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  1. I don’t know about the Jags, but from what I’ve heard online, the Vintera Tele modified is pretty much the old player series, Baja Tele, renamed.
  2. Cheaper than buying the Gibson version. Keep us posted on the outcome.
  3. A pickup replacement/upgrade is always worth it IMO, it’s the one biggest change you can make. I’ve done this many times and only once did I not notice an appreciable difference (a PRS SE Singlecut). If you like the way the 339 plays, I say go for it.
  4. Yep, although technically a Casino Coupé.
  5. Here's the thing, I have massive Gretsch GAS, but I don't play guitar in any bands (at the moment), therefore, I can't justify spending large wads of money on unnecessary musical instruments. Colour me sad . However, as an inveterate guitar tinkerer, there's always a compromise to be had and, in this instance, a Bigsby to be fitted! Colour me pleased .
  6. There is just something about an ash Tele that makes me go, “Ooh!”
  7. ezbass

    Gretsch GAS. GAH!!!

    Fortunately, on my return to GG to purchase a pedal, the above, bling-tastic guitar was gone. However, I’m now considering the slightly more subdued and somewhat cheaper...
  8. ezbass

    Battery Drain

    You’re welcome. Let us know the outcome.
  9. ezbass

    Battery Drain

    Sounds like it might be a faulty jack socket not recognising that the lead has been removed.
  10. I foolishly tried one of these today in GuitarGuitar. For the money, they're brilliant. I tried it alongside a Setzer signature and it wasn't a million miles away from being as good. Damn, it was only the mega bucks for a Setzer that was stopping me having Gretsch GAS in the first place!
  11. In answer to your question, YouTube is often your friend here, given that a picture paints a 1000 words, etc. Here’s a link to one, I’m not saying it’s the best, it’s just seems short and to the point, but you could also check out Gibson’s own LP set up measurements, there’s bound to be a set up guide on their website.
  12. You’re fine, these things are held on/down by string tension, next time you change strings, do them one at a time. I would point out, however, that the height of the stop tail should be low enough to create a decent break angle behind the tune-a-matic bridge, in the same way the headstock creates a break angle behind the nut.
  13. This thread had me playing my Tele again yesterday (it had been residing in a gig bag and not easily picked up for a quick noodle) man alive that neck pickup is an aural thing of beauty! Shame about the monkey playing it 😂.
  14. My rebuilt Tele. It was originally a Squier CV '50s, but then it evolved. The neck is original, but I changed the body for a contoured, ash body. I added DiMarzio pickups (a heavy blues Strat neck pickup and an Area Hot T in the bridge, painted to match) and a chromed brass bridge. I have also fitted a Stesbar tremolo, but I swapped back to the hardtail recently. The body was coloured with water colour paint and then Danish oil and waxed, I then added a faux binding courtesy of Humbro model paint. It sounds great, very P90 like. Here it is in both trem and hardtail guises.
  15. Just wanted to share a little discovery I made. I've been playing my Epi EJ200 a fair bit lately, but I found that the Elixirs that I had on there were making my fingers tired and any string bending (especially the G) was a Herculean task. Therefore, I did a bit of research and discovered Optima Vintageflex, low, equal tension strings. I just fitted a set of 11-47s and they're great, easy on the fingers and easy to bend with just 19lbs (ish) on every string. There was a problem, however. You can buy these from Germany or the Netherlands, but both retailers want to send them via Fedex at a cost more than the strings themselves! I contacted Optima and they replied saying the UK distributor would be in touch, that was two weeks ago and so far, nothing. In the meantime, I ordered a set from Strings By Mail in the US for $20.73 including carriage, as opposed to €25.99 from Europe. This means that a set of strings that were manufactured in Germany, sent to the US and then sent to the UK are cheaper than a set which just went 'up the road' to a European retailer and thence to the UK. Madness! Anyway, if you've been struggling with acoustic guitar string tension, give them a go.
  16. I’m a big fan of Tokai and have owned at least 3 of their guitars in the past (2 of which were LPs IIRC). However, Epi make a nice guitar for the money too.
  17. The RG series has such good credentials, it’d be hard to go too far wrong there (I know nothing of the Ergodynes, but probably just aesthetically different). When looking to keep cost low but quality high, I’d always be looking at a Yamaha. However, there’s nothing better than actually getting you hands on a batch to choose what plays the best (pickups can always be upgraded).
  18. There are plenty of multi fx that have amp sims, headphones and line outs. However, if you’re feeling flush Line6 Helix products seems to be very de rigueur at the moment.
  19. This thread has me visiting YouTube and reminding myself how much I like this track. And this one.
  20. Obviously not Charlie Tumahai because he died a fair while back. Robert Bryan (he played bass on Axe Victim)?
  21. ezbass

    New Tanglewood semi

    Nice, I like the understated circuitry.
  22. Probably best known for his work with the brilliant Bebop Deluxe in the 70s (Sunburst Finish is one of my top albums of all time). However, he has recorded 100s (I think that’s right) of solo albums since. His solo stuff can be quite avant-garde IIRC.
  23. ezbass

    Which guitar

    Good call. However, if you do want to spend a good amount and with the chance of wanting to change in the future, the Tele will be a potentially easier sale if you do want to try something else.
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