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  1. Selling my 2014 Korean-made Epiphone ES175 Premium. It’s in lovely condition and comes with a Hiscox hard case. Currently strung with d’addario flat wounds for that real 3am jazz club vibe. Nice. There’s a little light bubbling of the paint at the heel of the neck (see pictures) along the joint which was present when I bought the guitar a few years ago and hasn’t got any worse - I’ve not tried to do anything about it as I figure it’s the start of the guitar building itself some mojo. Ideally, I’m looking for a straight sale but I might consider trades - what have you got? Price is for collection only (or a meet somewhere within reasonable travelling distance). I will consider shipping in the UK at extra cost to long-standing GC or BC members if I can find a suitable box. Please PM for details.
  2. I can’t say that I have a good answer to this as I’ve been trying to address the same issue myself. I’ve spent quite a while learning guitar solos that I like and trying to identify handy licks and riffs to, er, borrow. I also try and analyse the solo to see what’s being played over the underlying chord. And finally, I try and get a melody in my head and play that, then extemporise around it. At least, that’s what I try to do. Results are patchy at the moment but I do get the occasional “ooh that was nice” bit and not always by accident.
  3. Thanks, Lefty. My rehabilitation is almost complete and I should be back soon!
  4. An interesting question and not one I have an answer to - other than the fact that the Tele seems to be the one guitar that crosses all genres
  5. Another one for Northwest...good range and great service. And I’m now interested in trying a set of the Wilkinsons 😁
  6. The advert I saw claimed these were liquidation stock and showed a load of guitars in open boxes. Strangely, all of the boxes were identical size and shape, were unlike any of the Gibson, Fender or Rickenbacker boxes I’ve ever seen and had no hard cases or gig bags. I think they’re probably not genuine
  7. I looked at the original iRig when it first came out but didn’t really have a need for it. The iRig2 looks to be more versatile. I’m still not sure I need one - but I think I want one now😁 Curse this GAS!
  8. That’s nice. Very nice indeed
  9. Hiya Papadon! Looking forward for the day when I can visit Vegas again! Welcome to the forum
  10. Greetings Hardkase and welcome to the forum! I have a Fender GDec amp and think it’s excellent. Shame they discontinued it... Anyway, welcome!
  11. Eclectic mix there, nice
  12. You could also look at Faith guitars. Great value and perform way above their price point.
  13. Twenty - or even ten - years ago, quality at the “budget” end could be very variable. With modern CNC cutting and improved QC it’s hard to buy a “bad” guitar nowadays. But you can still buy a guitar that doesn’t suit you which is why it’s important to try them to see what feels most comfortable. The chances are that the guitars you’ve mentioned are put together in the same factory - in any event, there won’t be much to choose between them in terms of quality. And another vote for Yamaha as a good, well-made instrument that would also sit well on your shortlist. Good luck whatever you get, have fun with it
  14. Skinnyman

    Hey All

    It’s a slippery slope so we might as well enjoy it! Welcome 😁
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