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  1. That looks like just the thing. I think I’ll have one
  2. It’s a bog-standard MiM Tele so it’s not really worth much anyway (comparatively speaking, that is). I’d have a go myself but I’m so cack-handed I’d just ruin it. I quite like the idea of getting an unfinished body and building up from that…..
  3. Skinnyman

    Mod or swap?

    I have a Mexican Tele in which I’ve installed some DiMarzio pickups. These have transformed the guitar and I love the way it sounds and the way it plays. Problem is that it’s the typical slab-sided tele body and I do t find it comfortable to play when seated. The corner of the body digs into my leg and triggers some sort of nerve pain. My first thought is to have a luthier reshape the body and round off the corners a bit, maybe add a belly cut now that I’m piling on the pounds a bit. That’s likely to cost a fair bit but would make this guitar perfect for me. Or, I put the original pickups back in, sell it and buy a new (to me) guitar that’s less slab-sided and then fit the diMarzio’s. What does the GC massive think?
  4. When I said “bit” in my post, I meant “nut”. Fat fingers and autocorrect introduce a pleasing randomness to my posts….
  5. Just thinking…. How hard would it be to make your own? Presumably it’s just the bit that would need changing? And the stringing, obvs
  6. Didn’t they once do a Hendrix Strat which was basically an upside down lefty? You'd have to hope they did a lefty version of that as well
  7. This ^ Also… If you can, try and get old-style lead solder rather than the newer stuff. It melts at a lower temperature and gives the components you’re soldering a slightly easier thermal ride. Obviously, don’t eat the stuff or inhale the fumes.
  8. Welcome Nice Ibby. Damn. There goes my GAS again
  9. Interesting observation on another forum; If you play an old-school piezo-bridge acoustic-electric, IME the low-gain input of an '80s Peavey Bandit 65/Special 130 1x12" combo is as good as it gets for live performance: the limited frequency response over ~5kHz filters out the nails-on-a-blackboard highs and "quack," and since the Saturation control in the Lead channel is defeatable you can set up a separate level for single-string leads or fingerstyle - used one for years with my first-gen Ovation Custom Balladeer, and it actually sounded like a loud acoustic guitar rather than what presently passes for "acoustic-electric" ... Unless you want to add a modelling pedal (TC ToneRes? Zoom A1 Four?), it sounds like your current approach is the best one.
  10. I spotted this advert on FB from my local music shop. Seems like a really good price and I thought it might be worth a thread where we could give a heads up if we spot any bargains. I’ll start… These PRS S2s are in Gallaghers Music in Grimsby (I daresay they’d ship them). I actually tried them both when I bought my Custom 24 and it was a very close run thing - and that’s when they were at £999. They may be 2019 models but they’ve never been out of the shop and, given how long the shop was closed for lockdown, I may be the only person who’s actually played them. Worth a silly offer?
  11. There’s Gear4Music in York or Peach in Essex. Both sell online but also have huge stores with a big selection. G4M don’t do used stock but Peach usually have a mixture. Apart from those, Wildwire in Selby, Promenade in Morecambe and Richards in Stratford on Avon are real shops that have more than the usual run of the mill stuff in. Whether they have the full range you want in stock in enough quantity to justify a visit is a different matter but worth a phone call and maybe plan a road trip? In London, there’s Andertons (well, just outside in Guildford, a train ride away) and still a decent bunch of shops in Dean Street even after the demise of Macaris. Plus Wembley Music Centre. There are still some real shops around but it can be pot luck whether they’ll have the range that you want in stock and available to try. Good luck!
  12. Agreed, he’s a superb guitarist and a fine keyboard player too. I’m not familiar with Lifesigns. I must check them out. He’s also working with the current incarnation of the Strawbs, played on their last two (excellent) albums and has guested on Chas Cronk’s recently released solo album. A busy man and with an album of his own due out soon, I think
  13. As I’m plugging delay and reverb into the fx loop on my mixer, I wanted stereo effects so I ended up with a cheapo behringer reverb…. ….and a T-Rex delay…. I’ve had an RC2 for years….. …and use it a lot. I’ve yet to find a need for it at gigs but for trying ideas at home or practicing tricky sections, it’s brilliant. I did go crazy a few years ago and buy an RC30* but it blew my little brain and I could never get my head round it so I flogged it. * One of these RC30s… …not one of these… …although I’ve always lusted after one and if I ever found a decent one at a sensible price I might still be tempted.
  14. My gigging rig is the GR55, a Korg keyboard and my K-line which I put through a Simplifier 0watt amp. All that goes to a mixer so I can balance levels and EQ before sending a stereo signal to the PA. I want to be able to add some FX (reverb, chorus and delay) to both the guitar and synth signals (the GR55 patches all have their own FX set up onboard) as well as having some FX (overdrive/distortion) just for the guitar. I may also get an acoustic IR modeller to improve the acoustic emulation on the GR55 - or not, it’s pretty impressive anyway so the small improvement I might get isn’t worth it for the Dog’n’Spittle. But, you know….new pedal. Hmmmm. GAS is cured! Who was I kidding?
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