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    Hello! Happy to offer a few suggestions: if you're looking to buy new, the Squier Classic Vibe series tend to come in south of £400, and are very well regarded guitars for the money. (And even the bog-standard Squier Affinity series are a bit more dependable these days - worth trying it out in a shop if you can, though!) If you're willing to go down the rabbit-hole of second-hand models, there are plenty of Fenders floating around eBay, and it's worth keeping an eye on the marketplace boards, both here and over on Basschat (indeed, I bought my own Tele from a feller on Basschat). You can probably get your mitts on a Mexican Fender within the £400 limit; a US one might be more of a long shot. It's also worth considering other brands' knock-off designs - some of them are thought to be better than their Fender namesakes! I see eBay has a couple of Tokai copies going in the low-300s, which have a good reputation. There's also a Schecter sitting at £239 right now - if it's anywhere near as good as my Schecter bass then you could be onto a winner there!
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    Good lord, I remember buying an Arion compressor back in the early 2000s. Construction seemed rugged enough, looking back, and quite a range of controls...but I seem to remember it being a little too easy to get unpleasant tones out of it. (I do attribute this largely to my being a bit inept with compressors, mind...)
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    I I would like to ask you for some review one of my latest productions. This is instrumental piece. I hope you enjoy
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    Sounds like standard Gibson/Epiphone (and copies thereof) behaviour to me, that’s how you get that kill switch effect.
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    It's 'normal' for most Gibson/Epiphone models, and has its advantages, as you've mentioned. Here's a page on the Gibson site, giving a full, rather detailed, description of what's happening, and an alternative ... 3 way switch in middle, turn one volume down, BOTH pup outputs go down. Wanna know why? ... Hope this helps.
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    It's not my guitar, hopefully the op will see this and update us. Matt
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    Have look here ... Thomann: 12-string guitars cases ... If you need to check dimensions, I've always found them very amenable when I 'phone with such inquiries. Hope this helps.
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    S'not really a powersoak such as those used for valve amps (hence the inverted commas...); it's just that it can be 'tamed' to not belt out 100w or whatever all the time, yet still sound... Well, whatever it sounds like. Useful, maybe, for finding a 'sound' at home, and replicating it in rehearsal without too much faff. In my day (yes, all those years ago...), our 'system' was to have the amp at full blast, but to lay the cab face down on carpet, and record that. With the Hiwatt amps we were using, it wasn't safe for one's bone structure to stay in the same room, otherwise.

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