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  1. That’s some very tasteful relicing @ubit, nice work.
  2. I have no idea what kind of quality this is, but Behringer is always a good place to start https://www.behringer.com/behringer/product?modelCode=P0518
  3. Return it and swap for the one you actually wanted?
  4. Making individuals responsible for their own mixes is the way forward. It takes the onus away from one person, makes it quicker to soundcheck and adjust mid set and cuts down on the inevitable moaning. I can’t advise on a particular system, but that’s definitely the kind of set up I would go for.
  5. Can’t stop buying guitars, eh? I’m afraid you’ve probably come to the wrong place if you’re hoping for any help in that regard.
  6. Cool thread. Tele shaped, chambered, mahogany body with belly and forearm contours, quilted maple top, faux or normal binding. Gibson scale, set neck, 4 over 2 headstock, all maple, soft V profile, gunstock oil finish. 2 x P90s with dummy coil to cancel the hum. 4 way switching to include an out of phase setting, selector on the upper, front bout. 1 volume, 2 tones. Wilkinson convertible trem (the one that locks when not in use). Probably some sort of teal on black or turquoise finish I’m sure the either Tom Anderson or Suhr probably already offer something very similar somewhere in their product range.
  7. The Setzer Hot Rod is indeed a stripped back 6120, in a range of metallic finishes.
  8. An interesting concept but, given the general fuddyduddiness of the majority of guitar players, I can’t see it catching on with the six string wielding majority, especially as it’s eye wateringly expensive. Thanks for sharing, nonetheless.
  9. Do you mean an SG200 (I think the GS200 is one of their motorbikes)? I can’t help you, but there folk here who certainly can. They’ll be along in due course I would imagine.
  10. This ^^^^ There really is no substitute for actually trying them out, preferably side by side, but that’s not always possible. Try as many as you can, but be open to anything that might catch your eye too.
  11. I am reminded of Johnny Cash’s song, One Piece At A Time, I just need to get a job in the Gretsch factory.
  12. I think I found my true guitar voice on a the Gretsch Streamliner I once owned. It had been retro fitted with FilterTrons before I bought it. I subsequently fitted a roller saddle bridge and locking Sperzels. It made me play differently and, ultimately, made me a better player because of it. A proper 6120 is still my ultimate guitar, preferably the Setzer Signature with the dice knobs (in green if possible). However, I’d settle for a Setzer Hot Rod.
  13. Yikes! I can’t imagine that would have ever worked out. Not just stylistically either, IIRC, MS was somewhat flakey back then* with his disappearing act. *He may still be.
  14. That's all one ever really needs (I would say wants, but there are those of us who are easily led and have GAS. By those, I mean me).
  15. In Gerry McEvoy’s “Riding Shotgun” he makes a case for Rory possibly coming up with the Start It Up riff. Whilst I find this unlikely (it’s a decidedly 5 string, open G riff - Keef’s speciality) it’s an interesting insight in to how close Rory was with the Stones in those sessions.
  16. I’m guessing that the OP signed up to get some advice, found what they were looking for and moved on
  17. It’s the raison d’être of Gogglebox, a program I find somewhat pointless, but other folk seem to like it.
  18. I consider Vintage a step up from the brands I mentioned and even from the lower end Squiers. The Vintage LPs I’ve heard have been great and their owners gush about the playability (I’ve certainly been tempted by their Goldtops, on more than one occasion). Their basses are properly good too They certainly are a ‘sleeper’ brand. Where was this kind of choice in the early - mid ‘70s?
  19. With the price of MIM Fenders, they should be considered serious, some of them are over a grand now! I’m not sure how or when that happened, I must’ve nodded off and missed something. It’s the quality of the likes of Revelation, SX and Harley Benton* that is impressive today. I don’t know what their cost would be in real terms compared to the ‘70s and ‘80s, but they’re certainly cheap now and punch above they’re price point. *Other cheap brands are also available
  20. Oh yeah, you know the rules...
  21. Get some Filter'Trons (or clones thereof) and you're laughing.
  22. I read that as you’d bought a Perspex Strat neck, which sounds really cool, albeit heavy.
  23. Jim Dandy, there’s a name I haven’t heard in decades. I vaguely remember Black Oak Arkansas being on the OGWT.
  24. I mentioned this in another thread, but it’s probably just as appropriate, if not more so, here. I stumbled across Mike Adam’s channel some time back and, despite his presentation style being somewhat ‘full on’, I’ve subscribed to his channel. He’s an offset guitar aficionado and tech, who is very much into his indie bands. If you’re interested in Jazzmasters and Jaguars and their, let’s call them, foibles, this is the place for you. https://youtube.com/c/Puisheen
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