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  1. Apart from my Line 6 Helix, I've got a bunch of pedals. This is my singles board right now.
  2. I have this Morningstar MC6 midi controller. It's the first version. Has the latest firmware. I bought it for a midi controllable pedalboard but I've since gone in a different direction so I don't need this anymore. It's a really cool solution for portable pedalboards that need a little midi juice behind them! SOLD.
  3. I own a couple of Diezels and an Orange. Might flog the Orange though, not sure yet.
  4. I did a video walkthrough of the Neural DSP Fortin 'Nameless' amp-sim. And I really dig this fucking plugin! https://youtu.be/5pHhxlFG7NE
  5. Hey gang - I'd like to run a trial live review stream tonight. I'd like to go through the Neural DSP Fortin Nameless amp - is anyone interested in joining?? Kicking off at 7pm GMT. I'll do it via my Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/drewtnbd Let me know if you fancy. There will be opportunity to ask me to try out different settings, try different types of riff, etc... etc... I'm curious about how this will go!
  6. I run a Helix with my Diezel D-Moll. Sometimes I run 4-cable-method, but typically I just go straight into the front of the amp. I switch the channels on the amp from program changes on the Helix, so when I switch snapshots on the unit it will also switch my amp. This gives me access to 8 individual sounds at the touch of a button. I use the amp modelling only at home for recording, which is great for putting together ideas quickly.
  7. Hey guys. If you can spare a few minutes, could you please fill out this survey? I'm trying to gather some data on guitarists and their drumming needs. https://goo.gl/forms/xaqMJrNUJLwmH02I3
  8. Good trustworthy workhorse guitars. I'm just not mad on trem bridges myself.
  9. What's the source for those IR's @Andrew_S?
  10. I really want one of those MXR Reverbs at some point. Their marketing video really REALLY sold me on it. One of the best videos I've seen in this business to be frank. What I love about the Boss units is how feature rich they are. You really can make them sound completely different from patch to patch. The DD-500 has the EQ that can be put in the feedback of the delay, which means you can shape the tone of how the repeats die away and all sorts of things like that. I don't know if anyone already saw this, but I did a deep dive of the Source Audio Ventris reverb pedal here: Fantastic pedal!
  11. So anyone who knows me knows that my favourite effects are delay and reverb. I use lots of both, often in stacked combinations. My favourite combo tends to be reverse delay into a forwards delay, both set to around 40% mix with very high feedback values, and then into a hall reverb. You get a huge palette of tones when you run this combo into the front of a cookin' valve amp. I'm a huge fan of the Transistor Tape and Adriatic Delay models on the Helix platform. Those have this really rich edge-of-oscillation thing that I just find really groovy. Then you've got the single stomps - my favourites being the Source Audio Nemesis and Ventris, the Strymon Timeline and Big Sky, and the Boss DD-500 and RV-500. My singles board currently consists of most of those, but I don't have a Big Sky anymore. Used to, but stupidly sold it to fund something else; think it might've been an FX8 which I moved on quite sharpish too. The Boss RV5 and DD7 get mentions too for being simple workhorse pedals that still sound great! What are your favourites and how are you using them?
  12. I'm a Diezel fanboi. Currently have a D-Moll and a VH4. I have an Orange Rockerverb MKIII 100-watter too, but it's not being used much lately.
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