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  1. Yes in the early 2000’s they did a run of the faded V with moon inlays - somebody got a bargain if that sold for £150
  2. Have you tried the CAE or the Bonamassa wah? Both a really good and versatile imo but I like a switchless wah so have two.
  3. A couple of players I enjoy and haven’t seen mentioned yet. Steve Rothery - I prefer marillions earlier albums where he played more obvious solos but his solo album is great. Joe Bonamassa- I understand the criticism of his songs writing compared to when he plays covers but he is prolific and constsnty busy. His work with Beth Hart is probably my favourite at the movement.
  4. Flint for reverbs and a dm2 and el Capistan for delays. I tend to have the dm2 on as a quiet slap back almost all the time and bring the el cap in as a more obvious delay.
  5. I use a crybaby 95q and a Morley Tremonti - I like switchless wahs, so the 95q for more old school wah and the Tremonti for higher gain.
  6. Lets have a look at your current pedal board. My latest version, for a new bluesy/rock/soul band.
  7. Has anyone used the ethos od and have any opinions on it ( or similar alternatives?) I have a small board with a klone and not that I'd like to add another drive option, I like the idea of a clean and dirty channels in one pedal and the speaker sim would be a handy option. The od clips I've watched sound nice so I'm almost sold but it's a big pedal and not cheap so I'd welcome any thoughts.
  8. I love the latest generation of modellers - an ax8 is used for not of my gigs but I love my valves as well. There doesn’t seem to be much in between - solid state amps that do anything for me. Currently using a 74 Marshall superbass and 86 Jubilee heads, a fender twin reverb or a little Bogner 1x12 mojado - often run an modeller into the power amp on that and it’s ace but doesn’t move air like the big old stacks.
  9. I gigged with the Friedman asm12 and various modellers - ax8, amplifire etc. Sounded great but it was an awkward box to move around. I’ve used lots of active PA cabs in the past and all have been fairly decent - I would suggest you don’t scrimp on wattage - frfr can need a lot more headroom than traditional amps imo so I’d look at 500w+ cabs.
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