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  1. While the Line 6 Helix is the fashionable device to use if you want to try out Cabinet Impulse Responses I'm going to wave the flag for a far cheaper alternative. I use a Mooer GE200. I'm a 'domestic guitarist' these days so I don't have to use it in a live situation, which is where in my experience some of the shortfalls of multi-fx units can become obvious. It does however work well, have a decent range of amp-sims, simple effects and the ability to use third party cab IRs. Worth adding to your list of gear to consider if you're looking to try out Cab IRs.
  2. Hi, I thought I'd start a thread for discussion and sharing Cab IR's. Obviously I'm not suggesting we should share anything other than those which are freely available. So Cab IR's. The latest digital witchcraft in helping us chase the holy grail of tone or just another con? To my ears, there's no doubt at all that changing a Cab IR in a patch on my unit can makee a massive change to the tone and overall sound of the patch. But..... is it really a Marshall 1960x/Mesa/Fender/Ampeg can with an SM57/SM58 on/offcentre - well I have no idea as I've never had the ability to try all the millions of possibilities and options that now exist. To me, if it sounds good, sounds as you want it to, then it's the right thing to use. Accuracy of 'modelling' doesn't really matter to me. Much like the whole amp modelling debate. Oh, I use a Mooer GE200 which I think is extraordinarily good value for money. It's Amp Sims are as good as I need, it's small and really simple to programe and it takes Cab IRs. What's not to like? Anyway, here's a link to a load of Cab IR's I've collected over the years - fill your boots! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vyly3Doh4F3_x2xN4VnpvjnqlRrnR4ms
  3. Hi all, If anyone remembers the old usenet days of the internet then you might have come across me in the uk.music.guitar newsgroup. This GuitarChat forum looks like it might be a successor to the good old chats we had on UKMG way back in the days BF (Before Facebook). Been playing guitar for yonks, bought and sold more gear than is good for me, or anyone else, and just happy to chat about anything guitar related. I'm in the Heart of Scotland, Perth.
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