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  1. 2 NGDs in the space of a week, good work! Love the paint job on the T type.
  2. Possibly squeezing too hard, relax a little and don't overdo it. Little and often is better than big sessions. I see that you're using your thumb for the E string in the video and this may be a contributing factor to your discomfort. Whilst there is a place for using your thumb for big stretches and wide chord voicing, it's not normally a good habit to start with. I'd use my index finger for that note, in this instance. That'll come with practise, try slowing things down to start with.
  3. They really are, especially for an only one or two time use. However, if the nut is already cut to the right height, you could simply wrap a piece of light grit paper (1000 should be abrasive enough) around a string (best to use the adjacent, thinner string for this - for instance, the A string for the E slot) and give it a straight pull through. This should remove any snags and then you can add some graphite as Dad suggests.
  4. Given the lack of snow in some parts, this is no bad thing.
  5. Fit and finish of the HB won’t be as good as the Cort, but any playability issues can be addressed by having it set up by a guitar tech. It’ll be money well spent.
  6. For me, as a general gigging board: 'Dumble' homemade overdrive* - MXR blue box octave fuzz - Marshall ED1 compressor - TC Electronics skysurfer reverb
  7. @Musical Mystery Tour that goldtop with P90s .
  8. It's always Tele time in my book.
  9. If you're tightening the claw screws all the way so that the trem block moves towards the claw side of the cavity and the base plate is flush with the body, I'm thinking that this would potentially lower the action a fraction and make the speaking length longer, possibly requiring an intonation adjustment. Whatever you do may require a tweak to your set up.
  10. When you say enormous neck, width, depth, both? I’ve recently rediscovered classical guitars and I’m loving the super wide fretboard and spacing, who knew?
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