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    You’re fine, these things are held on/down by string tension, next time you change strings, do them one at a time. I would point out, however, that the height of the stop tail should be low enough to create a decent break angle behind the tune-a-matic bridge, in the same way the headstock creates a break angle behind the nut.
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    Mint cherry sunburst 2013 All original with trem and moon inlays Fabulous build quality, player and sounds and very versatile with coil tap option and pickup configuration Tags & PRS hard case - a little tatty looking on the outside (stickers etc) but fine inside and all works Looking to sell for £1850 but may entertain trades only for high end Superstrats like Suhrs, Tylers, Grosh, Xotic or possibly Music Man Lukes, but must be HSS pickup configuration and with a trem, but no Floyd Roses but locking machine heads fine
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    Any excuse to post an image of my 66 Tele

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