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    Here's the thing, I have massive Gretsch GAS, but I don't play guitar in any bands (at the moment), therefore, I can't justify spending large wads of money on unnecessary musical instruments. Colour me sad . However, as an inveterate guitar tinkerer, there's always a compromise to be had and, in this instance, a Bigsby to be fitted! Colour me pleased .
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    Is that the model that's slightly smaller in the body than most Gibby semis? Looks great. Certain guitars to my eye just look far better with a Gretsch on them, to the point where it's worth donig purely for cosmetic reasons. (Also good for rebalancing a neck-heavy SG! :-) ).
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    I don’t know about the Jags, but from what I’ve heard online, the Vintera Tele modified is pretty much the old player series, Baja Tele, renamed.
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    Have been back in the studio working on a cover of, I Think We're Alone Now.
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    My Legacy Special is a do it all Strat. It's at home with jazz, blues, rock, metal, anything it can do it all. Gotoh pickups are great and the tone can be properly dialed in.
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    Hi Everyone, I thought here would be a great place to share my entry into the Kiesel Guitars' Solo Contest 2019. If you would like to participate, you can find all of the information you need on the "kiesel guitars solo contest" facebook page. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
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    Hi I have a V22 version and have been very impressed. I actually had two at one stage due to weird circumstances, but got rid of one. I like mine so much that I actually got rid of a Jet City and a Laney Ironheart head as the combo just did what I needed it to do. Some small buts though: I would definitely change the stock valves as that made quite a big difference to the tone. I would also run an EQ pedal through the effects loop as a standard as that boosts both the clean and crunch significantly and really makes a difference to the overall tone. Reverb is digital but very usable. They are also great platforms for pedal boards. Also, being Bugera there is a risk of getting a "bad" one. But if you are buying new, then the warranty will cover any problems. They have very good customer service by the way. Other then that, great amps and the 55 Watt one you are talking about will be LOUD!
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    How about an SG? Very similar beast to the Les Paul - two humbuckers, Gibson scale length, etc., but a *much* thinner and lighter body. The Epiphone SGs are pretty good, and I've been bashing away on a Vintage VS6 (https://www.jhs.co.uk/vintage-vs6-reissued-electric-guitar-cherry-red-gold-hardware) for years now - great value for money, especially with all the Wilkinson hardware! Plus I've always thought they look more badass than LPs...
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    My under used MIJ 1954 Reissue:
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    Both Karl and Nick in the UK prog metal band Threshold used to use a couple of Pacificas (with some upgrades) as spare guitars and alternative tuning guitars on tour alongside their Jacksons, Charvels, Ibanezes etc. Sounded pretty good with a good set up and some better quality pickups. Not so shabby. I had a Pacifica Tele as my first ever electric. It was not a bad little guitar.

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