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  1. It could be phasing and worth checking (how would you check this?) I’d certainly make the company aware but there’s a good chance that the speakers need to be broken in. It’s a while since @BasalGangliaposted this - I wonder how he got on?
  2. I checked all of the contacts before I did anything and they were all in place. It’s very much like my Rick basses which also needed shielding.
  3. My Les Paul Trad has always had a low-level electrical hum - the sort that stops when you touch the strings. I’ve had some time on my hands recently and started playing it a lot more and now the hum has started to really wind me up. So I’ve just spent a happy morning shielding the control cavity with copper tape and - like magic - the hum has now gone! Happy day! Im now wondering if this might work on the irritating noise coming from Mrs S*...... *Just kidding, obvs. The next 12 weeks will fly past in the wink of an eye 😁
  4. That is a great idea. Thanks for the notes - I’m off to learn this!
  5. I have no excuses any more so I figure I have to use this enforced leisure time to improve my guitar playing. I’ve always struggled playing with a pick (I have a mild essential tremor) and that has limited my ability to solo (I end up playing finger-style like a bass) so now is the time for me to put in the hours and find a better method that overcomes the tremor but allows me to get some speed and fluidity into my playing. In addition to the usual scales and arpeggios, I’m also learning this; What’s on your “must learn” list to keep you busy through the lockdown?
  6. For online stuff I’m liking the Justin Guitar course which has stuff for all levels and ability. I’m in a similar position to you in that I practise quite a bit, make a step forward and then plateau. My next step will be to go and get lessons again from a real tutor. The online courses are okay but I think I need to be challenged by another person. I’m also toying with the idea of trying to get into a band doing some rhythm guitar stuff. My bass playing moved on dramatically when I joined a band as bassist as I had to learn songs I wouldn’t otherwise have looked at. I figure that if I can get into a band (or even just a jam partner) my guitar playing should improve in the same sort of way. Or maybe not but I won’t find out if I don’t try!
  7. Skinnyman

    Hi Guys

    Hi Human Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - thi gs take a while to happen over here at the moment! Have you shared anything as yet?
  8. Skinnyman


    Hi Joe And welcome. It's still a little quiet here so apologies for the delay in welcoming you! Hopefully things will pick up as more people join 😁
  9. Excellent - and how are the fingers? Still sore or calloused nicely?
  10. I'd try it first and see. I went from 10s to 9s but also changed makes and the tension must have stayed about the same as there was no need to alter the neck relief.
  11. I kind of wanted it to be the Vintage (we do like an "underdog", us Brits) but the Gibbo just edged it for me. Whether the very minor difference is worth the difference in price is another question entirely. If I was looking for a Les Paul (which I'm not because I'm actually trying to sell one - shameless plug alert!) then i would seriously look at the Vintage. Their basses get a lot of love so well worth a look IMHO
  12. Probably but I'd be worried about a) latency and b) getting any sort of reasonable volume. I tried this with a Steinberg bass/Line6 guitar input/iPad/Garage Band and a Sony Bluetooth speaker. It worked but there was a noticeable delay between hitting a string and hearing the sound from the speaker. It also sounded fine at low volume but couldn't handle being turned up. YMMV of course but there are plenty of small, portable guitar amps on the market and I'd be tempted to go try one of those out first....
  13. Try this link https://www.jazzyacousticguitar.com/wide-neck-acoustic-guitars/ I've heard very good things about Seagull but they may not be classed as "cheapish". Washburn do some nice entry level guitars and maybe easier to find and try out.
  14. I'm afraid not - if you'd been close to Peterborough I'd recommend Jon Haire. But you're not, so i won't! If you have a Basschat membership and haven't already done so, it may also be worth posting on there as there's still a lot more traffic and I'm willing to bet that a good bass tech will also be a good guitar tech 😀 There's plenty of BC members in the Manchester area (Teebs for one) and I'm sure someone will know of a good guitar tech. Apologies if you've already thought of/done the above - Good luck with the hunt
  15. It's not the hardest song in the world so it definitely doesn't show off your guitar virtuoso skills. And i think the strength of the original is in the whole arrangement - replicating that in a solo performance might be hard. That said, if this is a musical performance course and not specifically a guitar course, you don't need to show that you're a guitar hero, you need to demonstrate that you can, er, perform. So is this song a good vehicle for you to do that? Personally, I'm not sure - there's not much in the way of dynamics going on, the words are sung in a very "stream-of-consciousness" way and I think it would be hard to do a straight copy of the RHCP version as a solo performance but also hard to do your own arrangement in a way that really adds anything. I don't think you need a difficult song (from the guitar perspective) so much as one that showcases your ability to arrange effectively and give a performance. That suggests a song with strong dynamics and with a vocal that you can put some feeling into (without going all over the top Mariah Carey-stylee, that is 😀). If you're confident you can do Snow in a way that brings something new to it and which shows you off at your best then go for it. That would impress me. But i think it's a big ask and there may be better choices - but you have to give the performance so it has to be your choice. I know that's probably no help at all but good luck whatever you decide to do!
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