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    Is that the model that's slightly smaller in the body than most Gibby semis? Looks great. Certain guitars to my eye just look far better with a Gretsch on them, to the point where it's worth donig purely for cosmetic reasons. (Also good for rebalancing a neck-heavy SG! :-) ).
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    How about an SG? Very similar beast to the Les Paul - two humbuckers, Gibson scale length, etc., but a *much* thinner and lighter body. The Epiphone SGs are pretty good, and I've been bashing away on a Vintage VS6 (https://www.jhs.co.uk/vintage-vs6-reissued-electric-guitar-cherry-red-gold-hardware) for years now - great value for money, especially with all the Wilkinson hardware! Plus I've always thought they look more badass than LPs...

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