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    Thankyou! I have done that now.
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    There are a good number of Japanese guitar experts on Basschat who’ll know what that is. For my 2p worth, the Eros logo doesn’t look right, I wasn’t aware they did guitars quite that nice (I may be wrong of course) so that might be a later addition, rather like the DiMarzio stickers. Try posting your query here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/7473-vintage-mij-formerly-jpcrp-spotting/#comments
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    I’ll add John Scofield to that list. Go for it. Unless you want a traditional type jazz tone, of course. But in addition to being nearly indestructible, a good Tele is almost never out of place.
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    I remain very pleased with mine: it's still making all the right sounds (as far as I can tell), and its 9V DC socket works as well, which is the only issue I've had with cheap pedals previously! I'm no stranger to the cheaper end of the market as I also own a couple of Joyo guitar pedals, and only recently moved on my Behringer BDI21 for bass (issues with the aforementioned 9V DC, among other things). I know what you mean - there is a slightly liberating feeling of "well, this only cost me £30; if I don't like it, I haven't lost very much" - not to mention the spirit of "well, of course I'll try it with all the controls maxed...if it bursts into flames, I've only lost £30..."
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    I miss my tiger striped Kramer pacer vintage but I put the money towards a new really nice epi Les Paul custom pro. Although I did sell that in the end it was great for 2 or 3 years . I do miss the Kramer though
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    I regularly listen to the Kiesel Jam on YouTube upon which she is one of the participants , awesome
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    Course, the easy answer to SG neck dive if it happens is just to add a Bigsby, which also has the bonus of adding about a million cool points to any guitar, really...
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    Left handed Tanglewood, Solid Mahogany top and back, discreet B Band electrics with volume control just inside soundhole. In excellent condition. Well setup and plays beautifully... just fitted new GHS silk and steel strings..
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    Two. Many years ago, I swapped my 1980s Squier Strat (bought new) with a colleague for his Roland U10 which I finished up never using. And more recently (about 15 years ago), I sold a Gordon Smith - a GS6 IIRC. I rather wish I'd kept that.
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    I had a really nice Les Paul Studio in Walnut. I traded it for a K-Line which is lovely - but i do wish I'd kept that Studio. I've got a Traditional now which i don't like anywhere near as much.

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