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  1. I was also impressed with how JHS got that great spread of sounds into that one box! Good luck on your quest 👍
  2. I would suggest looking at the JHS Bonsai and deciding what to do then! In a nutshell it has 9 different TS modes and has all the classic sounds from some great variants. The (amusing) Anderton's review on the JHS page gives you a good idea of what it does: https://www.jhspedals.com/products/guitar-pedals/bonsai/
  3. For songwriting/rhythm guitar/singing it's James Hetfield from Metallica for me. Just staggering what he has done and does. For lead guitar work it's Stoke's very own Slash. What a great blend of styles and feel he created for all those GN'R songs 👍
  4. Gotta be one of these Trussart guitars surely!
  5. Thanks Charic, off to read up now! Cheers.
  6. I've had a fair few over the years: Marshall JCM800 2210 (Twin channel 100 Watter) and '87 Silver Jubilee 2555 heads , Studio 15 and Jubilee 1x12 combos, Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier & Hiwatt Hi Gain 50 heads. Various cabs but stuck with a Marshall 1936 2x12 for years. Currently got a Rivera Chubster 55 1x12 combo. Would love to hear a Diezel VH4 in person though!
  7. Sorry Charic, I don't currently own anything with the capability but let's say a Helix as that has my eye at the mo.
  8. Ah jeez, showing my age and ignorance here but how the hell do these work? I get that they are emulating speakers & cabs via EQ settings but how do you load them in and use them? Thanks in advance!
  9. I have heard awful sounds with modellers plugged into guitar amps/setups so not interested in that scenario. That said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that method it's just not my cup of tea. This is where the high quality 2 way powered speaker has it sussed in terms of replicating all the various colourations of sound. But man, just looked and £1,250 is a lot of dosh 😁
  10. Thanks for the info John. Just seen the weight of the Friedman and, er, yeah, not a lightweight solution 😱 Also just watched the Anderton's FRFR shootout video and the Atomic CLR came out favourably for them. Now if only Barefaced made a FRFR guitar cab!
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