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    This might help https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/adjusting-the-slack-feel-on-floyd-rose-trem.583657/
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    For sale is my Fender Custom Shop Master Built Paisley Telecaster. The Master builder was Denis Galuska. It has some small marks on it but this is possibly as built. I have checked the valuation and Master builder ID with Coda Music. It comes complete with the case, COA and usual case goodies. I do not want trades and it is collect only.
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    As I've been going for iconic Teles the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd continue with Bruce Springsteen's, together with a link to a Rolling Stone piece on the guitar. Enjoy. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/bruce-springsteens-favorite-guitar-the-story-behind-one-of-a-kind-fender-119846/ 
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    Here's mine (in its current form). I only use it in the house for now as I'm still very much in the 'getting good' stage of guitar playing.
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    That’s a great photo of JS.
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    I suppose the key thing is that it's optional. The biggest pitfall would be to create something which has so many options, it's impossible to find the "classic" sound(s) that you expect, e.g., a Les Paul to produce. As long as the core tone is all present and correct, you have a simple, usable option, without being forced to explore the additional bells and whistles...but if they can't get that right, then they're really in trouble!
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    Just my luck for the photo to be at an odd angle. Mine's pretty simple and set up about 80's sounds. The Amptweaker Tight Rock is at the centre of it all. The sidetrak channel goes into a Keeley Seeing Eye modded Boss DS1 (or sometimes a Joyo JF14 American Sound). Before the Tight Rock is (in order) an Xotic Wah, Effectrode PC2 Compressor, Empress Parametric eq (which may go back to the bass board it came from). The Tight Rock then goes into a Nux Chorus Core (featuring stereo tri-chorus) and then a Mooer Ocean Machine for reverb and dual delays. I still have a Lexicon MPXG2 in storage which may replace some of it one day. This board does everything I ask of it from funky chorussed, scratched clean chords in the 4th strat position to Highway To The Danger Zone type distortion.