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  1. Might be something to do with using headphones, but you'll always have some sort of pick/finger attack, but it can be reduced. The way I achieve that really 'singing', violin tone (Eric Johnson is my go to guy for this tone), is by using a fuzz face style fuzz. With what you have, you might get closer by cranking up your distortion pedal into your already gain driven amp and then rolling the tone off at the guitar until you get where you want it to be. In short, more knob tweaking. If you place your compressor after the distortion (not the 'normal' way, I know) you might be able to set it up to add sustain without emphasising the note attack. Happy tweaking.
  2. Hmm. I’m surprised that you can’t get a decent overdriven tone through the headphones (assuming they’re headphones designed for listening to music) with that set up. Just cranking the gain on the amp should saturate your signal enough to achieve a level of overdriven smoothness, even before adding the overdrive pedal. I wouldn’t use the compressor just yet, not until you have something like the effect looking for, then you can add it to taste. Sorry, I don’t think I can help beyond that.
  3. Welcome, Frank. No problem about questions, we were all beginners once and there’s always the chance for those with more experience to pick up some new info with the answers to seemingly simple enquiries. Can you tell us what amplifier you’re using? It may be a case of you acquiring a multi FX with some amp simulations (together with other FX, inc distortion, comp and some other fun stuff).
  4. Definitely a thing and has been so for quite some time. Battery powered amps seem to be the standard modus operandi.
  5. Clear with sanded back red. Without pg to start with, you can always add one later.
  6. Be careful about talking to like minded people, we’ll make you spend money on gear so that we can experience new stuff vicariously.
  7. That’s some very tasteful relicing @ubit, nice work.
  8. I have no idea what kind of quality this is, but Behringer is always a good place to start https://www.behringer.com/behringer/product?modelCode=P0518
  9. Return it and swap for the one you actually wanted?
  10. Making individuals responsible for their own mixes is the way forward. It takes the onus away from one person, makes it quicker to soundcheck and adjust mid set and cuts down on the inevitable moaning. I can’t advise on a particular system, but that’s definitely the kind of set up I would go for.
  11. Can’t stop buying guitars, eh? I’m afraid you’ve probably come to the wrong place if you’re hoping for any help in that regard.
  12. Cool thread. Tele shaped, chambered, mahogany body with belly and forearm contours, quilted maple top, faux or normal binding. Gibson scale, set neck, 4 over 2 headstock, all maple, soft V profile, gunstock oil finish. 2 x P90s with dummy coil to cancel the hum. 4 way switching to include an out of phase setting, selector on the upper, front bout. 1 volume, 2 tones. Wilkinson convertible trem (the one that locks when not in use). Probably some sort of teal on black or turquoise finish I’m sure the either Tom Anderson or Suhr probably already offer something very similar somewhere in their product range.
  13. The Setzer Hot Rod is indeed a stripped back 6120, in a range of metallic finishes.
  14. An interesting concept but, given the general fuddyduddiness of the majority of guitar players, I can’t see it catching on with the six string wielding majority, especially as it’s eye wateringly expensive. Thanks for sharing, nonetheless.
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