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  1. Yeah, I saw that in the photos, well done for making that abundantly clear both in the the above post and your photos; good on yer!
  2. Cor, that’s a blast from my past. I remembered when they first came out and were advertised in Guitar magazine (the old one that was plain paper, including the covers), my guitar teacher always had a copy you could read whilst you waited for your lesson. GLWTS.
  3. I know what you mean. I was a big Schaller strap lock fan, then I moved to Dunlop's and now I’m back with standard buttons and Grolsch rubber seals. However, I do have one guitar with a set of those rugby ball shaped buttons, they’re rather good. GLWTS.
  4. Despite adding oily lemoness to my fretted instruments, I’m not not putting on my fretless as it, I’m reliably informed by shouty types who know better than wot like I does, causes fret sprout. I’m buggered if I’m going to start the guitar equivalent of weeding.
  5. Pac Man ghosts have retrained as guitar picks following redundancy.
  6. ezbass


    That looks proper classy. Nice one.
  7. Glad it all went swimmingly.
  8. I have been a George L’s fan for decades.
  9. I do. Normally, it’s with that good old favourite, Lemon Oil. However, I have also used a small amount of wax on one particular guitar where Lemon Oil seemed to be stripping the stain (it wasn’t an expensive guitar). Did the trick, no harm done and no complaints from the luthier when it went in for a fret level.
  10. Some sort of phase cancellation going on with the mixed position perhaps? Very Peter Green.
  11. I’ve always liked the brief intro one of Crosby, Stills, Nash gave at Woodstock, “This is our first gig, we’re scared shïtless!”
  12. https://www.davapick.com/picks
  13. What’s going on? Some folk have no rhythm. Watching people on things like Jools’ Later clapping out of time is good sport, they know that they’re wrong because of the occasional hesitance, like the person in that video. When I worked in a primary school, listening to the children clap along to tunes was like listening to a bucket of fish being tipped down a flight of stairs.
  14. The appearance of a totally out of time knee and hand in the left of the shot about a minute in suddenly grabbed my attention. All the players tapping away together like good’uns and there’s someone who is plainly ‘dancing’ to the beat of a different drummer.
  15. You’ll be fine as soon as you play the first note/chord/whatever.
  16. If you like that, and haven’t already, check out Storyville’s A Piece Of Your Soul album. Here’s the title track...
  17. One of those control pick type things, thin at one end, thicker at the other. Or just DIY one with a nail file or similar.
  18. Den of Virtue. Hmm, sounds dull, but I’d give it a go.
  19. From another ‘north of the border’ denizen.
  20. Thread resurrection time. I’ve been following Chris Buck with his Friday Fretworks videos for a while now. However, this week, instead of his usual piece to camera about something guitar related (always fun - YMMV) he released a video of his new band, Cardinal Black. This ticks many of my musical boxes, not least in that it’s reminiscent of Storyville.
  21. The ‘For Dummies’ books always seem very helpful. I don’t have the guitar one, but the bass one is rather good and I would imagine a very similar approach for the guitar version. I remember David Meads from Guitarist magazine, he was always good. In fact all of their technique tutors were on point. I particularly used to like Adrian Clarke.
  22. C’mon, you know the rules, photos or it didn’t happen.
  23. Yeah, sorry about that, I tend to get carried away. Feel free to ask for clarification on anything I said and I’ll try and remember what it’s like to be starting out and curb my enthusiasm. Definitely get down to PMS, it’ll all make more sense once you’ve had your hands on a bunch.
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