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  1. Hi. Recently my chorus pedal (Ibanez CF7) has started playing up. The switch is extremely temperamental making the pedal a little unpredictable. It’s not an effect I use a lot so I’m not interested in spending big money but I had the idea that maybe I should get something like the Digitech RP55. I would only be using the modulation type effects as I’m more than happy with a small selection of overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedals, nor am I interested in the amp modelling as, again, happy with the sound of my amp. So the idea is that, for the same price as just a new chorus, I would also be getting phaser, tremolo etc. Anybody any experience with the RP55 or other similarly priced units? Thanks.
  2. I’ve dipped my toe in the valve pond twice but only at the cheap end of things. First was an Epi Valve Junior which, once you stick an eq and an OD pedal through it, is great for home use and recording. A very loud 5 Watts. Next was a Blackheart Handsome Devil. 15 / 7 Watts controllable. 12 inch speaker. Single channel. I love this amp and I use it, again, mostly for recording. A lot of bang for the buck as they say.
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    Why thank you both 😎
  4. Master of Puppets era Metallica for a fantastic rhythm guitar workout.
  5. Warlock knock off plus Boss Metal Zone into a Marshall MG series 😂
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    Saw the link on Basschat and thought I’d pop over for a nosy.
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