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    i Haven't bought anything but i did acquire this Chord 3/4 sized acoustic on Tuesday via a freecycle -type post on facebook, i am assuming that the previous owner was a beginner as they had stickers to show basic chords on the fretboard, i gave it a cleanup and some adjustments and made a clear scratchplate for it and it play's fine, not expecting it to sound amazing but for playing in the garden or round a campfire it's fine. (and it was free!) I left the headstock stickers on as i don't mind them. here it is next to my McIlroy AS25 for scale ( the McIlroy absolutely stomps on it in terms of tone but then it would!) Matt
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    Ha, here you go. The full body picture is a stock image from google, the other two are from the store's website but are of the actual guitar I walked out with. I was originally looking at faith's but they only did the cedar / mahagony wood combination with a 45mm nut. The Auden had it in a 43mm and the overall feel and playability of the guitar is wonderful.
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    I’ve bought a few new guitars for my son and I to play with during lockdown. These two arrived yesterday. To hot yesterday to play them but will put them through there paces later this morning.
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    This collection is something else. Enjoy.
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    I’ve not used that one, but it looks similar to what they use in many guitar shops.
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    Interestingly enough, I think one’s significant other is often the person who voices what we’re really thinking inside. Lady Ez, often raises an eyebrow when I get GASsy, but when it’s something worth having, she’s very supportive. When I fell in love with the tone of Rob Allen basses, I heard nothing but positive comments, although the price of a new one gave her pause (and me too if I’m honest). Fortunately, a pre owned became available and the deal was done. To this day, it’s the one bass/guitar I’m not ‘allowed’ to sell. She was also there when I bought my EJ200, which was just as well as the ‘full fat’ Gibson J200 was lovely (common sense prevailed).
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    Yes, sorry I didn’t mention it. GC Guitar Center. It is where many Americans go and play and buy equipment.
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    Good morning, Thomas, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. This is not, however, a 'live chat' forum, so, in that sense, yes, it's not the right place. Still, stick around (or pop in when you want...); you may be pleasantly surprised.
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    As you’ve been setting up for a good while, hopefully you’ll be able to wait and ride out this, what should be, short sell off storm. You mention GC, do we assume that you’re US based?
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    Is it good for metal? Yes, specifically death metal. 🤘
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    Eclectic mix there, nice
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    Just playing 20 minutes a day every day for two months will sort out if you can Play or not!!
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    I fell in love with 12 string guitars in the early 60s as a kid . My uncle used to take me to his bands practice in school and village halls and a scout hut. Some of the various band members had them and I just loved the sound. Then came George Harrison and the Byrds and I was well and truly hooked for life. This time round my buying choices are best sound for the money. Im not a guitar make snob . I don’t play live anymore but if I did I wouldn’t have any qualms about using any of the guitars I’ve bought during lockdown because they are all up to it. There are a lot of great economically priced quality build great sounding guitars out there now that really do sound amazing for the money and give the Fender Gibson’s and others a good run for the money these days
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    Thanks both! I'm planning on re-stringing today and I have an old toothbrush for just such emergencies, so the stars are aligning. I'll start with toothpaste, great suggestion @Dad3353 and I can't see it being harmful! Plus it'll be minty fresh, can't complain! I hadn't even thought about the finish being poly @ezbass, but you're probably right! Once she's had a clean and some new strings I'll get a picture or 20 up!
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    The time to clean these would be whilst the strings are removed, of course. I wouldn't use a cotton bud, but rather a toothbrush (no, an old one, you fool, not the one you use every day..! Do try to keep up..! ). Mask away if you want, but a brisk brushing should remove most of the dust and surface dulling. A tiny spot of chrome cleaner, Brasso or similar might help, or even... Toothpaste..! Yes, it's a light abrasive, and won't damage anything. The headstock may smell of mint afterwards, but is that a bad thing..? A rub over with a lint-free cloth at the end and you're done..! Hope this helps.
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    Nice 339 (where's the rest of it? 😁), I really like the tuning keys on these and wish the Casino came with them. I can't see anything wrong with your plan and given Epis are poly coated, I'm wondering if you need to mask off (won't hurt of course).
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    Fully hollow, light as a feather (at least it was until I stuck a Bigsby on it). Needed a fret dress as there were a couple of high frets up at the dusty end (they were a bit rough too) but the job they did at Guitar Guitar, Epsom was top notch - money well spent. The neck is quite chunky, but not uncomfortably so and makes it feel a bit more ‘solid’. What’s sauce for the goose, etc...
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    I’ve always been of the opinion that the biggest influences on tone are the transducers in the signal chain. These would be the components that turn mechanical energy into electrical impulses. In the case of the electric guitar these would be the pickups. Everything has a contributory effect, but they are all (mostly) subservient to the transducer.
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    There was a time (oh so long ago...) I, too, was 'new to all this'; some folks answered my questions, too. What goes around, comes around. S'all good.
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    Pics of the new house you've had to buy to fit all these in?
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    A small table I made from a spare Tele body and a standard lamp from a telescope tripod.
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    I'll kick things off with my first sensible bit of woodworking, a pair of chisel stands. Made from some unknown softwood that came to us as a pallet. I'm quite liking pallet wood as a build medium, some of the markings under the surface are quite pretty. And it's cheap!
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    Absolutely, good attitude. Once you've got it down, you never really lose it and it certainly bothers you less.
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    Ah would be better if it just said report. Thanks for the info.😎
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    Found some great photos of the reqal Black Beauty here: http://www.electrichendrix.gobot.com/photo2.html Clearly thebody is less reliced than the Vintage o than in the photos I saw befored (which I now realsie were a replica - an overdone one, clearly!), so probably won't go the VS6 route here. Nice detail: the cut-out Jimi put on the plate so asto be able to reach the truss rod adjustment srew without taking it off. Must remember to add that. I have afeeling I might just have to go all-out and order a neck to get the right spec, but we'll see what trusn up: I'm not in hurry to have this done just yet. I think I've figured out where I'm gonig to gte most bits, though - just got to wait patiently for the right donor boy and neck.
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    Tough call @Skinnyman. My favourite players list changes depending on so many different things that I could easily give a different set every day for a month or more. However, since you're being such a git meanie tightwad hard taskmaster about it, I'll go with the three who most heavily influenced my early playing style, who would be... pause for effect... Ahem: Him: Him: and Him: (Plus honourable 'if only I could play as well as them' mentions for Guthrie Govan, Joe Pass and Adrian Legg. Tomorrow these three would be replaced by a different three, but the main three won't change.)
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    3) Angus young not the most technical but you can just see and feel the love of what he does every time he plays and man that energy! 2) David gilmour for his economic playing style. Says more in 3 notes than all the flashy over technical guitar Prodigy's can in an hour. And his solos have been known to bring a tear to my eye! 1) slash. I don't even know why! But I could probably listen to him play nursery rhymes for an hour and still be amazed. Probably helps that he was exactly my era. And his records were what I listened to in my late teens. As everyone seems to be doing it I'll make a few honourable mentions John squire(amazing and vastly underated) Brian may Gary Moore
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    If you can I'd say go and try guitars in a shop. You may find what you like the look of doesn't actually feel that good in your hands.I'd like to suggest you try the humble Yamaha Pacifica as well. Quality control is usually very good from Yamaha. They're very well made have nice slim comfortable necks. They are also fairly light and comfortable to play. When I returned to playing 18months or so back I was determined to get a Les Paul style So i did. A Harley Benton sc500 to be exact. And it looks great,sounds good, and is really very nice for what it cost. And I hardly ever play it. It's heavy and really awkward to play sitting which is how I mainly play these days. Then just before lockdown I saw a used Pacifica for next to nothing on schpock. I went to see it and came away with it. I bought it to learn setting up guitars. But it just played so nicely that I got a but carried away tbh. And needed something to do whilst in lockdown Custom paint/new pickups warman 12 gauge in the bridge and a cheap hotrail at the neck/new wiring(full size pots) the old ones were scratchy. I did get the guitar for next to nothing but even with what I've spent it cost less than £100 . It's now the guitar I pick up most. It's just easier to play and tbh now the best sounding one I own. Not bad for a 20 year old beater I've gone off the track here a bit. But my point is the entry Pacifica is a really good for the price. And will take you along way down the road before you surpass it's capabilities.
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    It comes built just string fitting needed. I wouldn’t bother changing jack socket to use as a lefty just use a angled jack £32.88 on amazon. www.amazon.co.uk/Electric-Blues-Box-Slide-Guitar/dp After watching the above video I’ve bought one for myself and for my son for a bit of fun. I will round off the neck straight edges though. Will only take a few minutes to do with a Stanley blade and a sanding block.
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    Just drill a hole on the opposite side and fit the jack there. I can't see there being much on the inside of these to get in the way of you doing that.
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    TBH, my professional opinion (as an academic lawyer and something of a specialist in defamation), unless you're in a position like Chapman's and you're advised that there's an actionable defamation, I wouldn't consier it necessarily wise to acknowledge that sort of criticism publicly. Rather than a rebuttal, he'd probably have been better off playnig the bigger man and telling his own online following to leave the kid alone, a la Mary Beard.
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    £37 will get you a nice 3 string DIY kit.
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    My son and I have been keeping the cardboard box recycling guys in work That’s for sure.🙂
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    @Jazz Club have you been keeping Thomann in business all on your own? Some cool purchases there. I particularly like this one
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    I only started playing again because my son wanted an electric guitar and thought great something we can do in lockdown together. We have the same Marshall amplifiers and face time each other on iPads both amps you can play backing tracks through to play along with. Its been great fun even though my left hand hurts like hell most of the time.
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    And this time put the piezo into it
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    Even if the tone of the HB wasn't up to par (which it might well be, of course), the Wilkinson pickups that Vintage use are cheap enough that you could pop a new set in and make it sound...well, like a Vintage SG, I suppose!
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    This is going to be a rehash of what's on BC up until today, new posts will be made when new stuff happens Plus it fills up GC and keeps @ped happy... So, I have an old Red Bull GP workshop bench that my dad aquired (with permission and help!) from a skip behind the factory. Apparently, the new season had a new factory sponsor so they replaced all of the benches etc. The guy my dad knew who worked there got a beech blockboard bench from the "scrap" 1m x 2m x 70mm. The same size as mine, but mine isn't block board. It's melamine faced something. They couldn't find matching legs for it, so I replaced one of them with a pair of square frames joined to make a 1m cube. I have an old engineers vice fitted over the middle leg. So far so as it was. I now want to get into doing more woodwork, picture frames, little boxes, ultimately a door or two (😯) so I need a woodworking vice.
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    Tanglewood started off as a lower-price affair, but have streadily grown into a full range of imnpressive stuff, including higher end guitars. Their top end stuff I'd put up against anything in a similar price band. As for Epiphones, well... as I always say of any particular Epiphone, the relevant Gibson will be twice the guitar, for five or ten times the money. Up to you at hat ponit along the alw of diminishing returns scale you jump off the train... I can't claim to have based this on anything as I've not handled any of the 2020s yet, but I have a suspicion that Epiphone might just be very concertedly upping the ante as of these last few months, having been facing an awful lot of competition from some very good price-band alternatives in recent years. The new brooms at Gibson seem to be a lot more intune with the market than the previous admin.
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    My normal go to brand for guitars is D’Addario followed by Ernie Ball (I have used Elixr, but I find their tension quite high). However, in an effort to allow some electric type bending on my acoustic, I’ve been playing Optima Vintageflex. Not as forthright as normal tension acoustic strings, but a joy to play.
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    Wow! I have no other words. A very worthy entry into what I'm guessing will be a very tough competition. Good luck.
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    Daisy Rock did the same thing maybe ten years ago. Andertons, a music store here in the UK, invested in the company with the intention to sell the instruments through their store and distribute them. Major backlash resulted from women guitarists who felt patronised. It seemed like a good idea but... Skip to 7:22 for the story.
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    There's an up-side and a down-side, of course. Leave 'em turned up and it's possible (or even likely depending on one's age...) that the amp will produce an overpowering 'Screech..!' when the guitar is plugged in. On the other hand, turning it all down implies that there's a pretty good chance (depending on one's age...) that there'll be silence for a while at the beginning of the session, with much testing of leads, looking baffled, scratching of heads etc before the penny drops. It's a no-win conundrum that only you can solve. Personally, I turn it all down, despite the head-scratching risk (yes, I'm old, too...). Hope this helps.
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    Bass: tuner pedal Guitar: 3 different pedal boards, plus a drawer full of 'spare' fx pedals!
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    Guessing your a Andertons fan ? I remember going to the first shop when I was a boy.
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    You'll give everyone who donates $3 a Squier Classic Vibe and a Vox Pathfinder? Everyone here witnessed this, it's legally binding! When can I expect my Squier CV?

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