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    Hello! I've been bitten by the guitar bug at the age of 46 having been able to play very basic stuff for years. Currently working my way through Justinguitar.com beginners course & will start actual lessons in 2 weeks.. I've been having fun with the app Tonebridge which gives you loads of guitar tone/song settings as 'pedals' also using an iRig but suffering with some latency issues as I'm using an android phone. My guitars: an acoustic '[email protected] model by Vintage which can be both strung as baritone & standard I have it as standard & a Prs custom 24 that I managed to get for a steal! Cheers! Gav
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    I’m a beginner on electric guitar should I buy a B&G little sister guitar or a fab telecaster I’ve been offered
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    I got this pair as an upgrade from the little 1w Blackstar combo I've been using for the last eight or nine years. It's a DV Mark Micro 50 Mk 2 head and a Barefaced GXII cabinet (American voiced) and they sound absolutely fantastic. I'm really impressed with the amp - the clean channel is fantastic but I'm really impressed with the drive channel. It's basically an overdrive pedal built into the amp but it means I can add a little bit of dirt to the tone and still keep everything at neighbour-friendly volume levels. I'm also really impressed with the cabinet. It's super light and handles everything the head throws at it without ever sounding strained. I really like it with the clean channel on the head - a touch of reverb and my Epiphone es175 sounds wonderful. I'm well chuffed with these two 😀
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    Thanks, it really is. They just brought out the 12" cab - I think the 10" has been out for a few months now.. It sounds superb, even at quite sensible volumes. I'd like to try the smaller cab some day for comparison.
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    Looks like a sweet little set up! Had no idea Barefaced did guitar cabs(as opposed to bass cabs)
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    Hello friends, We are Marcus Nalgaber and Mora Amaro La Loba We are a duo and we are dedicated to making our own original music in a serious and continuous way and without profit We are very happy to be part of this forum Regards,
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    Whichever is easiest - one big advert is easier to create and bump as you need to but can be a bit confusing for potential customers to follow as individual items get sold. Keep the layout clear and that shouldn't be too much of a problem though ...
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    Rainy spring - Slow Blues in Am - Guitar improvisation by Marcus Nalgaber - Gibson L4 Ces Best regards, Marcus Nalgaber
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    I turned up to rehearsal on Monday and found that our guitarist had decided to celebrate Christmas early this year and had treated himself to an EVH Frankenstein Frankenstrat Replica. Not the £700 one mind, but the $25,000 Fender-Charvel variety! I have to say it's an absolute beast of a guitar and the attention to detail is phenomenal. it comes with loads of candy, a reliced flight case and just has that sound in spades. As an aside, if anyone is familiar with what I believe to be an original type Floyd Rose term and the specific tool you might need to tighten the trim arm, then your advice would be much appreciated by it's owner. We've both had a look at it and are undecided as to whether it's even possible. We decided it might be a nice idea to have a side by side shot of the 'monster' next to my pristine Ritter Cora.
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    I thought it would be cool if we could share our favourite YouTube channels for backing tracks. I mainly use MyDarnJamTracks and Elevated backing tracks on YouTube. I think those are the two most popular and their tracks seem to be very well produced. Well, share what you have!

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