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  1. USA Gibson SG Special, made in 2004, good condition for the age, it’s been looked after and is all original. Sorry, no case or bag. Collection from Harrow. Please contact me via Basschat if you’re interested https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/30715-chiliwailer/ Cheers
  2. £200 Squier Standard Telecaster made in 2006, Candy Apple Red. Lots of upgrades, set up very well and plays/sounds great. Upgrades - Fender Vintage Noiseless neck pickup. Beautifully clean and yet nice and warm. - DiMarzio Pre B1 bridge pickup. Like a warm pre CBS pickup, takes away the usual high Tele zing in the bridge position yet still bites. This is far nicer than the Vintage Noiseless bridge pickup which sounded harsh and sterile. - USA pots and orange drop 0.01 capacitor. The pots give you the best of the pickups and the 0.01 cap means that you can use the tone to make the guitar warm, not muddy. - new jack which takes right angled leads (Switchcraft?). - proper Tele knobs. The original parts are also included, apart from the jack and strap buttons which are for a Schaller locking systems. Comes with a well padded gig bag (bass size). Collection from Harrow HA1 4UW
  3. Now £70 Home use only, great condition. Large board measuring 24” x 16”. Link to my Basschat feedback https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/216739-feeback-for-chiliwailer/?tab=comments#comment-2593093
  4. Amazing compressor, which also sounds awesome on bass. The LEDS are very helpful and keep you on track if comp isn’t your usual thing. Reviewed in the link below. http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/empress.shtml Great condition, works perfectly. Has Velcro on rear. Lomk to my Basschat feedback https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/216739-feeback-for-chiliwailer/?tab=comments#comment-2593093
  5. Loads of fun for £25, entry level multi fx unit with amp simulations and built in drums and loop option. Great condition, works perfectly. Takes batteries, which have a good shelf life, or can be used with a 9v PSU. I also have a Boss PSA-240 I can sell with it for £10. I’ve got tons of feedback on Basschat. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/216739-feeback-for-chiliwailer/?tab=comments#comment-2593093 Cheers.
  6. Now that’s something I’d love to see... (hear?!)
  7. Good stuff...I’ve just noticed that in my haste I posted an over complicated version! All the best with it
  8. Love it when people get creative.... Any others out there?
  9. Hey, sorry for the late reply, haven’t logged on in a long time. Typically we have 250k for single coil and 500k for h/b. Do it the other way around and the singles become harsh and the h/b becomes muddy, Some folks use 500k volume pots on a HSS but then use 500k or 470k resistors which are wired to kick in when the single coils are selected, this makes them more like 250k pot which is really what you’d want for single coils. See the photo below... Regarding caps, it’s 100% personal preference IMO, depending on how muddy, middy or clear you want it when you turn the tone down.
  10. Love the CAR and maple combo. I might need a cheap elcectric soon and I have my eye on a used one just like that which is local to me. Might be worth posting a WTB on The Fretboard for the TS pups.
  11. I very much doubt there’d be a noticeable, if any, tone difference - just an easier life for you!
  12. Well if it’s good enough for Ronnie Wood to test out his dremel drill skills on, with a portrait of Hendrix...
  13. Looks like YKE, not the dodgy one I was thinking of. Perhaps...
  14. Chiliwailer


    My old trusty 77 Tele, much missed. Seen with my old 1956 and 1957 Champ amps.
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