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  1. I'm currently down to a single bass (Seibass Original headless 5er - Leftie of course), which I can't see me ever selling. Mostly down to the fact that I don't gig anymore, I have slowly but surely moved my other basses on. At one time I think I had 9 or 10, including several Fenders, 2 Shukers, A Wal Custom and a lovely Roscoe fretless among others.
  2. *Sigh* Oh alright then. If you must... Seriously, post away. The more the merrier.
  3. ✋ That's me putting my hand up to say 'me too' by the way...
  4. Hi,  i can see your here,  please do the Word Association   ????

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  5. I was in the market for a small, basic valve amp recently, and did consider the Joyo. If you're in that market they're well worth a close look IMHO. I know very little about the company, but they do sound good on the YouTube reviews I've listened to. In the event I went with a Blues Junior IV. More power than I really need (and a bit more than I was planning to pay), but a great sound straight out of the box combined with plenty of clean headroom with the single coils on my Strat was what swayed it for me. I don't see me playing live again any time soon, but if I did it's good to know the amp could do that job too.
  6. Update: the manual - such as it is - has turned up while looking for something else. Doesn't change much, but just in the interest of full disclosure.
  7. Up for sale here is my Cornford Hurricane. Made on 21/06/2004. Bought from it's original owner in 2008. AFAIK he never gigged it, and only gigged by me a couple of times (and not at all for 9 years). As a result, it's in spanking good condition; and just to be sure, has had a recent service and revalve. The original valves are visible in one of the photos, and can be included if the buyer wishes. Basschat forum regulars will know my reasons for selling this, but it's all explained in this thread The amp is complete and original, and comes with a proprietary soft dust cover. For what I hope are obvious reasons post or courier is not realistic. An exchange at my house, the buyer's house or somewhere in between is thus the solution of choice. I'm happy to transport it as necessary, and given the asking price this will be done free of charge within 50 miles or so of Birmingham. Beyond that, I'll need to charge a small transit fee (which will be nominal as a way of helping me offset my transit costs). Payment would need to be CoC or bank transfer. Sorry, but this isn't negotiable. This amp is being advertised elsewhere. As always, I'll be happy to answer sensible questions here or by PM. Photos:
  8. Looks pretty straightforward to me. Fretting hand is playing basic first position chords (mostly A, D, E with the odd F#m). Picking pattern looks to be thumb picking root-fifth, index finger picking 1st then 2nd string, thumb-index to finish. Repeat. The actual strings the thumb is playing depend on which chord is being played. Example: for the A chord the string sequence would be 5 4 1 2 4 2
  9. You can use the strikethrough option (funny-looking S at the top of the edit screen) on items that sell from a list.
  10. Good choices. You could also try Fields of Gold in the Eva Cassidy version (bit harder but worth the effort IMHO). The early section of Stairway to Heaven is very straightforward too; whether you'll want to learn it is another matter of course... One thing you haven't mentioned is how much of a beginner you actually are. All the songs mentioned so far, whilst fairly straightforward, do require some degree of dexterity around the fretboard. If you're a complete beginner (as in 'still learning where everything is') then they will still look a bit tough.
  11. I have absolutely no idea what any of you could possibly mean...
  12. [Pedantry] Eco-friendly is not the same as biodegradable. Eco-friendly is to do with sustainability and minimising environmental impact. Biodegradable is to do with the breakdown of organic matter. Depending on the manufacturing process the guitar may or may not be biodegradable. Doesn’t stop it being eco-friendly though as long as the bamboo is obtained from a sustainable source. [/Pedantry] ETA: The bamboo construction doesn't automatically make it a bad guitar. If you go to YouTube and type 'bamboo guitar' into the engine you get quite a selection of interesting-looking guitars made partially (or even completely) from bamboo.
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