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  1. Gordon Giltrap (pretty much anything of his but Fear of the Dark is a long time favourite) Andy Latimer of Camel (Ice from I Can See Your House From Up Here) Larry Carlton Pat Metheny (especially when trading solos with Lyle Mays on piano, not so much on the Zero Tolerance nonsense.....)
  2. I'm selling my 2013 model Faith FVHG (Faith Venus High Gloss) electro-acoustic guitar. This is in immaculate condition (there's the tiniest of marks on the very top of the headstock (see picture) but apart from that, I can't see any other marks. It comes with the original Faith hard case which is also in excellent condition apart from a small scrape across the front (again, see picture). If you haven't come across them, Faith guitars are designed in the UK by the highly-regarded Patrick James Eggle and made in Indonesia. They've been around for a few years now and have gained a solid reputation for their excellent quality and tone at a reasonable price. This one plays beautifully and was my first decent acoustic. It's worn in nicely and sounds gorgeous - but I've inherited a nice Taylor which means the Faith isn't getting played so it needs to go to someone who'll use it. I'm asking £499 collected which I think is a fair price but I'm open to reasonable offers. I'm not really looking for trades but try me and see. I've had bad (and expensive) experiences shipping guitars in the past so I won't ship or courier this. I'm in Cleethorpes but I travel down to Hertfordshire/North London a fair bit so PM me and we can discuss collection/meet/delivery options. Thanks for looking - please PM me if you've any questions.
  3. I saw Be Bop Deluxe back in 1975 or thereabouts and thought they were fantastic. You've just reminded me to go dig out Sunburst Finish - I haven't listened to it for donkey's years.. The bass player (who's name escapes me) now runs Ricky Sounds....
  4. I'm selling my Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Tobacco Sunburst which I bought from Dawsons in Reading in February 2015 (I still have the original receipt). This is the 2015, 100th anniversary model which originally came with the Min-E-Tune system. Like a lot of people, I've removed this and I replaced it with a set of Gotoh locking tuners which I found gave a much better balance to the guitar, hold their tuning a lot better and are a doddle to restring. The original Min-E-Tune is also included and it's a simple job to reinstall it if preferred. The pictures show the guitar without its pickguard - I took this off but it's also included in the original Gibson case along with the original tools, leaflet, certificate of authenticity, etc, etc. Condition of the guitar is mint - there isn't a mark on it anywhere that I can see. The case has a small scrape (pictured) on the underside. This is a gorgeous guitar but be aware, it's the Traditional model which means that it isn't chambered. As a result, it's a little heavier than a "normal" Les Paul but the extra density in the body makes it sounds fantastic and it sustains forever. I currently have it strung with Rotosound Nexus which I like for their dark, almost jazzy tone. I will include a set of brand new genuine Gibson strings as well. I'm looking for £1,300 (or near offer) for this which seems to be a fair price based on guitars which have sold or are listed online (without the Gotoh tuners and with varying signs of usage). I'm not really looking for trades but I'll take a look if you have something interesting so try me.... As with my previous listings, bad and costly experience in the past means that I'm afraid I won't post or courier this. I'm based in Cleethorpes but I travel to Hertfordshire regularly so please PM me for meet/delivery/collection options. Thanks for looking - any questions, please PM me. (Please note - this is also being listed on Bass Chat and, shortly, eBay so it may disappear from here without notice!)
  5. Thanks, it really is. They just brought out the 12" cab - I think the 10" has been out for a few months now.. It sounds superb, even at quite sensible volumes. I'd like to try the smaller cab some day for comparison.
  6. Whichever is easiest - one big advert is easier to create and bump as you need to but can be a bit confusing for potential customers to follow as individual items get sold. Keep the layout clear and that shouldn't be too much of a problem though ...
  7. I got this pair as an upgrade from the little 1w Blackstar combo I've been using for the last eight or nine years. It's a DV Mark Micro 50 Mk 2 head and a Barefaced GXII cabinet (American voiced) and they sound absolutely fantastic. I'm really impressed with the amp - the clean channel is fantastic but I'm really impressed with the drive channel. It's basically an overdrive pedal built into the amp but it means I can add a little bit of dirt to the tone and still keep everything at neighbour-friendly volume levels. I'm also really impressed with the cabinet. It's super light and handles everything the head throws at it without ever sounding strained. I really like it with the clean channel on the head - a touch of reverb and my Epiphone es175 sounds wonderful. I'm well chuffed with these two 😀
  8. I'd be tempted to sell everything seperately. It's more hassle but i think you'll get more for them overall. If there's one that's likely to be harder to sell, maybe bundle it with one or two others but in general I think separate is your best plan. And probably here or BC as the first option for the head and cab.... There's probably no right or wrong approach here but that's how I'd do it
  9. I'm thinking of getting one of these and wondered if anyone else is using one and, if so, how you find it? It's only for home use and - possibly - the occasional gig in the future if I can persuade the others to let me swap instruments for a song or two. So that's home use only then 😀 Anyway, thoughts on the DV Mark? Especially compared to the Vox micro heads - why did you choose one over the other?
  10. Welcome to the forum! As mentioned above, a lot of us here are really bass players who dream of being “proper” guitarists 😀 so it’s nice to welcome someone who’s learning to handle all six strings right from the off 😀 Unfortunately, there’s no magic answer to help you develop your playing. It’s all difficult and a bit painful at first - but then it kind of clicks together and you don’t even think about it any more. So the only advice I can offer is.....persevere! Lessons are great - the online courses (of which there are many but the justinguitar ones seem excellent) are good but I would strongly suggest that you also sign up with a local tutor and take a few lessons on a one to one basis. This will help you develop good technique from the start and help to stop you developing habits now that may constrain your playing in the future. Courses are great but I think the real-time feedback from an actual tutor is invaluable to set you on your way. Enjoy the forum and let us know how you get on. If you have questions about gear, technique, gear, songs, gear or anything really - Including gear, we like talking about gear - then ask away. You’ll get a million different opinions and always be able to pick one you like, lol 😀 😎
  11. 1. Jebroad 2. Andyjr1515 3. Skinny man (possible at this stage) - will aim to bring one of the new Barefaced GXII cabs if I have room in the car
  12. No experience of the TC system but i do use the Line6 wireless which is brilliant. Very reliable, no issues with interference and batteries last for ages. Problem is, it's wireless from guitar to pedal and then wired to the amp. That works for me but wouldn't be any good on a big stage so the TC system looks like a neat solution. Be interested to see what folk have to say about it.
  13. Tears from Heaven is a lovely one for fingerstyle and the intro to Dust in the Wind (the rest might also be straightforward, I just haven't tried it yet 😀)
  14. The pickups on mine are slightly lower under the bottom, low E than they are under the top, treble 'e'. The bridge saddles follow a gentle arc that reflects the fretboard radius. I downloaded a set of instructions from the Fender website on 'how to set up your Stratocaster' and they worked nicely for me. With the string fretted at the 22nd fret I must have about 4mm clearance to the poles for b and e (a bit less under the d and g as the poles stick out more) and about 3 mm under the E and a. (Measurement guessed owing to temporary lack of ruler) I'll see if i can find the instructions and post a link but i think a Google search turned them up.
  15. AT stuff is generally excellent. Sixty quid sounds like a decent price. I'd consider that a bit of a bargain
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