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  2. Although not absolutely necessary, if you want to play live at some juncture, you’ll want an amp. You can get away with modelling FX boxes into the PA and these are also ideal for playing at home, but it just isn’t the same as hearing and feeling a conventional amp behind you (opinions vary on this, so is really just my POV). In terms of recommendations, a lot depends on budget, followed by the kind of tone you’re aiming for. However, a good starting point would be a modelling amp, something like a Fender Mustang or Boss Katana, which allow you to tweak the different voices and include a bunch of FX too.
  3. Thanks for your help and reply on this that’s great. Sounds like I’m on the right path. Are amps necessary to start with also, excuse my ignorance any advice on gear to follow that I should be considering?
  4. Fundamentally, any guitar is good for a beginner, whether a particular guitar is more suited to a certain style is another question. The ES335 is generally regarded as one of the best all round guitars made (certainly Gibson’s). However, it’s a big beast for some, so the 339’s reduced proportions makes it a great choice for anyone. Then we come to the Epiphone variant, which, due to its coil tapping, makes it even more versatile. The one thing it lacks to make it truly all round, is a vibrato system, but you can add a Bigsby (or a Stetsbar if you can source one) at a later date. I nearly bought an Epi 339 myself some years ago, but I’m a sucker for P90 pickups, so I bought a Casino Coupé instead. Since owning it, I’ve upgraded the pickups and added the aforementioned Bigsby (plus a few cosmetic touches). The one drawback of my Casino is that it’s more prone to feedback because it’s a full hollowbody, whereas the 339 isn’t because it’s a semi.
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  6. Hi there, thank you for the welcome. I’ve looked into so many lists of guitars suitable for beginners which is fine but I believe it’s surely important to understand what style you ultimately would like to learn and therefore this would help me choose. I’m struggling to find much based on the Es 399 as suitability for a beginner so hence joining the forum. I love the diversity this guitar offers but wondered if this was above my league?
  7. Great guitar with very friendly proportions. A friend of mine had/has one of these and I was very impressed by the range of tones. A good choice for your chosen genre IMO. Oh yeah,
  8. Hi guys! I’m in need of some advice here. I’m completely new to the guitar world and I’m currently researching the type of electric guitar that would be suitable for a newbie like me. I ultimately would like to play Blues/Rock and love the idea of the Epiphone ES 399 but not sure if I’m on the right track. Any advice here would be much appreciated. Regards Chris
  9. The only drawback is being the weather.
  10. I think mine is ds1 distortion not od1
  11. Another Boss pedal worth a look at is the DS1, that’s the one Joe Satriani uses, or at least used, and he’s a Marshall type amp player. Another DS1 user, albeit modded, is Marillion’s Steve Rothery (although that’s probably into a Roland amp), I love his tone, especially on Easter.
  12. Very true, my old boss od1 sounds great in solos when it's run through the Marshall gain channel.
  13. No, not directly, but it gives an insight (albeit highly, negatively biased) into what the TS does. For Marshall type amps, something like a Boss OD1 is probably more appropriate.
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  15. Thanks for the advice. Though the video didn't quite answer the question.
  16. Can you recommend anyone that can make custom amp badges? I contacted a couple of companies that I found online but they either never got back to me, forgot about me or decided that they were too busy to make them.
  17. In short, yes. You’re cascading one boost into another (distorting a distorted signal) and also driving the front of the amp harder. In addition, Tube Screamers are very mid centric and whilst often sounding great in front of a clean Fender style amp, adding them to an amp with more mids (typical Marshall type voicing) you’re getting a rather large hump, mid range in your EQ, which adds to that harshness you’re hearing. Rhett Shull recently did a video on TS boxes.
  18. SSOSS, what a great album ! I first saw maiden in '90 on the No prayer tour. They kicked my ass !!!
  19. I recently started experimenting with hardware guitar effects, adding delay chorus pedals etc.I found the FX Amplitube sound very clean even if I added the odd actual hardware tube screamer pedal to FX Amplitube. So here it goes. My guitar is plugged into tuner , distortion pedals, delay etc , noise suppressor then Marshall combo. If I use the gain channel on Marshall with added e.g. tube screamer to boost it and delay and play solo it sounds fuzzy. If I use the same chain process but use the clean Marshall channel the sound during solo is cleaner but rythm not as dirty sounding. Is there a reason for this? Does the added tube screamer cause more " harsher" sound when run through gain channel?
  20. Where do I start...1988 my first ever Maiden gig, SSOSS tour.
  21. Sometimes the simplest things provide a fix. Glad you got it sorted.
  22. Thank you, wouldn’t let me do it in my original post. I’ll try and put a few up now.
  23. Never found out what it was but we just moved the combo and it sorted it out.
  24. If you tap on the add files box, you load photos directly from your photo library.
  25. Hi, I’ve had a guitar sat in my loft for about 15 years and the time has come to empty said loft and part with everything I have hoarded over the years. I can not find anything about it as the label inside just states Tanglewood, model Indiana Santa Cruz and inspected by Jong Hun. I’ve tried sending pictures to Tanglewood themselves but the files I fear may be too big and haven’t gone through. I’ve searched in Archived records for old models but model numbers seem to be just initials and numbers. Has anyone seen anything like the one I’ve described. I wanted to learn how to play a guitar but realised I could not read music and hadn’t a clue what I was doing so unfortunately gave up. It then became an ornament for a few years before I stashed it in the loft. I’ve tried to upload and image but failed miserably, the pictures are on my iPad and have no idea how to get them into a http file. I would appreciate any feedback as wanting to sell it but want to set a realistic price for someone to buy it. A friend said it looked like a parlour acoustic guitar but that’s all I know.
  26. I'm going to echo @ezbass and suggest a different amp is the way to go, there are so many good amps available these days that the best option is to go out and try as many as you can, i tend to veer towards british amps but as already said it's very much a personal thing. another option might be to get a multi-fx unit of some kind (the zoom units are pretty good these days) this will give you lots of different sounds as well as amp sims on some models. if you can i would also suggest having the guitar professionally set up to your own liking, the Pacifica's are really very good guitars for the money but a decent setup makes them even better. Matt
  27. Here’s an original solo. It’s the final solo I made in the band I was in before I quit. This is probably the most difficult thing I have ever made, because the fast sections made me think in ways I hadn’t tried to think previously. This is all pentatonic with some chromatic stuff thrown in here and there! Used my Gibson Les Paul Special into the Strymon Iridium. You can see the complete setup on the baby chair behind me! Would love some feedback on it!
  28. Take your guitar to a shop (if possible) and try a bunch for a potential budget. Usual suspects apply: Marshall, Fender, Blackstar, Vox, etc. Personally, I always seem to veer towards Fender, or Fender style amps, but that’s just my preference.
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