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  1. I don't hanker after gear these days. Sad but true. I still enjoy looking at nice guitars, but with 8 of my own including several all-time classics and two others custom made for me (plus a very expensive bass, a fairly pricey 5-string banjo and a very old and somewhat secondhand banjolele, as well as a small-but-perfectly-formed collection of amps and pedals) I just don't feel the need any more. I always tried (with varying degrees of success to be sure) to live by the mantra of any equipment I bought being able to pay its way in terms of gig income and/or recording and/or teaching duties, but with no gigs in my foreseeable future I can't justify spending money to add to an already significant collection.
  2. Not a fan of Gretsches mesel' (although I do rather like the White Falcon lookalike above).
  3. You might care to have a word with @stingrayPete1977 over on the bass site, as he's been using a digital setup for a few years now.
  4. This: Realised by Rob Williams. Technically a Telecaster, but with the following mods: Body contours as per a Strat. Mahogany/Maple as per Les Paul; Sunburst finish kept tight to the body edge (not a fan of SB finishes that hide the grain of the wood); Neck profile as per Gibson 335 dot (set neck), but with Strat scale length; Pups as per pretty much any superstrat, HB coil-tapped, and featuring a trick switch that allows any combination of pups (11 distinct options). Minimalist controls. (Originally specified with a series/parallel switch on the HB but Rob couldn't get it to work without shorting the electrics to ground.) Pups handwound by Rob himself; Wilkinson Trem. (Should really have left this out as I've never actually used it in anger.)
  5. I used to love improvising. For me it was the most enjoyable thing I did, and these days is pretty much the only reason I still play at all. Don't get me wrong, I was all for plenty of practice and rehearsal in all formats, but putting one's own interpretation on a performance is telling your audience something about you. I spent a while doing solo cocktail gigs, and were it not for improvisation they'd have been a lot shorter than they were. That said, I used to know a classically trained woodwind player. Fantastically good musician (and much in demand), he could play anything you put in front of him at the first time of asking, but (and by his own admission) he couldn't improvise to save his life. If it wasn't written down, he had no clue. Each to his own...
  6. I've listened to a few of hers. They are good in the sense of being musically astute, but IMHO unless you're either a singer or wanting to learn, they're a bit limited in their appeal.
  7. I've actually watched a few of those. They're not quite so bad (yes they are bad, but bear with me) when they're done by music professionals as at least you get something resembling an informed opinion, but I drew the line when I saw one in my recommendation list in which a beauty therapist or some such was supposed to be reacting to an acappella song (which, let's be fair, is a bit off the beaten track to start with)...
  8. Rather than start a second youtube thread I decided to put this here. @Dad3353, if you feel it's appropriate you might consider setting up a new thread anyway (which would be fine by me). It's a ground-up Les Paul rebuild, so not exactly a 'who do you watch..', but I hope you'll like it anyway. Caution: most of the video has an awful muzak backing so you might want to mute the audio apart from the start and end sections. Enjoy:
  9. It is a bit fizzy isn't it? I mean, it's good that they're still out there (in fairness they did sound pretty slick - and in truth I never was a fully committed fan of the band), but, hmmm... not sure...
  10. leftybassman392


    Yup. 24" scale, a whisker over 36" end-to-end. Astonishingly full sound though. At some point I'll try to put together a bit of a demo. My playing technique's for poop ATM though; I keep meaning to get back to it but somehow something else always comes up. Give me month or two and I'll be there!
  11. Update: I've just now posted some piccies of my most recent acquisition on the NGD thread:
  12. leftybassman392


    Bit old this one, but it's a response to a request from a friend to post my latest purchase: Faith Mercury parlour guitar. Englemann spruce top, rosewood back & sides, ebony fretboard. All solid woods. Active system has Faith logo on it but not sure who made it, and really rather good it is too. I know I'm a bit biased, but IMHO a £750 guitar has no right to look, feel and sound this good. Bought in 2019 from PMT Birmingham. I took delivery on a day when there was a trade show on, and had the good fortune to discuss the guitar (among other things) with the man who designed it Not the best images I could have done, but hey!
  13. Do you have links for the opt-out?
  14. Never actually got scared, but I used to pace endlessly in the build-up to a gig. I've always thought that a degree of nervous energy is a good thing for a working musician. I was never a huge fan of playing solo (despite spending a period doing solo cocktail gigs as well as being lead guitarist in most of the bands I played in - bar the bass gigs of course), but I loved playing small-format stuff and was lucky enough to work with some very talented female singers in acoustic duets.
  15. I understand what you're saying, but if you look carefully there is definitely some editing going on. Keep a close eye on the saxophonist and the woman behind him at around 3:16 -3:17.
  16. Yeah, bit odd that isn't it? I'm not sure how it's recorded TBH (I'd say it's supposed to look like a mobile phone but there's something else going on). It's definitely a live performance but there's clearly been some editing done. There are plenty of other recordings of them on You Tube though that have no such anomalies. I don't know too much about them TBH, but they're apparently very well known in New Orleans for doing these street performances. Here's another one (I'll leave it as a link for those who don't want to look): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYJhgz4L3UU
  17. I'm hoping that we can include non-guitar vids here. Is that ok? Yes? Good. After spending more years than I care to recount playing, teaching and recording guitars and basses, these days I like to spend time searching out stuff that isn't guitars and basses. Right now I'm particularly interested in a cappella and dixieland jazz. Here's one example of each: WARNING: this first video has almost certainly been produced with the aid of pitch correction software. Doesn't mean the singers aren't good at what they do (they are) but some people just can't seem get past it so if that's you, probably best to save yourself the trouble: Dixieland the way she is meant to sound:
  18. I've just thought of something along the lines Skinz suggested. How about 'The commune'? Daft, drivelly and off the wall as always, but imbued with peace and love, man.
  19. Haven't had one of those for a while now (the custom Tele is from 2013, and is posted somewhere or other around here). Tell you what though, I could post some picks of my last NGD. Two years ago if memory serves, but who's counting? 1. Did I need it? No. 2. Have I used it in anger? No. 3. Will I ever actually make any remotely worthwhile music with it? Who can tell?... Probably not though. 4. Is it nice to look at? I think so, but hang around and judge for yourself... If that doesn't qualify it as a vanity purchase then I don't know what does. Give me a while to wind up the camera and I'll post up some pics. (I'm assuming there's an NGD thread around here somewhere...?)
  20. Well you're not f****ing taking mine mateypoo. So there! *Sigh* This forum definitely needs an iniquitous place to hang out.
  21. Fàilte fae a sassenach o' scots heritage.
  22. What, like this you mean?:
  23. Call me a weirdo if you must, but I actually quite like it. Not convinced it goes with the fretboard hue if I'm honest, but whatevs...
  24. Hi @Noobmaster69, and welcome to the rabbit hole that is the world of learning to play guitar. It's good that you have a tutor; they'll be able to guide you in the right direction, structure your learning and help you with queries. I spent many years teaching guitar and bass, and if there's one free tip I can give you it's that you should never be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem dumb at the time. It's your money paying for the tutor's time.
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