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  1. This is now in the classifieds 👍🏻
  2. Here we have my mystery Perspex Strat that I’ve owned since the mid 90’s! It is unbranded, with the only markings being “made in Japan” on the neck plate, and “special made” on the very top of the headstock. My research so far leads me to believe it is either a Clearsound or a Bellwood, both of which are sought after collectors pieces. The neck is a beautiful flamed maple with walnut skunk stripe, and is incredibly shallow from the fretboard face to the skunk stripe. I’m no guitarist, but I’m told it’s beautiful to play. There is a string tree missing, and the frets have been flattened over the years. The guitar came to me with just the bridge pickup, no controls or scratch-plate. The body had some work done to it unfortunately (before my custodianship) - looks like it was routed to take a different tremolo unit (though it appears the original is there now). It’s also had a non-original scratch-plate fitted (that was 16yr old me - stupid boy!) so has another set of holes drilled. There’s a Kent Armstrong SVT-1R in the middle position, and another Kent Armstrong of some sort in the neck position (can’t check it without taking it all apart). It’s a heavy beast - 4.5kg. Comes with a nice velvet lined hard case. It’ll be well packed, and sent by courier, fully insured. If you think I’m not quite right on pricing, I’m happy to entertain offers 👍🏻
  3. Just thinking about the holes I drilled at age 16 for the new scratchplate- would it be worth trying to fill the unused ones with epoxy? Is it possible to make an invisible repair?
  4. Excellent spot, sir! Same internals (albeit unmolested routes). Looks like the round switch cover has the same hole locations. The hard case looks the same as mine too. Awesome stuff!
  5. I originally wanted to be a drummer when I was a kid, but someone gave me a bass instead!
  6. Ola peeps. I normally skulk around on the Basschat site, so new to this bit. I was given a Perspex bodied strat in the mid 90’s. It was in a sorry state, and my teenage repair skills certainly didn’t help much (scratch plate fitting evidenced below). I have been thinking about swapping the body for a standard wood one, but maybe I should just sell this one and buy another more suitable guitar. Trouble is, I have no idea how much it’s worth. I’ve got as far as It’s Japanese, and weighs quite a lot (4.5kgs) Any value ideas, anyone? @Bassassin ? I have a sales subscription, so it’ll end up on here no doubt.
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