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    What a beautiful looking guitar good luck with the sale.
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    Hi I havent been in a band now for some 20 years and awfully rusty however, the world and tech has thundered on in my absence! I see lots of home studio videos where people are dubbing themselves, practicing and recording themselves digitally and using headphones and all sorts of clever tech. So much so that it is quite bewildering to be honest and i dont know where to start and simply 'shut down' rather than try to crack on. What do i need beyond my guitar? I would like to practise with effects, practise with headphones, record myself and add to it (I have a copy of Reaper but not thrown myself at it) with guitar overlays, drums and anything else really. A list of all the items would be great as it would enable me to start aquiring them and work towards this. Thank you very much Nat
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    DISCLAIMER - I am posting this in multiple places, for maximum exposure/to get as many answers as possible, so sorry if you get fed up of reading it multiple times.....!) Anyway......I was watching a video reviewing and comparing small valve amps (albeit guitar.....15/20W) , with a variety of speakers (10" and 12") and valves (types and quantities...ECC83's and 81's, EL34's, 84's and 6L6's, and anywhere between 2 and 6 tubes) Now I know different valves give different sounds, and different arrangements of components used also influence characteristics.... So......during the review they described the amp with the most valves (6, 3 pre and 3 power) and least (2, 1/1), both same power, as 'lacking headroom' (which I get to mean that they were starting to distort with little provocation.....) So...what does the number of valves have to do with sound/character Also two amps had exactly the same valves in the same configuration, wattage and speaker sizes......but did not sound that similar.....(both best sounding imho) Is the difference down to the other parts of the amp being different from each other? And finally.....it is obvious that number of valves has little to do with wattage (most and least valves were both 15W, and 20W had 3 and 5 valves), so what determines power? I am sorry if these are just stupid questions, I was just curious.....

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