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  1. Welcome. You'll find a lot of love for Telecasters around these parts.
  2. Unfortunately I'm not in the market for this, but it looks like an excellent idea. Good luck with the project.
  3. I have these: Which IMHO are about as good as you can get for the price. Amazingly versatile, great sound, and they're programmable. Thomann has the FlashbackII in stock at £118 at the time of posting, HoFII expected in a couple weeks at £111.
  4. Hi mate, and welcome aboard. Teles and Strats of various styles and hues seem to be weapons of choice for many around here. Check out the various forums on those subjects in the Guitars and Gear Porn sections. Depends a bit on what kind of music you're looking to play really.
  5. It's a thought. If I were in the market for one, it's definitely something I'd consider. Save a massive amount of wodge too. Getting it to look authentic with the pre-CBS headstock and such would be the trick - I think the pups are redos of the '60s originals, but there's loads of choice in the third party market for Strat pups (or at least there was when last I looked).
  6. I think this is the one: Fairly pricey too IIRC. A lot more than a U.S. Standard of the time (late '90s). Might even have been a Custom Shop version (but I'm guessing a bit here...).
  7. Nope. I checked at the time. Apparently it was for righties to stand in front of a mirror and pretend. https://www.fender.com/en-GB/electric-guitars/stratocaster/jimi-hendrix-stratocaster/0145802300.html The one in the ad is a modern version with the body set up for a right-handed player. The original was an exact mirror image of Hendrix's guitar. I'll see if I can dig up an image...
  8. I tend to fall into the 'got a business to run' camp myself. I don't think I've ever owned a signature model, but I get the rationale. I was a huge Hendrix fan back in the day, and would gladly have had any of several sig models that came out in his name. Sadly none of them were made as lefties...
  9. I actually bought my first pedals in 11 years not long ago. In truth I've never been that big on drowning the guitar's natural sound in mush of one sort or anoth... but I digress. Anyhoo, I got one of these: and one of these: After playing with them for a while, I thought to myself "fuck me, pedal technology has moved along a bit since I last looked!" I do like them though, even though I have no foreseeable opportunity to use them in anger. In fact, I may well invest in a looper as well: I'd like to look at an RC-30, but not sure I can justify the outlay for home noodling.
  10. You could put it towards a Porsche...
  11. No worries. I just happened to be in the neighbourhood.
  12. Yep. Looks like a fairly decent instrument to me. It's never going to be worth a huge wad of money, but if it plays ok and sounds ok then it's all good.
  13. Hi Jag and welcome to the forum. Plenty of expertise around here, so never be afraid to ask.
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