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    I like to think of this as the calm refuge. My safe place, as it were.
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    I wouldn’t go that far 🤣
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    Thanks for this, it's really helpful! I ordered a trigger-style one which should be arriving today so I'm interested in having a go! You mention curved / flat ones. Is that referring to the "top" bit which would fret the strings?
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    I'd recommend a 'trigger'-style capo, for its consistent efficiency, ease of use and solidity. Here's four, from Amazon; cheap enough to try out, with a slightly more expensive option... Amazon Trigger Capos ... Our Eldest uses these (or ones like 'em...), fitting one for the intro of 'Under The Bridge' before whipping it off for the rest of the song. Our Second Guitar uses one, too, to match the singer's choice of key. They all have rubber 'jaws', and do no harm at all to the guitar neck. Hope this helps. Edit : Note the difference in shape between a 'flat' one (for nylon, classical, flamenco guitars with flat fingerboard...) and 'curved' (for electric, archtop, radiused fingerboards...) and buy accordingly. The rubber jaw will accommodate any slight difference in curveture, normally.
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    There are all sorts, from a plastic bar with elastic, up to ones that you can roll on without affecting tuning (apparently). The teeth you speak of are probably just contoured rubber and just look different. For the most part, it’s find an action/mechanism you like. I use a Shubb that you have to set the pressure with a screw and then apply that pressure with a lever, I find this type of one works better for me as I can set how hard the strings are held down, rather than a constant, unadjustable spring pressure. If you use a capo on a number of different guitars with varying neck thicknesses, a simpler ‘one touch’ action may be for you.
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    I have serious GAS for a PRS SE Mira. I don’t know why it’s suddenly come over me but I was idly wandering the ‘net the other night, as you do, a d YouTube decided to show me one of the PRS demo videos for it. That then turned into an obsession with watching every video and reading every review. And there’s no logic to this. I don’t need a PRS Mira. I have a very nice Strat, a lovely Mexican Tele, a gorgeous PRS SE Hollowbody and an absolutely spiffing K-Line. I like them all and don’t want to get rid of any of them. Sonically, I have all the bases covered. Single coil, P90s, ‘buckers; all catered for. So why the lust for the Mira? It’s not especially pretty, it’s PRS’s take on an SG - and I’ve got no particular hankering for an SG. Strange. Please talk me out of this. If you had one or tried one and hated it, tell me. If you’ve had problems with PRS’s build quality, tell me. Explain to me that I’m not a professional guitarist and I can never make guitars sound the way they do in the demo videos. I need to get rid of this obsession. And that Starla looks pretty nice too... Aaaaaaargh!
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    Now that’s what I mean! Helpful, insightful and just the kind of self-justification I was looking for! 😁
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    There you go! I've quit the pretending. I either know I will or know I won't, and if the item falls into the 'will' category I know that any internal debate/struggle is just some kind of mental fabrication to make me feel bad for wanting something, and just wastes time. The only real questions I ask myself now are 'can I afford it?', 'do I mind losing a few quid if it doesn't pan out and I move it on?', and 'have I got the space?'.... anything else is just noise. What the 'it won't make you play better' folks always miss is that every different instrument is full of different riffs and licks, and once discovered, you still have them in your arsenal whether on that instrument or on an instrument you've had around for years.... You're not buying a new guitar, you're exploring new approaches.😎
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    I don't like it. Note to @Skinnyman : see how easy that was?
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    Best of luck Skinz. Fortunately it's a problem I don't have, because unless they've changed their policy since I last looked, PRS don't make lefties. Seriously, get a grip man. Think of the children; and the third world; and, umm, the polar ice cap. Then give yourself a sound thrashing with a wet fish. Better make it two just to be sure... Might work, might not. Frankly, who cares: it'll make great viewing. p.s. Hope this helps.
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    A secure environment. Heavy medication. Heaven!
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    Cheers! We're going out doing XTC stuff (no "Tonight Matthew, I'm Andy Partridge/Colin Moulding" caper though) - and planning to do our own material for an EP/album.
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    Good evening, Steve, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
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    There is a goodly number of us here from BC.
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    Hi Steve and welcome! The EXTC project sounds interesting - would you describe it as a “tribute” band or a project in its own right?
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    Can I direct you to my initial opening statement 😁
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    That’s not helping 😁
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    That vintage cherry is rather pleasant, I must admit. I think it’s the pickup selector that I don’t like, a classic Gibson toggle would work so much better IMO.
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    If you want talking out of buying new gear, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. However, even as a PRS fan and previous owner of 3 different models, I struggle with the Mira and Starla from an aesthetic viewpoint. PRS are known for beautiful guitars, it’s their thing, even the old EG range (always wanted the 3 domino pickup model) still had that PRS visual magic. Having said all that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you obviously like them, which is all that matters. Build quality with PRSs is always stunning, no matter where they are made. Even the hardware on the cheapest SEs is stellar. I has an SE Singlecut and decided to upgrade the pickups. I fitted a pair of Seymour Duncan’s and then a pair of Bareknuckle’s. I ended up refitting the original ones as I thought they were the best of the 3. That was not helpful was it? Sorry.

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