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  1. Individually is the way to go, IMO. Slightly more hassle, but I think more folks will be certainly more attracted to pedals they’re after if they see them in the thread title.
  2. No, I’ve not tried them, but when I was looking into HBs (quite some ago) these are the ones whose description seemed to fit my requirements at the time. DiMarzio’s descriptions seemed to be very accurate and not just sales speil.
  3. At least you received an answer, there was just tumbleweed for me. As for recommendations, it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. I wanted to give my Tele a P90 tone, so I asked the nice chaps in NY and they came back with the Area Hot T for the bridge and Heavy Blues Vintage for the neck. I remember the SDHBs being absolute monsters that ate Gibson PAFs with ease. If I was retro fitting a humbucker fitted guitar these days, I think my start point would be the Air Nortons as I like the description of them.
  4. I’ve always liked DiMarzio, from my first SDHBs that I fitted to my Aria LP back in the ‘70s, to the Heavy Blues and Area Hot that I have fitted to my current Tele. Not only are their products top drawer, they are also the most helpful company to deal with. They answer email enquires quickly and really thoroughly (even the top guys there who deal with the likes of Satch, Vai and Johnson get involved), which is more than I can say for my experience with a well known, California based company.
  5. There are so many variables viz: porting; cab size; voicing; efficiency; etc, that it’s probably best just to use your ears. I used to use 4x10” speakers in my bass rig, then 2x12, now I use 10x5. All have been tone and weight decisions. The best sounding guitar amp/combo I ever had was a Fender ‘59 Bassman reissue, a 4x10, small, open backed enclosure (loved those Jensen Blues).
  6. Welcome aboard. It’s hard to go wrong with a Tele, so a good choice made there (for the sake of transparency, I’m a huge Tele fan and therefore biased). A lot of the guys here are also bass players who are also Basschat members so you might see a bit of crossover. Here, as there, photos of your guitar/s are always welcome/positively encouraged.
  7. ezbass

    Guitars On The Sofa

    That neck is pretty much all that’s left of my Classic Vibe ‘50s Tele (the body is now a table).
  8. ezbass

    Guitars On The Sofa

    If I say so myself, it plays and sounds great.
  9. Your English is just fine. 240 bpm? Maybe, maybe not, I don't imagine it'll sound any good, Michael Angelo was always tuneless noodling IMO, I can't see this being any better.
  10. Not a "Who Is Your Favourite Guitarist" thread, we already have one of those. No, this should be a sharing of players who have had an influence on your playing. Of course if your influences and favourites coincide, then that's fine. As a teenager, when I started to play, I was a huge Clapton fan (funnily enough not these days) and his influence could be heard in my playing (flat bends for instance, not necessarily a good good thing). However, I've never been a shredder so back then I was attracted to players who I could emulate, step up Paul Kossoff (a Clapton devotee according to sources) and Carlos Santana. Fast forward 20 or so years and I started to take my playing a bit more seriously and took an MI course. I then discovered Carl Verheyen and this introduced a more intervalic approach to my playing (if you're not acquainted with CV, check out his Garage Sale and Slang Justice albums). I also really got into Robben Ford and his jazzy take on the blues started to creep into my playing. However, the biggest influence and change to playing came from being ask to join a band for a one off gig (it turned out to be quite a few more than that), the band was ostensibly a rockabilly band, not something I'd played before. All of a sudden I was endlessly listening to Brian Setzer (his Dirty Boogie album is rock and roll plus big band loveliness) and his major scale with jazz tones playing came home to roost in my fingers, I even ended up with a Gretsch and Fender Bassman treated with slap back echo (long since traded for a MM SUB Stingray and other bits and bobs). So there are mine, what are yours?
  11. It looks like they were introduced in 2012. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/fender-custom-shop-fat-50s-pickups.1132302/ It looks like the 2011 had ‘Hot American’ or ‘Tex Mex’ p/ups.
  12. ezbass

    Best jazz guitar?

    The go to ‘jazz’ guitar type, is the big hollowbody type guitar (L5, ES175, etc. Think Joe Pass, Lee Ritenour, Pat Metheny for example). However, for every wide bodied player, there are those who go the more slimline path (ES335s, etc. I’m thinking John Schofield here). Then you have those who go totally solid (Mike Stern with his Yamaha Tele type). It’s more what works for you and helps you play in that style. For what it’s worth, the Epi 339 (and the Casino coupe) is a great guitar that ‘looks right’ for jazz. Good luck in your search.
  13. I haven’t bought one in years, but I used to. Like most of this type of magazine, eventually they start to circle and repeat themselves. Of them all, I think I preferred Guitarist.
  14. Puns on GC too? I can’t bear it 😉.
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