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  1. ezbass

    New Martin Guitar

    At those prices they’re going to be good guitars. I’d probably go for the one I liked the look of best, as tone and playability should be top notch.
  2. Ooh, another build thread; goodo.
  3. Most tuning issues are due to badly cut nuts and dodgy bridges. If these are spot on, then locking tuners can only make it even more stable and make string changing breeze. However, if your nut and bridge are not right, locking tuners will just seem like a waste of money. I’m a big fan of Bigsby trems and fitted a Gretsch I once had with locking tuners and a roller bridge, yes they helped, but they didn’t cure the inherent ’wayward’ nature of the Bigsby, I just learnt to work with it. Now a Fender Strat trem is a much more stable beast and you can get them to behave much better, but I would recommend doing things in a logical order, locking tuners being down the list a ways. Right then, that’s the sensible talk out of the way. You want to buy a nice, new, high spec guitar? You are amongst friends, do what makes you happy, we love a bit Gear Acquisition Syndrome, especially when it’s accompanied by photos. 😉
  4. Get a reputable luthier/tech to service and set up your current guitar. I’m pretty handy in this department but I recently had a guy at Guitar Guitar do a full service and set up on my Epiphone due to a few raised and scratched frets (beyond my abilities); what a difference! It now plays absolutely brilliantly and seems a bargain at £70 (IIRC).
  5. Welcome. Joining a forum is a pretty good way to start. Although learning all on your own, finding someone who can guide you personally (remotely is fine) will help immensely.
  6. If that had been my first guitar, I’d have been well chuffed.
  7. https://www.musicradar.com/news/mountain-guitarist-leslie-west-dies-at-75 The way he could squeeze so much tone out of a single P90 is a lesson to us all.
  8. ezbass

    NGD -1989 strat

    Love it! Those Lace Sensors are fabulous.
  9. I’m going to go with JH being a bit of a knob.
  10. All of the above please.
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