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  1. EdwardMarlowe

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    Worth noting, perhaps: Strats have a very distinctive sound, whereas when you listen to the first two Zeppelin albums, there are tracks where nobody can tell whether Page is playing a Tele or a Paul, and he can't remember. While it makes little logical sense, it took me years and actually owning a Tele to realise that the sound I thought I wanted from an LP (basically the Steve Jones NMTB sound) I can actually get far better from a Telecaster in my hands!
  2. EdwardMarlowe

    Help with small hands and short arms ;-)

    Depending on how fragile his nascent masculinity is, I seem to recollect that Daisy Rock (branded as 'girl guitars', but actually very decent instruments in their own right) were designed to have narrower board and slimmer necks, and overall be lighter, with the ladies in mind. There are certainly models I'd like in their range, like the Retro H - , or the budget-Ric vibes of the Bangles sig model: I seem to remember first seeing a Squier Vista Series Supersonic in my local guitar store in 1997, desperately wanting one, and going so far as to trying to see if it would work 'Hendrixed' (this was the dark era in which Fender was as crap as everyone else at offering lefties)..... my recollection is that I found the 24" scale neck very cramped by comparison to my US Std Strat (a 94 model). Might be good or small hands. If all you want is to get him started on the 'music is fun' thing, there's always the strumstick - https://strumstick.com ; Ukelele is a cheaper option.
  3. EdwardMarlowe

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    IMO, owning both, not *hugely* in th neck - the bigger variation I find is in the bridge. A Tele bridge is much ballsier imo; more in yer face, whereas the Strat is quite polite and has to bed pushed harder to play angry. The real gem of the Tele for me, which cannot in any way be replicated on a Strat, is the middle position with both pups on. That's heavenly.
  4. EdwardMarlowe

    Gibson Corvus 1

    The Corvus always somehow put me in mind of a cut-down Ovation Breadwinner:
  5. EdwardMarlowe

    Fender AcoustaSonic?

    I don't know, I think that variety with high-end quality and reliability probably appeals to a lot of guys who do the pub residency / wedding act thing (especially in the duo format that government regulation rendered the norm some years ago - though the last I heard that had changed again?) . Tell you what, though - a resonator version would be cool af. Doubt I'll get the chance to play one, though - this is exactly the sort of thing they never make clouty-handed.
  6. EdwardMarlowe

    So the Yamaha Pacifica

    Yamaha have always produced remarkably good stuff at the cheap end; a lot of people's first guitar, especially acoustics has been a Yammy that was cheap - but didn't necessarily sound it. If anything, I wonder if that's why they're not more widely-loved at the top end, because everyone thinks of them as "great cheap guitars" and so the spendier ones get overlooked?
  7. EdwardMarlowe

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    So.... are you saying you want it to *sound* but not *look* like a Strat? I was going to suggest Brandoni in N London if you wanted a non-Fender product (I have one of their P basses and it is beautiful), but they don't stock so much in the way of a superstrat. Main thing is a decent set of single coils; for me, it's not really a Strat-type once you put HBs in there.... (highly subjective, I know!).
  8. EdwardMarlowe

    Fender AcoustaSonic?

    That does seem an odd inclusion with this. I could see it more if it was styled a bit more.... rawk, but for something very acoustic-styled, it would surely have been more logical to go for something like a built in reverb or tremolo, maybe echo/delay. Drive does seem an odd part of the package, especially as its the one thing that pretty much all players have already. That said, I can see where they might be coming from with this if the aim is to create a guitar for a covers band that need to be able to go through the house PA.
  9. EdwardMarlowe


    Bought and sold a few cheap copies over the years to try different neck shapes and pups, but the one I still have is my US Standard from 1994. Saved for two years to afford it, ordered it in July that year. It had to come in from the States as I wanted a lefty three tone burst with rosewood board that neither the shop in Belfast nor Arbiter in London had in at the time. I remember picking it up on the 25th anniversary of Hendrix performing at Woodstock (the rosewood / burst choice was a direct Hendrix influence at the time). Still got it. If ever I was in the position where money was no object, I'd have Fender make me a new neck with a slightly narrower nut and soft-V profile; I always found it just a tiny bit wide for optimum comfort. It also has the old, blocky saddles they put on the two-point trem back then. Ugly as sin, but I liked to keep the old boy all-original so I keep them on there. Funnily enough, it always sounded a bit too "polite" somehow back when, but it has aged beautifully. That dreadful anemic look the maple used to have back then has also faded to a nice, light amber hue now. Lovely old axe with a lot of mojo, and in beautiful condition as I never really gigged. Time has come that (once I've sold some bits to fund it) I want a stablemate with a maple board; failing the availability of a left handed Classic Player 50s in LPB (never a spec offered), I foresee a Player Series in tidepool coming into my life within the next eighteen months... hopefully with a matching Player P bass too.
  10. Interesting concept. I remember when the Variax first came out and all sorts of gearheads would line up to sneer at it and call it a 'toy'. This looks more conventional. I can see it being very cool for a session player to take for recording if it's got the sounds nailed, tough for live performance, in all honesty I doubt the average audience member really registers anything more than clean or dirty. Still, for the player woh wants a wide range of sounds in one guitar, I can see it having its uses.
  11. EdwardMarlowe

    That question.... Money

    Pub rates sound about right for a small members club, if what you mean is something in the old working man's club mould. If you're talking Soho or the Groucho type primate members' club, I'd up it. Cutting them a good deal (without undervaluing yourself - it's amazing how many people these days can't see the value in live performance and think a band should cost what a DJ does) might help ensure regular bookings, I'd have thought.
  12. EdwardMarlowe

    Well I should've been here first, if it had existed

    I was on Harmony Central for many years, but broke the habit when they changed the software and I could no longer log in. Tried contacting the management there, but their system wouldn't let me do that either because I wasn't logged in.... gave up in the end. Scanned it a while back, and it still seemed to be the same, hard right macho bollocks anyhow, so I decided no loss and moved on here. This place being UK-based is a huge plus, especially as the UK guitar mags are generally just too pricey to buy every month now (and still far to full of stuff I either can't afford or get excited about only to see the inevitable "no left handers".....).
  13. EdwardMarlowe

    Now sorted.

    If you're in a hurry and can stretch the extra £50, GAK and Thomann UK are both selling new GT Pro DLXs for £299 at the minute (as long as you like black - any other colour is thirty quid more). If you're able to arrange pick-up, there's one on eBay UK currently at £225... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Right-Handed-Steinberger-Spirit-Headless-Guitar/264149737946?hash=item3d808d21da:g:WuEAAOSwVN1cQzSJ:rk:23:pf:0 - not mine, and don't know the seller, so caveat emptor as ever. Looks a good price, though. FWIW, I have a Steinberger Spirit I bought years ago as a travel guitar, and while they'd never be my first choice, I'm ridiculously impressed by the quality and the utility of the design.
  14. EdwardMarlowe

    Favourite Guitarists.

    I never warmed to ZZ Top (the "showmanship" always put me off, and when I saw them on television acting as if they were the mos hilarious people the world had ever seen because the only member in the band called 'Beard' was the one who - get this - didn't have a beard, I would have cheerfully shot the lot of them), *but* Billy Gibbons is a very gifted player. I'm always impressed in interviews too how many younger names on that general scene have such good things to say about how he complimented them or mentored or encouraged them: you can always tell someone is secured in their own ability by the fact that they want to share the joy, and help others make it too, rather than talk themselves up at others' expense.
  15. EdwardMarlowe

    Pickups for a strat

    I was always impressed with GFS pickups in the past - https://www.guitarfetish.com/Stratreg-Sized_c_579.html . At that sort of price, you could order a few sets and play around with them,. They have some sort of plug and play / no-solder wiring loom available, which would let you swap around pups fairly easily to really see what your guitar likes best....