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  1. I stumbled across this place via basschat. Primarily a gyitar player that also plays bass. This site being uk based is a big plus for me. Posted at Harmony Central for years, but they hacked the site about and it went crap. UK market is also very different than US, so a UK site is better for me. A reviews section could be cool. But I'd rather it grow organically than get huge fast for the sake of it.
  2. I switch from 1mm to 1.14mm tortex picks purely because I preferred the colour.
  3. The Epi isn't available left handed, tho, so it's out of the running for me. Interesting they changed the Epi headstock, though why they don't just use the same one as the Gibbys, I'll never know. I mean, if you had the advantage of that option, yet instead you went with a shape farther from the original than many copies??
  4. I've always wanted a basic, single p90 type in my arsenal, and now I'm selling my surplus I should have a bit of cash to spare. Not interested in the Gibsons; somehow it seems counterintuitive to spend that money on such a simple guitar. I was keen on one of those Antoriast can be had for £325 new, all Wilkinson hardware. Now I see Thoman do one in their Harley Benton line for £185... No chance to try either, so anyone got any experience of the HB? Rationally I expect the Antoria to be the superior one, but it's enough of a price difference that, well... we all like to spend less, don't we? Obvs whichever I buy will get a tortoise guard in short order....
  5. Cheers. If I were to play out regularly, I think nowadays I'd be looking at going for a pedal-to-pa solution, or possibly one of the blues-based AWard Session kits in a tweedy box. The little Joyo is looking like a very good idea for home use, though. Being in a regularly gigging proper band is still one of my Tests of Manhood (alongside gettinga motorcycle of my own) that I have thus far failed.... (I think I have them written down somewhere from when I was fifteen, probably in crayon.... y'know, "Bike up suicide hill" and such....). If I could get this damn house move over anddone with, I might just think fuck it and put together a fun covers project for regular open mike spots while I wait for death.
  6. Somebody should attach one to a drawer runner to go up yer sleeve, Travis Bickle style... Hard to sign, I'm told. Maybe there's a plectrum fairy. Y'know, like the toothfairy, but for guitar players. And cheaper.
  7. One option might be to try a 12 string. You could take off the high string set and play it as aregular six string, but with the wider neck a guitar made for 12 strings inevitably has.
  8. Easier for a band than a stand-up comic.... Not my gig, but this is too good not to recall.... I remember being in the Camden Falcon back in 1999, when that was the base of the Barfly Club (before it moved to the Monarch on the main drag, but I digress...). The much-missed Angelica were on stage, and as they often did, the girls invited the audience to 'heckle us - give us your best insult!'. Somebody in the middle of the crowd yelled out "You were clearly influenced by the Stereophonics!" Used to have some pretty bizarre audiences back in thed dayswhen I MC'ed a Rocky Horror crowd, but that's probably another story, not on a par with those of you who've done legit gigs!
  9. Has anyone tried one of those little £200 Joyo / Fame five watt Champ clones? Having looked at all sorts of options to replace my big amps, I'm seriouslyconsdidering gonig with one of these for home use - I'll worry abouytg giggability if there's ever a sniff of a chance of me playing out again.
  10. Like a resonator dialled back a bit. I'm lukewarm on the shape, but very much sold on the sound!
  11. As long as a guitar feels good and has a good clean sound, imo that's all you need to play jazz. The only reason to get caught up in what is "right" is if you're playing out to audiences that require the right "look".... A lot of hardcore rockabillies, for example, won't go and see a band that plays very modern look equipment as they won't have the right look - very much part of the package. Happens all over the musical spectrum - audiences expect the look as much as anything. Branding / marketing aside, I say use whatever you like. Sometimes some resl creativity can spirng from using the "wrong" guitar...
  12. I'd hazardc a guess it's passed through the hands of a lefty t soem point, given the orientation of the Dimarzio sticker on the headstock. Looks nice. Purists may be funny aboutg the bolt on neck, but it;'s certainly gonig to be less fragile than a Gibson SG!
  13. I've never had the opportunity to try a left-handed one, so my playing experience of these is limited, however.... Ibanez do seem to make a very nice budget semi indeed. If memory serves, the ones I've seen were all at least as good as the better equivalent Epiphones, even if a bit cheaper. In a funny sort of way, they're much more representative of the sort of guitar Ibanez started making when they were another Japanese copyist / better than the by then lazy real thing outfit like Tokai in the late 70s / early eighties. Not as nice as the 5xxx series Gretsches, but half the price. I always recollect Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown played an Ibanez 3x5alike in preference to a Gibson (I believe he was an endorsee, but unlike some where they'll pull the guitar out for a couple of numbers then switch to what they prefer, he played his exclusively from what I saw, at least).
  14. In all truth I listened to the whole thing wanting the Vintage to be the better sounding one, but thinking 'oh noes, I'll have to admit the Gibby wins.' Then I discovered when they did the reveal I was completely wrong - the one I thought was the Gibby, and preferred, was the Vintage. To be fair to both, it really was a case of which sound I preferred rather than one or the other being qualitatively superior. Interesting time for me to be thinking about this: when I first moved to London, I bought myself a new (made in 1998) Epi LP Std, in a configuration which would nowadays be the "Plus" version. I've resisted the idea of selling it for years as it's a particularly nice (and left handed) one, but I just don't play it any more.... I'm just *so* *over* Les Pauls.... I do know that were I to be buying a new LP type nowadays, it'd probably be between one of the higher end Vintages and a Gordon Smith. I'd love to play the two myself back to back and see how the Gibby and the Vintage compare as a playing experience. I'd also love to see what the Vintage factory could do given exactly the same base materials as the Gibson. Often the labour cost is not the only difference - though TBH my impression is that the quality of materials in the higher-end of the budget price range is much closer "the real thing" than was the case back in the early 90s.
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