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  1. I think I heard Dreamboat Annie for the first time in ‘76, to be more specific the track Magic Man. It was on the radio in Spain and both my dad and went, “Wow! Who is that?” The first Boston album would be up there too.
  2. I’m not an MAB fan, but that is some sweet sweep picking, Sir.
  3. I’ve not used that one, but it looks similar to what they use in many guitar shops.
  4. I’m sure that between Joe and Billy Gibbons, they own half the World’s guitar stock.
  5. There has been a VW interview getting some traction on Basschat (unsurprisingly), I assume it’s the same one. I should take some time to listen to it. Amongst other things, there is talk of mismatched socks apparently.
  6. Interestingly enough, I think one’s significant other is often the person who voices what we’re really thinking inside. Lady Ez, often raises an eyebrow when I get GASsy, but when it’s something worth having, she’s very supportive. When I fell in love with the tone of Rob Allen basses, I heard nothing but positive comments, although the price of a new one gave her pause (and me too if I’m honest). Fortunately, a pre owned became available and the deal was done. To this day, it’s the one bass/guitar I’m not ‘allowed’ to sell. She was also there when I bought my EJ200, which was just as well as the ‘full fat’ Gibson J200 was lovely (common sense prevailed).
  7. I admire your restraint. Yes they take batteries. My one uses the large, flat, tablet like batteries that they use in car key remotes these days, they just slot into the control panel of the preamp.
  8. I could be wrong, but I think Fishman are the market leaders in acoustic pickup technology. I’m absolutely sure a Fishman equipped EJ200 will as good, if not better, than the Shadow equivalent.
  9. Mine has the Shadow esonic system. Both Shadow and Fishman are well respected systems (Fishman are better known), I wouldn’t imagine the difference would be something you couldn’t compensate for with amp eq. TBH I rarely plug my EJ200 in, but I remember being impressed with it amplified in the shop.
  10. Complete with facial expressions I hope. I do like a bit of JW. As old as it is, the opening chords of Turn To Stone still make me want to turn up the radio.
  11. I’ll be interested to find out what you think of these when they land.
  12. As you’ve been setting up for a good while, hopefully you’ll be able to wait and ride out this, what should be, short sell off storm. You mention GC, do we assume that you’re US based?
  13. Is it good for metal? Yes, specifically death metal. 🤘
  14. I saw Segovia at the Festival Hall in the early ‘80s. He shambled onto to the stage and I prepared myself for a distinctly dodgy performance by a man well past his prime. Once seated, the years dropped away from the great man and he ripped the living 💩 out of his guitar. Needless to say, I was suitably humbled.
  15. If it were a top 5 (4 even) Steve Morse would feature in my list.
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