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  1. ezbass


    Best guitar amp I ever owned was a ‘59 Bassman reissue. Brian Setzer plays through Bassmans and he knows a thing or two about playing guitar. Solid choice IMO. Well done for posting pictures in your debut post. All of which earns you a hearty
  2. “Popping off the neck the neck was a little bit terrifying,” It was horrible watch that bit, it didn’t look like it would end well. It goes to show how solid that method of fixing necks is. I was not liking the restain at all until it was buffed up and then it looked amazing. The guy has some serious woodworking chops (pun unintended) and a seemingly endless supply of tools and workshop space. I liked that but, as warned, the backing track was awful.
  3. The very same chap. I have a few of their (Be Sharp) CDs. Best cover of Green Manalishi I've heard is on one of them. https://www.besharp.co.uk/be-sharp-live-2/
  4. I used to go and see Be Sharp a fair bit. They’re a 3 piece and the guitarist, Jerry Stevenson, uses a synth. The thing that really seemed to work well was he’d play a chord through a patch and then use a switch pedal to hold the chord. Worked really well for organ and string type emulations.
  5. Well, that works nicely.
  6. Sounds good (from your description, that is).
  7. I couldn’t tell you what brand was being played, but I could hear that some makes were a lot brighter, some were warmer/more mellow. Perhaps it was more down to the materials used, Slinkys and D’Addario EXLs are almost identical in sound to my ears, both are nickel plate jobbies. I had a penchant for bright strings once upon a time and used Dean Markley Blue Steels. With coated strings, I sometimes found them a little more muted to ordinary ones (back before my ears went to crap), which kind of makes sense I suppose; thus my original question.
  8. It really is a case of ‘nothing to see here’. Hopefully, you’ll get your pictures to post soon. Meanwhile
  9. My middle brother, Tony (really, I do have an older brother called Anthony, Tony, Tone, etc). C’mon, Dad. You know what I’m talking about, you are pulling my chain, so to speak (maybe ‘rattling my machine heads’ is a more appropriate metaphor).
  10. I was wondering about the tone. I found them to be very D’Addario like IIRC (which was a good thing for me).
  11. Did these arrive yet? What do you think?
  12. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    Something new in Tele World. There are also a number of supporting videos to this (the build).
  13. When are you expecting the new purchase to land? We expect a review of some description, now that we’re invested with vicarious GAS.
  14. Look out for this coming up on Anderton’s YT channel.
  15. I must voice my appreciation for @Richie Rich’s speed of GAS satiation, from asking for opinions to pulling the trigger in about 5 hours. We’ll played, Sir. A very worthy effort .
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