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  1. Chiliwailer

    Fender Crayolacaster and Cardboardcaster

    Now that’s something I’d love to see... (hear?!)
  2. Chiliwailer

    HSS and SSS wiring

    Good stuff...I’ve just noticed that in my haste I posted an over complicated version! All the best with it
  3. Chiliwailer

    Fender Crayolacaster and Cardboardcaster

    Love it when people get creative.... Any others out there?
  4. Chiliwailer

    HSS and SSS wiring

    Hey, sorry for the late reply, haven’t logged on in a long time. Typically we have 250k for single coil and 500k for h/b. Do it the other way around and the singles become harsh and the h/b becomes muddy, Some folks use 500k volume pots on a HSS but then use 500k or 470k resistors which are wired to kick in when the single coils are selected, this makes them more like 250k pot which is really what you’d want for single coils. See the photo below... Regarding caps, it’s 100% personal preference IMO, depending on how muddy, middy or clear you want it when you turn the tone down.
  5. Chiliwailer

    Pickups for a strat

    Love the CAR and maple combo. I might need a cheap elcectric soon and I have my eye on a used one just like that which is local to me. Might be worth posting a WTB on The Fretboard for the TS pups.
  6. Chiliwailer

    7 pin strat switch wiring?

    I very much doubt there’d be a noticeable, if any, tone difference - just an easier life for you!
  7. Chiliwailer

    So the Yamaha Pacifica

    Well if it’s good enough for Ronnie Wood to test out his dremel drill skills on, with a portrait of Hendrix...
  8. Chiliwailer

    7 pin strat switch wiring?

    Looks like YKE, not the dodgy one I was thinking of. Perhaps...
  9. Chiliwailer


    My old trusty 77 Tele, much missed. Seen with my old 1956 and 1957 Champ amps.
  10. Chiliwailer

    7 pin strat switch wiring?

    I’d be inclined to start from scratch like this
  11. Chiliwailer

    Acoustic Porn

    Sure is
  12. Chiliwailer

    Acoustic Porn

    Not as much as we’d think, it’s had a bridge and tuner change and many repairs. The 30’s ones with metal strings and X bracing are the ones that demand serious coin.
  13. Chiliwailer

    Acoustic Porn

    Soft, sweet and magic. Has Brazilian rosewood back and sides so is very warm and mellow, not at all ‘boxy’ like many parlours can be. It has nylon strings and I tune it to E flat as it needs some tlc one day, but plays great Had it 11 or 12 years, it’s a real keeper.
  14. Chiliwailer

    Acoustic Porn

    Get some wood. Kicking off with a Martin from circa 1870, with original hard case, but a dodgy newer bridge...