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  1. ezbass

    EVH Frankenstein Frankenstrat Replica

    This might help https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/adjusting-the-slack-feel-on-floyd-rose-trem.583657/
  2. ezbass

    EVH Frankenstein Frankenstrat Replica

    $25,000 😱 I think the whammy bar is just screwed in and flops around, willy nilly. An application of PTFE tape is a common cure, or one can go down the Fender route and drop a small spring into the arm hole.
  3. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    No one else this week? OK, here’s not one, but 3 Teles (or T types at least) for you.
  4. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    As I've been going for iconic Teles the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd continue with Bruce Springsteen's, together with a link to a Rolling Stone piece on the guitar. Enjoy. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/bruce-springsteens-favorite-guitar-the-story-behind-one-of-a-kind-fender-119846/ 
  5. ezbass

    Guitars On The Sofa

    Borrowing from BC's 'Basses On The Settee' thread, I thought we should have our own. So...
  6. ezbass


    It’s Saturday, so how about a 1954 Strat being used in anger? Probably my favourite guitar player (at least today 😉).
  7. ezbass

    Guitar Medicine

    I’ve noticed that when I’m down or stressed out (not so much these days) that I don’t pick up my guitars or basses. A sure sign that things aren’t right, but also a way to back to normal just by picking one up and making some time to play.
  8. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    That’s a great photo of JS.
  9. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    OK, I'm a bit early, but I thought I'd get my addition to Tele Tuesday out now and hopefully prompt some others to jump on tomorrow. Similarly to last week, I'm adding a video of an iconic Tele (in fact 2). Enjoy...
  10. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    I thought I’d add what is probably one of the most iconic Teles in popular music (YMMV).
  11. ezbass

    NGD... almost

    Ooh, hello pretty! Is that a Chapman?
  12. ezbass

    NGD... almost

    Pics on arrival please.
  13. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    Another week passes and another Tele takes the stage. However, due to the quality of the photo, the Tele in question has to share the stage with the other 4 of Leo's greatest hits (I tried a crop but the result was way too noisy). It's a Tele Lite Ash which came with Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 pickups and is yet again another guitar I wish I hadn't moved on .
  14. ezbass


    A blast from the past with my old Strat (long since moved on) that played brilliantly and sounded spot on, especially with the DiMarzio SDS 1 I fitted in the bridge.
  15. ezbass

    Tele Tuesday

    Right, this week I thought I'd add this beauty. It's an Anderson Drop T owned by Dave Kilminster. It's very much the colour inspiration behind my own Tele build.