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  1. If it’s the weight of the Twin that’s the only issue, I’d be inclined to sell both and buy a Fender Tone Master Twin. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/190603344423008--fender-tone-master-twin-reverb-amp
  2. 4 guitars and 4 basses at chez Ez. Bass is my primary instrument, so they’re the expensive axes.
  3. Not sure what you mean there as my strumming comes mostly from my wrist, so it’s all quite flicky I guess. Whatever works for you is best, but try and avoid excessive tension in the hand and arm, as this can lead to fatigue and a somewhat robotic feeling.
  4. I’m glad that helped and it sounds fine to me. I don’t think I count when I strum, but I may have back in the dim and distant past when I started, I just don’t remember. However, I probably do it unconsciously by tapping my foot or nodding my head.
  5. I haven’t watched the video but for a good reason - I’m going to suggest something and don’t want to be swayed by what you might or might not be doing. I think a great way to devise a strumming pattern is to just play a one note, one bass string rhythm pattern and then recreate that pattern as a strum.
  6. Everyone learns differently. However, if this were me, I’d be dreadfully confused by the introduction of an instrument with less strings and a different tuning so early on in my learning journey. Your experience may be different, but I’d avoid the uke.
  7. A prime example of why you should check your posts, especially regarding autocorrect, before hitting save/share. See 2nd comment (taken from FB)...
  8. Ooh, interesting. I’ll need to fire up the big machine and get the headphones on for this. Jensens used to be my go to speakers when swapping out. The Jensen, alnico blue backs in my old ‘59 Bassman reissue were lovely.
  9. Changed the course of guitar playing in a way few others have. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54443394
  10. If you lift the knob off, you’ll probably find a split shaft. Just ease it open a bit with a flat blade screwdriver and then push the knob back on.
  11. I had one of those, it was very nice. I can’t remember why I sold it now.
  12. Ooh, have you seen this? https://www.reddit.com/r/audio/comments/50l4s1/help_how_do_you_get_your_behringer_uphoria_um2_to/d9df868/
  13. Have you tried the combination input on the left, Mic/Line1?
  14. Beats me. I don’t how the Behringer works, but I’d have thought there’d be some sort of level indicator so you can set the gain. Therefore, I’d suggest that the fault lies either with the guitar, lead or interface input, but I could be way off base.
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