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  1. Thank you, wouldn’t let me do it in my original post. I’ll try and put a few up now.
  2. Hi, I’ve had a guitar sat in my loft for about 15 years and the time has come to empty said loft and part with everything I have hoarded over the years. I can not find anything about it as the label inside just states Tanglewood, model Indiana Santa Cruz and inspected by Jong Hun. I’ve tried sending pictures to Tanglewood themselves but the files I fear may be too big and haven’t gone through. I’ve searched in Archived records for old models but model numbers seem to be just initials and numbers. Has anyone seen anything like the one I’ve described. I wanted to learn how to play a guitar but realised I could not read music and hadn’t a clue what I was doing so unfortunately gave up. It then became an ornament for a few years before I stashed it in the loft. I’ve tried to upload and image but failed miserably, the pictures are on my iPad and have no idea how to get them into a http file. I would appreciate any feedback as wanting to sell it but want to set a realistic price for someone to buy it. A friend said it looked like a parlour acoustic guitar but that’s all I know.
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