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  1. charic

    Peavey 6505 Amp Head

    Killer amp dude!
  2. charic

    Superior drum 3, any good?

    I think it's SD2 I'm using if I remember correctly. Only thing I would say is that I was hoping it would be a "solution" for not being able to write drum parts. Which it's not really!
  3. charic

    Gibson 2019 Les Pauls

    Andertons really do great videos
  4. charic

    Lefty guitars for sale section.

    Is scrolling through the 1 page of guitars for sale too strenuous? As it stands I don't see a need at this stage
  5. charic

    What have you currenty got GAS for?

    I've not played one I think they're made of carbon fibre though!
  6. charic

    What have you currenty got GAS for?

  7. charic

    FSR precision bass

    Hehe oops 😛
  8. charic

    Fanned Frets

    These popped up earlier... Oh my
  9. charic

    What is recycling?

    Maybe you have something that you think could be useful to another member? It's not worth much, infact it's not worth charging for? Well that's exactly the purpose of this forum! All in the community spirit! Only free items in this forum please!
  10. charic

    Wider string spacing

    They may be worth a look then
  11. Ibanez RGs are great! I got my rg450 from thomann. My only regret is the floyd rose!
  12. charic

    "Beginner" modern metal songs

    Ive got one on the patch im using on my helix. But its more a case of not having the control to keep switching between pm and standard picking so quickly yet
  13. charic

    "Beginner" modern metal songs

    Picked up guitar for the first time in ages today. Decided to give killswitch engage: my curse a shot. At slower speeds im pretty happy but at full speed im really struggling to palm mute during the right bits so it sounds messy
  14. After years and years of being terrible on guitar ive decided to pick it up again.

    Killswitch engage for my first track may have been pushing it a bit

    1. ezbass


      Likewise. TBH I’ve always had one or two around, but I’m recently minded to play more, perhaps even go to a jam or two. Join a band? Probably not, unless the right rhythm position came up (my days of wanting to play lead are gone).

    2. MWH


      That's three of us, selling my last ''normal'' six string guitar, but really getting into a Musicman Silhouette bass 6, its 30 inch scale tuned E to E, tuned like a guitar but an octave down, so i can play my bass stuff and the lead guitar bits too, er, only lower.