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    I’m a huge Tele fan, much meatier than a Strat in all the positions IMO. Every home should have one 😊.
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    Fender's new 'Acoustasonic'. There's quite a gushing article about it here https://www.wired.co.uk/article/fender-acoustasonic-guitar Parts of which I suspect have been cut and pasted directly from Fender's own press release. It seems to be a sort of acoustic focused variant of the Line 6 Variax concept with several acoustic 'voices' and some solid bodied electric ones all available on one instrument with the promise of none of the feedback issues sometimes associated with putting an acoustic through an overdriven rig or pedals. Personally I like the aesthetics but I'd to have to be really impressed with it before I decided that I really needed to own such a thing.
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    Another Tele Tuesday - my home build assembly. Walnut body (weighs a ton) finished with gun-stock oil, flame maple neck with macassar ebony board, Lollar pickups and Callahan hardware. Plays and sounds way better than it has any right to given that I put it together
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    Just a head up for everyone that the Feb 2019 issue of the revamped Guitar Magazine are giving away a set of Elixir Optiweb Nickel Plated guitar strings (10-46) when you buy the magazine John
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    Squier Bullet Mustang? https://www.andertons.co.uk/squier-bullet-mustang-w-indian-laurel-board-in-imperial-blue
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    Nice Elwood too.
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    Tele tuesday? Here's mine (next to my main work horse).
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    Cheers, again, just picked up an "as new" one off eBay. I'll update you when I've got it and had a play.
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    Given that the Strat is the most ubiquitous guitar on the planet, only associating it with Knopfler, Marvin and Rodgers is to undermine its usage, but each to their own POV. It seems that your requirement is a double cutaway guitar with single coil pickups in the neck and middle positions, plus another s/c or splittable hb in the bridge. Ibanez and Yamaha are good starting points and both have affordable offerings in this format. However, if money were no object, a PRS 513 would cover every base.
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    Hey folks, Jim here, bass player mainly - but also anything else with strings on - from Northern Ireland, now in Dublin. Have been playing originals lately (http://runin.red), and covering git fiddle parts in the studio gave me a taste for it again. Glad to join ye's on the skinny neck side 😄
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    Probably this Had the nicest neck I'd ever played on an electric, but when it came down to it I just didn't quite get on with the single coil dynasonic pickups. Sold it as I thought you'd need to do some routing to fit filtertrons. Only found out after TV Jones made filters to fit a dyno hole. Doh! Of course then theres the one that got away. A 1964 Gretsch Viking Wunjo Guitars had for an age. I played it last summer - it had knackered binding, the original (stupid) bridge had been replaced, someone had dicked around with the electrics .... but boy it had mojo and just that sound. Nearly pulled the trigger at two grand. Just before Christmas they reduced it to £1500. As I was (and still am) overseas I dithered for a few days and predictably it went. Double Doh!
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    Well just missed Tuesday, but what the hell. Acquired this through a convoluted method while overseas - haven't actually seen it in real life yet, hope to be picking it up on Friday A 2011 USA 'Telebration' Cabronita with TV Jones pickups and no tone control. Should be fun
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    My Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster. U.S. made in 1996 to celebrate 50 years of the company.There's a lot of tosh talked about the various models they brought out at about that time, but this is the series of special limited editions of their primary model ranges - 2500 for each of them except the Strat and - I think - P-bass Lefties, which were limited to 250 worldwide and 50 of each to the UK market IIRC. Not a custom shop guitar as such, just a very nicely made guitar with one or two unusual touches. Actually gigged it a couple of times too. Guitars - even expensive ones - come and go, but that one was a bit special to me. Not particularly valuable I don't think (perhaps a bit extra for the Lefty rarity), but even so...
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    Fascinating...it would be interesting to see its strengths and weaknesses against the competition - especially head to headed with my own latest acquisition mentioned in my Nemesis thread on Basschat. To explain, just picked up my Gillett Contour 6 electric in Rocklite that has been doing the shows for the past two or three months. I'll do a full review thread as soon as I can find the time to fully put it through its paces
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    Demoed here and talked about.
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    After a few years without a guitar (I had an SG Bully that I never really played), I got myself a 2nd hand Pacifica 012 last year in the hopes of actually learning to play 6-string. It feels so nice and I found that I instantly got on with it. Not sure what they are new (probably around £100 with a little amp?) but it's so comfortable and feels well put together.
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    I never warmed to ZZ Top (the "showmanship" always put me off, and when I saw them on television acting as if they were the mos hilarious people the world had ever seen because the only member in the band called 'Beard' was the one who - get this - didn't have a beard, I would have cheerfully shot the lot of them), *but* Billy Gibbons is a very gifted player. I'm always impressed in interviews too how many younger names on that general scene have such good things to say about how he complimented them or mentored or encouraged them: you can always tell someone is secured in their own ability by the fact that they want to share the joy, and help others make it too, rather than talk themselves up at others' expense.
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    Along with music, building Lego is a big hobby of mine and I’ve managed to combine the two by putting my hand at stop motion videos and doing promos for the band. Just finished my 5th, using the Sydney Opera House set to pretend that the we played a gig on the other side of the world.
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    My Rob Williams custom set-neck. Made for me by Rob in 2013.