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  1. For Sale only (no trades please) is my very good condition Rivera Chubster 55 amp and 3 button footswitch. It's a great sounding amp with Fender type cleans and Marshall type distortions on it's 2 channels which make it very versatile. Everything works as it should. Collection or meet up only on this one. Open to near offers. Specs: Rivera Chubster 55 High-gain input impedance: 1 Megohm Low-gain input impedance: 33k ohms Output impedance: 8 ohms Line output impedance: 330 ohms minimum Total harmonic distortion: 5% at rated power Bandwidth: 50 Hz to 20kHz Preamp tubes: Five 12AX7A Output tubes: Two EL-34 Tube voltage: 430 volts DC Output power: 55 watts RMS into 8 ohms Operating voltage: 230 volts AC Speaker: 12" Celestion G12P-80 Seventy 80 Speaker impedance: 8 ohms Speaker power handling: 80 watts Reverb type: Accutronics 3-spring Footswitch functions: Channel switching, boost for Channel 1, Ninja Boost Height: 18" / 46cm Width: 20-7/8" / 52cm Depth: 12"/30cm Weight: 52 Pounds / 23.5kg Cabinet material: Solid lumber-core plywood Cabinet thickness: 3/4" Baffleboard: 3/4" or 5/8"-thick Plywood Construction: Dadoed joints Covering: Vinyl Cleaning of vinyl covering: Moist cloth, dishwashing liquid Grillecloth: Synthetic, fire-retardant cloth Care of grillecloth: Remove frame, use compressed air to blow out dust
  2. Not up on this myself but have a look here: http://forums.ernieball.com/ernie-ball-strings/66705-fake-ernie-ball-strings.html Cheers, Jon
  3. I was also impressed with how JHS got that great spread of sounds into that one box! Good luck on your quest
  4. I would suggest looking at the JHS Bonsai and deciding what to do then! In a nutshell it has 9 different TS modes and has all the classic sounds from some great variants. The (amusing) Anderton's review on the JHS page gives you a good idea of what it does: https://www.jhspedals.com/products/guitar-pedals/bonsai/
  5. For songwriting/rhythm guitar/singing it's James Hetfield from Metallica for me. Just staggering what he has done and does. For lead guitar work it's Stoke's very own Slash. What a great blend of styles and feel he created for all those GN'R songs
  6. Gotta be one of these Trussart guitars surely!
  7. Thanks Charic, off to read up now! Cheers.
  8. I've had a fair few over the years: Marshall JCM800 2210 (Twin channel 100 Watter) and '87 Silver Jubilee 2555 heads , Studio 15 and Jubilee 1x12 combos, Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier & Hiwatt Hi Gain 50 heads. Various cabs but stuck with a Marshall 1936 2x12 for years. Currently got a Rivera Chubster 55 1x12 combo. Would love to hear a Diezel VH4 in person though!
  9. Sorry Charic, I don't currently own anything with the capability but let's say a Helix as that has my eye at the mo.
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