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  1. The good thing is that they’re incredible value used. (scuttles off to BC marketplace)
  2. Welcome W-H. I think guitar through a bass amp used to be relatively common (the Fender Bassman being a case in point). I do like those Ampeg Portaflex amps - I’m tempted to try one for myself
  3. I found some of Beato’s stuff interesting but then he started getting all self-referential and the videos were more about his experiences as a YouTuber, copyright strikes and his dealings with other Tubers and less about the music. I’ve recently noticed a trend for “reactions” videos where someone is filmed reacting to their (supposed) first hearing of a classic track such as “Close To The Edge” or similar. I’m sure these have been going for ages but they’ve just started appearing in my suggestions. My initial reaction is “why?”. Why would I want to watch a person I don’t know listen to a piece of music that I do know and why would I care about their reaction? I’m sure these things bring joy and happiness to many so good luck to them.
  4. I bought this last year as it had the number of inputs I wanted along with USB 3.0 connectivity. If I’m honest, I wish I’d bought a Focusrite Instead. Good things; 4 combi XLR inputs on the front panel USB 3.0 connection USB or external power Reasonable sound quality (see below) Not So Good Things Input levels are very low, especially on Mics meaning that you have to raise the gain levels to nearly max which brings up the noise floor. I’m now using mine with an external DI to boost signals to line levels before they hit the UR44C. The firmware upgrade process is hit and miss with the real possibility that you trash the thing if it fails Similarly, driver updates are also a bit of a lottery. Connection to my Mac is inconsistent. Mostly works but throws the occasional strop. The unit can work correctly but still not be recognised by the basically useless supplied software. No power switch. I use an external PSU and have to switch the unit off at the wall. Only a minor point but it’s an inconvenience and would be sorted by an On-Off button. All in all, this has been a real disappointment. I dare say some of the issues are more to do with the latest version of the Mac OS but I cannot forgive the poor quality of the Mic inputs. I’ve managed to get some reasonable recordings but every time I power up the computer I’m wondering if the Interface is working today or whether I’ll have to fix that before I can start to do any work.
  5. I just opened guitarchat.co.uk on my mobile and the menu option has disappeared from the home page so one can’t open it to Sign In. Fortuunately, the Sign In button under the picture of the caravan is still present and works so I could sign in that way. (Also, the menu is present on the BC Home Screen but when I select Sign In, it hangs. Maybe related? Maybe just me. You could have just messaged me and told me to stay away….)
  6. Only if I really stretch
  7. I’ve ordered a set of elixirs and we’ll see how they go.
  8. Which ones? There seem to be quite a few different ones…
  9. Any recommendations for long-lasting (electric) strings? Its to use with my guitar synth so I’m not too worried about their tone, more interested in feel and longevity
  10. This looks interesting. Not sure I’d pay £2k though. My GR55 has a decent nylon guitar patch so I’ll stick with that
  11. A friend had the Variax briefly and got rid because the build quality was terrible. This may not be true of all of them but worth bearing in mind.
  12. “Just” an SE but one of the best put together guitars I’ve seen. When I bought it they had a couple of S2s in which I also tried and they really weren’t all that special. Lovely looking things but not noticeably better than the SE.
  13. What Ez said… The more I play it, the more I fall in love with that neck. I have another PRS (the Hollowbody) which has a regular rosewood fingerboard and a slightly different scale length and that’s also very nice but the roasted maple on the 24 is just fantastic. I don’t know if all Custom 24s are the same or if it’s a characteristic of the roasted maple, but whatever it is, it’s lovely. Just a shame about the puke-bowl colour but even that’s growing on me
  14. That’s a kind offer but my GAS is satisfied for the moment (we’ll, I’m after a new synth but guitar-wise I’m sorted). The bilious green Custom 24 is a keeper and I no longer need a Mira
  15. Skinnyman


    I had a Faith for years and I agree, they’re amazingly good guitars - even more so at that price point. That looks very nice - is it really as compact as the pictures suggest?
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