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  1. ezbass

    Ideal guitar

    It’s what we do, when we can, just like we do on ‘the other forum’ .
  2. And he’s in! A Trademark 60, great amp, I’ve owned 2 and I still can’t fathom why I sold them.
  3. I had to use headphones on the ‘proper’ computer and even then, it was pretty minimal. The AF95 seemed a little softer in the top end, less attack, which, for that style, floats my boat.
  4. Following an interview with Rick Beato, I've started following Mateus Asato...
  5. For when I could tell any real difference that would make me pick one over another, it was the Ibanez AF95 that I liked. Not bad for a mid priced box amongst some high flying company. Thanks for doing that.
  6. Leave it as is and let it show its battle scars and age. However, part of me wants to see the top stripped à la Mick Ronson.
  7. ezbass

    'Bout ye!

    Look at that - small world.
  8. Maybe something like the Yamaha THR5 or the Positive Grid Spark.
  9. Agreed, Cadillac Green is one of Gretsch's stand out colours. I don't normally like gold hardware, but I came very close to buying a 5420 in that livery a few years back. Fortunately (it wouldn't have been a popular purchase on the home front at the time), when I went back, it had sold.
  10. ezbass

    Ideal guitar

    https://jedistar.com/ideal/ https://reverb.com/item/1075242-ideal-hollow-body-339-electric-guitar-mij https://spinditty.com/instruments-gear/Japanese-Manufacturers-of-Made-In-Japan-Badged-Guitars-from-1950-to-1980
  11. ezbass

    Ideal guitar

    A quick internet search revealed some information. Made in he ‘70s, probably by Fujigen. There’s a 335 type Ideal on Reverb for around £150.
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