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    Santa was very kind this year and brought me this little beauty.... I’ve not yet had chance to try all the pickup permutations but first impressions suggest that this is a very versatile guitar - and the main thing is that it can still do the “PRS” sound. I am a lucky boy* *As I am sure Santa will quite rightly remind me whenever someone has need of a new pair of shoes.
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    Hi, I've got a few things planned for next year, notably a flying v build. I'll be starting a new thread for it and going into a bit more detail. It should be a bit different if the finish I have in mind works. It's not something I've tried before and I'm not sure if anyone else has either! Anyway , that's for next year. Meanwhile ...I took an opportunity to use up some spare parts to make this Frankencaster for one of my partner's grandchildren's Christmas present: An old strat body that I re-sprayed + the best fitting of the three necks I had gathering dust. The hardware and pickups are all things I took a punt on to see what they were like but decided not to use on a full build but perfectly good for a first guitar. I'm really pleased with it , hopefully the new owner will be too.
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    Ah - according to Wikipedia: "Lace Sensors are true single-coil pickups; however, internally they are different from classic single coils. The chief difference is that, like the pickups used on the Fender Jaguar, the coil is surrounded by metal barriers which are designed to reduce electro-magnetic interference such as power line hum. According to the manufacturer, these barriers also help concentrate the magnetic field, allowing weaker magnets to be used, which results in less string pull. Less string pull, in turn, means truer pitch and intonation, and superior sustain." So it's more a different means of putting together a sc pup... Looks to me like it broadly speaking puts the coil between magnets rather than wrapped around it... Seems Fender dropped them when they got their own Noiseless series developed. I remember a lot of Neanderthals howling that the Laces weren't "proper" pickups because they had no polepieces, but lace sis develop a "Holy Grail" model with fake polepieces on it for that market.
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    Thanks very much; the thought had occurred to me too. Quite a lot of variables, and YouTube will be compressing the Audio too!
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    Thank you very much - I thank I might just do that! Will let you all know
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    I'm a guitar player really.... but don't tell basschat! Just scores this minter. 1989 strat plus deluxe Yum.
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    I put the blank together last year and intended to start work on it properly today but my sander needs a new belt. At least by posting it here I'm committed to it! Rough cut body blank, it's made from 7/8 bits of piano and will have an interesting finish applied to it eventually. 7/8 bits of piano in three layers, I'm trying to stay close to the original Gibson body thickness. But why has he titled this thread "TT" Flying V?
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    Thanks for the string-gauge advice, I'll go for Regular Slinky. But it was the length of the slender E which surprised me - seriously inadequate. My new steelwork inside isn't pretty, but it's unseen and it's rigid and I like that, better than springs. It's just a couple of 4-inch M5 bolts through bits of plate. I didn't much admire the dirty screws and half-painted corroded claw that I found holding the springs, either - not one of Leo's finest.
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    Hi there, Thanks for your thoughts. I'm based in North East England and whilst there are a number of decent music shops around, especially in Newcastle, I have looked at the on line retailers and will probably go down that route given the strange times we are living in. I had not thought about the Ibanez or Takamine models as I don't know much about them but will certainly look. I own a Tanglewood 12 string which I bought new a few years ago and is a nice guitar, the set up on it was perfect straight out of the box so again that's a good thought. Thanks again.
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    If I could like that twice. I would! Thanks for the Frank and comprehensive distillation of the tech.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot that bit!! It's a laptop stand. I'll be honest, I'm not sure why she wants one like it, it doesn't bring the screen up to the correct height for your eyeline but it's too high to use the keyboard comfortably. Still, she asked for that height off the table so that's what she's got.
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    Couldn't tell you how they work but to my ear they sound wonderful.
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    I suspect it was down to snobbery / the right look, as you suggest! Well, quite - I'm certainly in no hurry to dine in the Pizza Express next time I pass through Woking!
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    Nice. The bullet casing is a clever idea - it looks much more 'finished' than leaving a hole.
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    This is the Christmas present. Ash, oak and mahogany. Better, but still not perfect finishing. Again, the mechanics and the design I like, and if (when) I make another it will be broadly the same but with some detail and process changes. I thought of better ways to make it as I was going along.
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    https://www.musicradar.com/news/mountain-guitarist-leslie-west-dies-at-75 The way he could squeeze so much tone out of a single P90 is a lesson to us all.

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