, new to the community! I am trying to find a way to connect my electric guitar to a Bluetooth speaker. Would be great to have effects, distortion etc. Anyone know of a way? Thanks Ricky
  9. Closed forums can't be accessed by search engine bots so the content is never registered as searchable. Searchable content is valuable for the purpose of attracting new members via search engines. So it helps the site to have accessible content.
  10. Welcome aboard!

  11. Maybe this is the time for the Guitar Forum to evolve. If you made some parts open forum and some parts closed group, people would post video possibly. It would be good to get some guitar advice from people willing to teach for free, or video call. I am not interested in learning guitar now but people starting would like to correspond with others in the same boat if it was a closed group.
  12. Try inversions. Drop the 5th lower than the root so it effectively becomes a 4th.
  13. I am going to learn arpeggios one day, just not any day soon. I think you are supposed to learn these arpeggios first 3 Note ones 1 3 5 (all chords - which means E and A to me) 1 b3 5 (all chords - again the only shapes I generally move are E and A so that is all I'm learning as I don't want to think about it too much) 1 2 5 (sus 2 for E and A shape) 1 4 5 (sus 4, for E and A shape) 1 1# 5 (add9 for E and A shape) 4 Note ones 1 3 5 7 (Maj 7) (E and A shapes) 1 b3 b5 b7 (Min 7) (E and A shapes) Dom 7? (E and A shapes) I don't know what other arpeggio types there are. I think arpeggios are either 3 or 4 notes of a chord of a chord consisting of different notes. Anything more than 4 notes becomes a full blown scale. eg pentatonic.
  14. I just watched the KDH video and some of the Chapman rebuttal. Then I started to lose the will to live... You're right - this is the internet in the 21st century. What was supposed to be the information superhighway has turned out to be an open sewer where we get to watch all sorts of random 5h1t flow past. I must admit that I didn’t really care for “Chappers” presentation style when he was just doing them for Andertons (I still don’t care for their videos - good informative material rendered unwatchable by schoolboys as far as I’m concerned) but I get that that’s just my opinion and, if I’m honest, I’m really not his target demographic. It seems like a lot of people like his stuff so good luck to him. I hadn’t heard of Chapman guitars and I’m not really that interested in them - but, again, good luck to him. The market will decide if they’re any good or not - personally, I think he’s going to struggle but, hey, at least he’s giving it a go. But whatever the accuracy of his statements, KDH is symptomatic of so many YouTubers these days - cynicism, criticism and sarcasm presented as “investigative journalism”. I’d have more interest if he’d bothered to check the spelling of “challenge” and could think of another way of editing his material without trying (badly) to be a guitar-centric version of Paul Joseph Watson; Shouty, outraged and sensationalist. It’s easy to criticise anyone. It’s easy to take the p155, to lampoon, belittle and sneer - and pretend that you’re a consumer champion or exposing some hideous corporate malfeasance. But if he gets a following and people are happy for him to be outraged on their behalf then, again, good luck to the guy. Welcome to the 21st century 😳
  15. Hulk fists and wet celery...or a spot of mud wrestling as they did in the old days, with onlookers throwing guinea coins and making obscene or humiliating demands.
  16. I still say get in the ring, Rob is a fairly big unit and it’d make a change from keyboard/video warrior wars. Perhaps they could arm themselves with a guitar of their choice? I’d go Firebird (good reach) 😂.
  17. Yes but different styles of Kung Fu, which tend to be highly stylised. Anyone with a background in MMA or even Muay Thai would have made a meal of him. BTW having a Dad who practices acupuncture is no substitute for living in China. That's like saying 'my Dad has a PhD in Medical Ethics, so I know all about that science stuff'.
  18. Never heard of KDH and, from the above, I’m in no rush to look him up. I know of Rob Chapman and seems like a nice guy, although I think he often struggles in front of the camera for sincerity (he’s an ace player, not a personality). Rob should’ve just called this internet turd out to go mano y mano in the ring (RC is bit a of a martial arts practitioner IIRC) and cleaned his clock. It’s not like there isn’t precedent for this.
  19. OK it's three months old but I've only just discovered it. Some of you might have missed it too. TDLR: Basically an attention seeking youtuber called KDH goes after a few online personalities on his channel, including Rob Chapman, like some vigilante undercover tabloid journalist. In Chapman's case, KDH claims to have exposed various perceived issues with both Chapman and Chapman Guitars, some of which may have some basis in truth and others didn't (with the benefit of hindsight). Some of the points covered include QC issues and speculation dressed up as sensationalist fact around Chapman moving from Riff City to Guitar Centre as US representatives. Chapman's online following see red and go after KDH like a blood thirsty vigilante mob. Chapman does nothing which is seen by wider internet as an abuse of 'power' after KDH removes said video (but has since reposted it). Chapman issues an apology video which give's Prince Andrew's Epstein interview a run for it's money. Riff City subsequently post their own version of events, after Chapman apparently deletes their response on his vid. Cue every other guitarist-youtuber out there jumps on the band wagon posting reaction videos criticising Chapman for lacking in sincerity and being more than a little economical with the truth, if not bypassing it altogether, particularly around the Riff City thing. KDH subsequently posts a pointed parody of Chapman's apology, checking off every point on a video by Pewdipie on how not to apologise. Chapman can do nothing apart from sucking up the burn and chalking it up to experience. This is the internet ladies and gentlemen, how different things are from 20 years ago. Toss shit about and everyone directly involved gets hit. The rest of the world jumps in on it salaciously, revelling in the smell and texture like it was Chanel face cream. One day my grandkids (IF, and that's a big IF, I survive into my late 70's-80's) are going to wonder what the world was like without internet in the same way I wonder what it was like without TV.
  20. Facebook isn't as good as it used to be. The advertising isn't all that effective, it appeals to a Gen X and older demographic and it's not great for relationship building...but what social media is? Twitter is all about proclamations and instagram is all about thirst, there is no depth in either. Google is still king but it takes more work to get things up the search engine rankings these days due to competition and an algorithm which is harder to game than it used to be. I know Andertons well, Lee and I occasionally exchange messages. They are massive because; 1) They started posting in 2009 before Youtube exploded as a promotion tool. They got carried along on the tide as it were and probably wouldn't be able to repeat the success now as the algorithm has changed and there is more competition. 2) Lee (and Rob Chapman) are charismatic on camera. Rob put Lee onto the idea of Youtube as a promo vehicle at the same time he was thinking about Chapman Guitars over ten years ago. Lee has a stake in Chapman as well. 3) Andertons have an established and trusted brand, customers expect Lee and the team to take care of them (and they do).
  21. 1. It would be good to post both - public ally - To a smaller audience of members. You don't mind posting a video of yourself playing guitar to a smaller audience, just so it is not in the public domain in case I get famous. 2. This may not be a problem - maybe it is difficult because members are geographically overly spread out. The best forum I know is a local forum in South Wales for sports. If there was a HQ to the forum (a shop) that would be better. Andertons are massive on YouTube mostly because they are a known shop at a location.
  22. Since I stopped playing for the band that I played guitar in, I visit here a lot less.
  23. I've seen some videos just now which explain music theory so they're definitely available. I actually took up guitar to help me understand more about chords to help my bass playing. It didn't work, I started to find guitar more interesting than bass.
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  25. I think the maths is difficult to visualise also, but if you use the frequency domain instead of the time domain, for me it is at least possible to see how the frequencies cancel out. The maths is possible to follow for people with maths degrees quite easily probably. I am no bach unfortunately. I self taught myself also but had a few half hour lessons. I looked at online videos, but most teachers don't go into the theory. Paul Davids is good at teaching. Signals Music Studio channel on YouTube is also good.
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