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  1. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    A Suhr Kilmister signature.
  2. ezbass

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    I’m a huge Tele fan, much meatier than a Strat in all the positions IMO. Every home should have one 😊.
  3. ezbass

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    Oh that’s ridiculous! 😡 But, as you say, silver lining.
  4. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    Nice Elwood too.
  5. ezbass

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    Ooh, cool! NGD in the near future.
  6. ezbass

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    That’s a nice looking superstrat. I’ve only ever played one LTD, a Viper, but it was very good as are other Korean builds I’ve played (Fender and Gretsch). I haven’t heard the STK-S4s, but the SD website says that they’re voiced to be be classic and chimey like normal single coils. https://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/classic-stack-plus-set?__uuid_ref=5c57375048fc8%3f__uuid_ref=5c5737504900e
  7. ezbass

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    Given that the Strat is the most ubiquitous guitar on the planet, only associating it with Knopfler, Marvin and Rodgers is to undermine its usage, but each to their own POV. It seems that your requirement is a double cutaway guitar with single coil pickups in the neck and middle positions, plus another s/c or splittable hb in the bridge. Ibanez and Yamaha are good starting points and both have affordable offerings in this format. However, if money were no object, a PRS 513 would cover every base.
  8. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    Now you’re talking 😱😍
  9. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    Very nice. I’ve always liked the look of these.
  10. ezbass

    On Guitar... Lenny Kaye

    Completely agree. To be honest, I thought the guitar one was going to be terrible, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  11. Watched this on the BBC last night, fully expecting it to be terrible and a re-run of the usual clips/suspects. I was pleasantly surprised that it was rather good, more a journey through modern guitar tone and effects than anything else (some technique, but not much). Worth a watch IMO.
  12. ezbass

    Fender AcoustaSonic?

    Demoed here and talked about.
  13. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    I saw a video of these earlier, they sound great IMO, but they’re not cheap.
  14. ezbass

    Guitar Magazine

    Top piece of info there, thanks!
  15. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    It’s been a quiet hereabouts, so I’m going to post my current Tele again, but this time with a term system fitted.