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  1. Nothing worth doing should be easy, as there would be no sense of accomplishment. Stick with it, you won’t be disappointed. Getting those callouses is a real badge of honour with other benefits outside of playing. Picking up hot drinks or plates without flinching springs to mind. Although my favourite was removing a large wasp from a school staff room; I held it gently by its wings and watched it try and repeatedly sting my fingertips to no avail. The small, angry beast was released through a window, where it flew away unharmed to the amazed faces of my colleagues.
  2. Wouldn’t that be a marvellous thing, not just for amps, but for all musical equipment. Seems too niche to be a viable business proposition though.
  3. Tube amps and parcel chuckers do not good bedfellows make. I’ve had poor experiences of various couriers, not because of handling, but because of their tendency to fake signatures and just leave the delivery out in the open. If it’s feasible, transport the amp yourself, then you can make sure it’s showed firmly and safely and not have to worry about it not actually getting there.
  4. I’m getting a feeling of deja vu 😂
  5. I knew the guys on BC would have the answer. Here’s a picture of my Aria LP from the same era, the body ‘sandwich’ is similar to your SG. Funnily enough, I fitted DiMarzio SDHBs to it too.
  6. There are a good number of Japanese guitar experts on Basschat who’ll know what that is. For my 2p worth, the Eros logo doesn’t look right, I wasn’t aware they did guitars quite that nice (I may be wrong of course) so that might be a later addition, rather like the DiMarzio stickers. Try posting your query here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/7473-vintage-mij-formerly-jpcrp-spotting/#comments
  7. ezbass

    Telecaster for jazz

    Mike Stern and Robben Ford are both jazz playing, Tele users. That’s a pretty solid endorsement in my book. I’m a Tele lover, so I’m biased, but I think it is a wonderfully versatile guitar with a design that makes pickup changing (and, therefore, tone) a breeze. Ultimately, you can play any genre on any guitar really, it’s just a matter of how you want to sound.
  8. Seems to be the most likely answer. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it and the neck looks out of context. Perhaps it was a school/college project.
  9. Decided I wanted something more traditional, with a scratchplate, etc. So I replaced the body on my Tele today. Well pleased.
  10. I tried a Blues Cub against a Fender Superchamp some years back. It was a very close run thing, but I went with the Fender because of my preference for the drive channel (IIRC). However, it was very tight and if I’m trying a guitar now and they have the Roland in stock, I’ll always use one. If the model you’re looking at has the plug in module option, it would be a no brainer for me.
  11. ezbass


    Tele for the win for me all the time. However, we the people demand photographic evidence. 😁
  12. Well that’s annoying. Maybe the loom and its switching pots are robbing it of tone.
  13. 26 views and only 1 vote. For shame GCers.
  14. Which one did you prefer? Also, that out phase position, yea or nay?
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