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  1. Skinnyman

    Midlands bass (and guitar) bash 4/5/19

    1. Jebroad 2. Andyjr1515 3. Skinny man (possible at this stage) - will aim to bring one of the new Barefaced GXII cabs if I have room in the car
  2. Skinnyman

    TC Electronic Teleport - any good?

    No experience of the TC system but i do use the Line6 wireless which is brilliant. Very reliable, no issues with interference and batteries last for ages. Problem is, it's wireless from guitar to pedal and then wired to the amp. That works for me but wouldn't be any good on a big stage so the TC system looks like a neat solution. Be interested to see what folk have to say about it.
  3. Skinnyman

    Beginner fingerpicking songs

    Tears from Heaven is a lovely one for fingerstyle and the intro to Dust in the Wind (the rest might also be straightforward, I just haven't tried it yet 😀)
  4. Skinnyman

    Where do you pluck your Strat?

    The pickups on mine are slightly lower under the bottom, low E than they are under the top, treble 'e'. The bridge saddles follow a gentle arc that reflects the fretboard radius. I downloaded a set of instructions from the Fender website on 'how to set up your Stratocaster' and they worked nicely for me. With the string fretted at the 22nd fret I must have about 4mm clearance to the poles for b and e (a bit less under the d and g as the poles stick out more) and about 3 mm under the E and a. (Measurement guessed owing to temporary lack of ruler) I'll see if i can find the instructions and post a link but i think a Google search turned them up.
  5. Skinnyman

    Are cheap wireless systems worth buying?

    AT stuff is generally excellent. Sixty quid sounds like a decent price. I'd consider that a bit of a bargain
  6. Skinnyman

    Where do you pluck your Strat?

    I tend to move my hand around, depending on the sound I want. Now i think about it, I probably get the gap between neck and mid or the gap between mid and bridge depending on the tone I'm after. But i don't think I'd hit the pickups anyway even playing over them. Could yours be set a bit high? Or the string height too low at the bridge? Or do you have a lot of pick showing? All that said, I'm not a brilliant guitarist so there may be a more credible contributor along shortly to give a more useful answer....
  7. Skinnyman

    May as well join in. . . .

    Nice collection, Eric. That's a pretty eclectic bunch 😀 It's still a bit quiet over on this side but i like to think that we have a more genteel atmosphere here than the rough and tumble over on BC...
  8. Skinnyman

    Zero tolerance, Pat Metheny

    Wow. So it is actually a thing? I just assumed he was p*sssd off with Geffen for some reason. Or recorded the sound of his cat rubbing up against and then knocking over a plugged-in guitar. Well, at least I know now that it's a thing I don't care for. I may not know where the one is - but i do at least like to know that there is a one...if you know what I mean. That's ten quid and 50-odd minutes i don't get back...
  9. Skinnyman


    My American Deluxe. I replaced the N3 stock pickups with Kinmans which sound so much stronger. Never got on with the cream/parchment PG so swapped it for a white one.
  10. Skinnyman

    barefaced guitar cab

    It’s still just a placeholder but the pre-orders are now being taken so the proper page should appear soon. It’s basically a 12” version of the existing GX (although I’m sure there’s more to it than that!). https://barefacedaudio.com/products/gxii I’ve been thinking of treating myself to a new guitar amp for a while so I've just ordered one of these at the early-adopter price. Just need to choose a nice head to go with it now.....the little Bugera amps look interesting and pretty good value....
  11. Skinnyman

    Zero tolerance, Pat Metheny

    There are loads - my personal favourites are The First Circle and the two from the period when there was a lot of Latin American influence; Still Life (Talking) and Letter From Home. We Live Here is pretty good too. Travels is an excellent live album that encapsulates a lot of his earlier material. Enjoy...
  12. Skinnyman

    Ever have seller's regret?

    I had a really nice Les Paul Studio in Walnut. I traded it for a K-Line which is lovely - but i do wish I'd kept that Studio. I've got a Traditional now which i don't like anywhere near as much.
  13. Skinnyman

    Sophie Lloyd

    She had a guest spot recently on Yolanda's Band Jam on Cbeebies. One for the retrospective program in about twenty years time..... Given that she can play and she's eminently 'marketable' it took her a while to find a decent band. Good to see that she's finally got some sponsorship and endorsement deals. Her Dad's a nice bloke too. No musical ability whatsoever, mind.
  14. Skinnyman

    Zero tolerance, Pat Metheny

    And here's Part One. Parts Two to Five follow a similar approach.
  15. Skinnyman

    Sophie Lloyd

    I'll admit to a vested interest here - I used to work with her Dad - but this girl can play....