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  1. Plan to treat myself in the autumn to a new guitar had picked out an epiphone ej200 but getting my head turned by others. Anyone have any knowledge of the guitars linked below. I would like a good all round acoustic electric guitar, and any recommendations the Taylor is top end of the price I want to spend. Tanglewood how are they rated? https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/200129354941008--epiphone-ej200sce-vintage-sunburst-fishman https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/190618345094008--taylor-110ce-mn
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    Little introduction from me, late starter to guitar. Been playing just a couple of years still learning still enjoying it. It started when I purchased a classical guitar from lidl supermarket yes thats right lidl, wasn't a very good guitar went back 3 days later but that was enough to reel me in. Replaced the lidl special with a epiphone pro1 ultra acoustic and also a squire fender 70s vibe strat. Since I started my guitar journey my music tastes have expanded into music I'd never have listened too, but I now try to play too. I will keep on playing now, I can't see myself ever stopping. I like anything really soul/funk, Indy, Rock anything that appeals I'll have a nose round see what's what Regards Variable
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