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  1. The RG series has such good credentials, it’d be hard to go too far wrong there (I know nothing of the Ergodynes, but probably just aesthetically different). When looking to keep cost low but quality high, I’d always be looking at a Yamaha. However, there’s nothing better than actually getting you hands on a batch to choose what plays the best (pickups can always be upgraded).
  2. There are plenty of multi fx that have amp sims, headphones and line outs. However, if you’re feeling flush Line6 Helix products seems to be very de rigueur at the moment.
  3. This thread has me visiting YouTube and reminding myself how much I like this track. And this one.
  4. Obviously not Charlie Tumahai because he died a fair while back. Robert Bryan (he played bass on Axe Victim)?
  5. ezbass

    New Tanglewood semi

    Nice, I like the understated circuitry.
  6. Probably best known for his work with the brilliant Bebop Deluxe in the 70s (Sunburst Finish is one of my top albums of all time). However, he has recorded 100s (I think that’s right) of solo albums since. His solo stuff can be quite avant-garde IIRC.
  7. ezbass

    Which guitar

    Good call. However, if you do want to spend a good amount and with the chance of wanting to change in the future, the Tele will be a potentially easier sale if you do want to try something else.
  8. Individually is the way to go, IMO. Slightly more hassle, but I think more folks will be certainly more attracted to pedals they’re after if they see them in the thread title.
  9. No, I’ve not tried them, but when I was looking into HBs (quite some ago) these are the ones whose description seemed to fit my requirements at the time. DiMarzio’s descriptions seemed to be very accurate and not just sales speil.
  10. At least you received an answer, there was just tumbleweed for me. As for recommendations, it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. I wanted to give my Tele a P90 tone, so I asked the nice chaps in NY and they came back with the Area Hot T for the bridge and Heavy Blues Vintage for the neck. I remember the SDHBs being absolute monsters that ate Gibson PAFs with ease. If I was retro fitting a humbucker fitted guitar these days, I think my start point would be the Air Nortons as I like the description of them.
  11. I’ve always liked DiMarzio, from my first SDHBs that I fitted to my Aria LP back in the ‘70s, to the Heavy Blues and Area Hot that I have fitted to my current Tele. Not only are their products top drawer, they are also the most helpful company to deal with. They answer email enquires quickly and really thoroughly (even the top guys there who deal with the likes of Satch, Vai and Johnson get involved), which is more than I can say for my experience with a well known, California based company.
  12. There are so many variables viz: porting; cab size; voicing; efficiency; etc, that it’s probably best just to use your ears. I used to use 4x10” speakers in my bass rig, then 2x12, now I use 10x5. All have been tone and weight decisions. The best sounding guitar amp/combo I ever had was a Fender ‘59 Bassman reissue, a 4x10, small, open backed enclosure (loved those Jensen Blues).
  13. Welcome aboard. It’s hard to go wrong with a Tele, so a good choice made there (for the sake of transparency, I’m a huge Tele fan and therefore biased). A lot of the guys here are also bass players who are also Basschat members so you might see a bit of crossover. Here, as there, photos of your guitar/s are always welcome/positively encouraged.
  14. ezbass

    Guitars On The Sofa

    That neck is pretty much all that’s left of my Classic Vibe ‘50s Tele (the body is now a table).
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