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  1. Skinnyman

    Acoustic Advice

    I had a Faith which I liked a lot, I have a Takamine which is excellent and I’ve always fancied a Breedlove because they look nice 😁
  2. Hi Alby An interesting journey, thanks for sharing. I had a Nighthawk for a while and really liked it. In fact, I’m now wondering why on Earth I sold it....
  3. Skinnyman


    I think, for most of us, it’s the latter. Perhaps if you’re playing an intimate gig with an unamplified acoustic but as soon as you add in effects, amps, cabs, room acoustics, a mad drummer and a screaming vocalist and the subtleties of tone wood start to disappear. I think I prefer the feel of an unglossed rosewood fretboard - all the maple ones I’ve played have had a high gloss finish on and been really hard under the fingers. Probably my imagination but RW seems to have have just a little “give” which I like.
  4. I think we need a bit more data to try and diagnose. I’m guessing that those DiMarzio pickups are pretty hot so the extra input gain might be why this guitar is exposing the issue rather than your others? So it would be good to try and pin down the issue to either the amp or the guitar. Can you try a different amp? Try a similar guitar into the Katana? How does this noise manifest itself? Is it constant or does it sometimes sound more noticeable than others? If you can try altering things to see what effect it has on the noise it might be possible to narrow it down to either the guitar or the amp. Does this happen at all frequencies or just with particular notes? Does it only happen at specific places on the neck? With both pickups or just one? What happens if you roll the guitar volume back a bit? Or the guitar tone? What if you roll the amp tone back? Switch effects in and out? If your amp had tubes I’d be suspecting one of those starting to go microphonic but while Boss’s tube emulation might be good I doubt they’ve gone to the trouble of emulating a knackered tube. 😁. So this could be a resonance thing that’s exacerbated by the high gain of the PAFs. Or something else entirely. So - can you give us a bit more to go on? Even record it and post a clip here? And if you do sort it, let us know how it got resolved!
  5. Skinnyman


    Couldn’t agree more. I don’t mind it so much on my acoustic but I much prefer unbound necks on my electrics. And rosewood* rather than maple. * or whatever the modern, sustainable version of rosewood is
  6. I’m very much a believer in the “getting bored, must buy something new” approach to maintaining motivation but I’ve also found that having a “project” helps. Whether its composing and recording your own music, recording a cover of someone else’s, learning a new technique or a new style of music... it doesn’t really matter what it is, just pick something that’s out of the comfort zone and give it a go. In my case I’ve used lockdown to work on areas of my playing that are weak (which, to be honest, was most of them. I do a decent palm mute but beyond that it all needs work) and I’ve set about trawling the hours of material on YouTube to improve my production techniques, especially the dark art of mixing. And I think your approach is a good one - in these constrained times a forum is a good place to bounce ideas off others and try to get some inspiration. So welcome and good luck!
  7. Hi Tim and welcome. I enjoyed the two tracks, thanks for posting. Are they recent? I’m guessing that’s not Oklahoma in the videos? 😁
  8. In fairness, I think you can get “nail strengthener” which may save any embarrassment. Although a nice pillar box red does go well against a sunburst finish and a tort ‘guard 😁
  9. I’ll echo what Matt has said. If you’re not sure if you’re a lefty or a righty then it’s probably worth going used and cheap for your first guitar (and to give yourself the widest choice later down the line, go right-handed if you can!). Yamaha Pacifica, Vintage, Squier, Epiphone, LTD - there are lots of good makes around at decent prices. If you spot something you fancy, feel free to post on here for a second opinion. I also write left-handed but I do everything else right-handed so maybe a more telling assessment is; which hand do you catch or throw a ball with? Which way would you swing a golf club or cricket bat? At the risk of getting personal, which is your “wiping hand”? 😁 You may be truly ambidextrous - but those questions will probably tell you which is your dominant side. And I’ll second the choice of a Zoom multi-fx unit with headphone output. Or you could look at a small practice amp with a headphone output - that allows you the option of “rocking out” on the rare occasion you’ve got the house to yourself. I use a small Fender Mustang amp which has a bunch of effects built in and almost always use it with headphones. There’s a lot of choices out there so, again, if you find something you like the look of, feel free to solicit advice on here. There’s generally no shortage of opinion 😁 Good luck with the search and setting out on the journey! I started learning in my fifties and it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.
  10. I’m sure that others will chip in with suggestions that he sit with his nails in a saucer of vinegar or paint them with clear nail polish or similar. Ive always just filed mine short on both hands and use the pads of my fingers rather than the nails. Almost certainly a poor technique that’s frowned upon but it works for me.
  11. Just had a look at the Coda website and the price has rocketed up since I got mine. The one listed has humbuckers and a trem bridge but is still way over a grand more than I paid for mine. Interesting to see that fender have embraced the P90 - I might have to try one when I’m next allowed in a music shop.
  12. Skinnyman

    K Line Guitars

    About eight years ago I spotted this in my local music shop. A “closet classic” K-Line San Bernardino in Lake Placid Blue. Originally it had K-Line’s own P90s but I found them incredibly noisy so I swapped them out for a set of Kinman noise-free P90-a-likes instead. Mine must have been one of the first K-Lines in the country (the shop owner brought it in as a one-off after seeing Chris Kroenlein’s stand at a trade show in the USA). Shortly afterwards, Coda Music in Stevenage became the UK importer. I must admit, I’m not a fan of artificial ageing and, being me and always tinkering, I might swap out the P90’s for a set of humbuckers but I really like this guitar. The body shape is really comfortable (I need the belly cut these days) but mostly, I love the neck on it. It’s got quite a narrow radius to it compared to my PRS and Tele and it’s just so easy to play. The observant may notice that I’ve fitted my Roland MIDI pickup to it - largely because it’s a direct fit to the bridge posts so I could attach it without the sticky pads or screws I’d have needed for anything else. I don’t see of hear much about K-Lines in the UK but they deserve more attention.
  13. Welcome! And no need to be ashamed of anything - a good friend of mine learnt using Rocksmith (I think it was an earlier incarnation under a different name....guitarbot? Or maybe a different thing entirely but the same concept). As a way of getting familiar with what actual sounds are where on the fretboard, picking technique, etc, I think it’s brilliant. What you now have is a really strong foundation on which to build - but the bottom line is, you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve and, presumably, got some enjoyment and satisfaction from doing so. That’s got to be something to celebrate.
  14. After years of using multi-fx units, I’ve moved to a pedal board; A Strymon Ojai power supply (very impressed with that), EHX Soul Food drive pedal, Boss OS2 overdrive/distortion, Boss DD2 delay, EHX Oceans 11 reverb and a Boss RC2 looper. Seen in proper context here with the EHX wah pedal and a Zoom A1 Four acoustic multi-fx. I plug the piezo pickup of my PRS into the Zoom and set it to emulate a Martin D28 (and any other effects I want on the acoustic side) while the magnetic pickups go into the pedal board. Great fun 😁
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