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  1. A decent Attenuator is possibly one of the most overlooked / underrated bits of kit ever. Shouldn't you be putting it between the power amp & the speaker(s)?
  2. Yamaha tried to renew interest in them a few years back, introducing some new models (the one with the P90's for a start). Unfortunately, they just didn't seem to catch on, or importantly, gain much promotional support. Yamaha released the RevStar around about the same time, and that seems to have gained far more promotion than the reissued SG's. Whether it's a cost thing or what, I don't know. Most of the SG reissues were MIJ, and so were not cheap. In fact that they were priced against Gibson LP's and the "mid range" PRS guitars, as well as some smaller "boutique" manufacturers, which can't have helped, especially as the competitors were boasting figured timbers and other more cosmetic flourishes etc., etc. Rough deal? I think they kind of lost momentum in the early 90's, especially when the LP style guitar market was picking up again.
  3. Skybone


    Matamp are ace. Proper hand built amps at good prices, great service from Jeff and the team. Owned a 1224mkII for quite a few years, superb bit of kit.
  4. My favourite shop closed down relatively recently, a real shame. Electro Music Services in Doncaster. There's a couple of shops nearby now, but they seem to cater for the Acoustic market more than electric, and the one that has quite a few electrics in, doesn't have that great a selection (to my mind anyway).
  5. Another passive Fishman pickup owner here (the Neo-D Humbucker). Can't comment on the low output, as I only use it for recording, and adjust to suit.
  6. Alternatively, you could use something like a PODxt or a POD HD / HDx, and get the appropriate Bass Pack for them. However, there shouldn't be any problem using a bass-specific modeler for guitar. Just use the Fender Bassman model.
  7. Was never happy with the CryBaby or the Morley style wah's. The boutique wah's were just too expensive. Stumbled upon a Colorsound Wah during my "analogue/retro" phase, and it was superb, great sweep, superb sound, built like a tank but didn't weigh as much as a CryBaby. Result. No idea of the vintage of them, my first was a red one, battery only. My second was a black one, which had been converted to run off a 9v PSU.
  8. Hang on, in that pic, you're sat down and we can only see 1 arm...
  9. I know, however, to get a truly representational FRFR setup, you need to spend a lot of money, as opposed to a "reasonably priced" FRFR powered PA monitor. Most guitarists will have at least 1 amp kicking about, so why not use what you have and save some money? Just putting the idea out there.
  10. Running a Kemper / Helix / AxeFX / Headrush / or other such Amp Modeler / Pre-amp? Why not discuss them here? I'm running an old POD HD500X for both bass & guitar, I've owned various Line6 units for quite some time, from a POD v2.0, to a PODxt, and a PODxt Live. I'd love to get my hands on to a Helix, but I'd need to sell a kidney or something. What you got?
  11. Here's a question for you... Do you have a guitar amp? What sort of rig are you using? I'm assuming that the intention of the FRFR setup is to take to band rehearsals & gigs etc. so that you can monitor your guitar sound. If you're at home, just plug in some headphones, or buy a phono to jack lead and plug it into your Hi Fi. Instead of buying a dedicated FRFR rig, why not simply plug the output from your amp modeler into the Effects Return on your amp? By doing this, you're bypassing the amp's pre-amp, and going straight into the power amp. Your modeler is your pre-amp and volume controller, your sound is coming from guitar speakers. Theoretically, the power amp shouldn't colour the sound, as that's done in the pre-amp. Currently using this method with my HD500X into a bass amp (for bass).
  12. You also can't go wrong with an Epiphone Les Paul or SG if you're leaning towards a rock sound. Gordon Smith guitars are great, I have owned a couple of Graduate 60's in the past (single cut LP style guitars). Also maybe look at a second hand PRS SE. Again, I've owned a couple of the Singlecut Soapbars in the past, and they were great guitars, well built, played well & sounded good. Regret selling them.oo. The JHS "Vintage" guitars get a good write up too. The usual advice of "try before you buy" stands up well in this situation though. Take some time out, visit a guitar shop or two (ahem), and try as many as you like. Buy the one that plays, sounds and feels the best to you.
  13. D*A*M Sonic Titan sold elsewhere
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