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  1. darkandrew

    Help with small hands and short arms ;-)

    I know the "Studio" versions of Gibson LPs are chambered - is this also true for Epiphones?
  2. darkandrew

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    OK, slightly different approach ... if I'm after a hard-tail Strat (that's not necessarily a Strat), primarily for the neck pickup, then do I actually want a Tele? How different do Strats and Teles sound, especially when played clean on the neck pickup?
  3. darkandrew

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    Well not quite ... all done and paid for only to be let down by Parcel Force who for some reason couldn't deliver it to a great big Argos store for collection and instead sent it back to the sender. In the end, the whole thing fell through and the sale was refunded Still, probably for the best though, at least it's saved me from my own GAS (well, for now anyway)
  4. darkandrew

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    Cheers, again, just picked up an "as new" one off eBay. I'll update you when I've got it and had a play.
  5. darkandrew

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    Thanks - what do you think of this one: https://www.espguitars.com/products/19132-m-403ht?category_id=1963302-m-series I have 3 Japanese built ESPs and I'm very happy with them but I haven't got any experience with their lower cost LTD range, how does it compare? I've got a couple of Korean Fenders, will it be of comparable build quality to these? Similarly, I've previously had a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 so I know what that's like, but what are the stacked single coils like? Do they give an authentic single coil tone or does the second, stacked coil give it a bit of a humbucker flavour?
  6. darkandrew

    Wanted - A Strat that's not a Strat.

    I'm not someone who sticks to just one genre - I like to listen to, and play, music of many different genres ranging from growling death metal to 80's new wave. Guitar wise I have quite a few guitars but they are all equipped with humbucker pickups of one sort or another (mostly made by Bare Knuckle). Currently to play funky rythm parts (think Nile Rodgers) I use one of my ESP Eclipses - the lightest, thinnest bodied and narrowest necked one with a pair of Mule humbuckers, and get quite a good, funk tone out of the neck pickup but I'm thinking of getting something a little more authentic (ie. a Strat). But here's the problem - for me, Strats are much more about Mark Knopfler and Hank Marvin than the players I like, with the exception of Nile Rodgers of course but I'm nowhere near cool enough to play anything associated with him, and so I'm looking for alternatives that will sound and play like a Strat without necessarily being a Strat ... any ideas?
  7. darkandrew

    Tele Tuesday

    If I had that, the first thing I'd have to do is is sand it down and give it a new paint job! I don't know why people can't look after their guitars better ...
  8. It's hard to tell in the photo but can you adjust the saddles and therefore the intonation / action or is it all fixed?
  9. darkandrew

    Favourite Guitarists.

    Interestingly, through a very non-scientific scan through all these posts it looks like Nile Rodgers and Billy Gibbons are getting more mentions than most. While I'm very familiar with Rodgers' playing, I've got to be honest and say that I'm not really up to speed with Billy Gibbons - any recommendations for a quick catch up?
  10. darkandrew


    So it's not just me that does that then.
  11. darkandrew

    Where did all the Yamaha SG guitars go?

    That is indeed a lovely example - would it be rude to enquire how much of "really silly bargain price" you paid for It?
  12. darkandrew

    Chucklesome guitar ads and questions

    I'm always amazed at how many guitars for sale on eBay have been "professionally setup".
  13. darkandrew

    Spares of spares?

    Back in my "Brit Pop" gigging days (when I was still a bass player), I would gig regularly with no spare - but having said that, I was meticulous in my preparation. I would check everything thoroughly before it went in its case and strings would be changed regularly and wiped after use. The way I thought of it was like a car - if you look after it and service it regularly, it shouldn't let you down, and in 3 years of almost constant rehearsing and gigging, my bass never once let me down. However, these days when I do the occasional gig (mostly school events), I would feel extremely exposed without a spare bass or guitar, spare strings, spare lead, spare batteries and a box full of spare picks, but I've still never so much as broken a bass or guitar string on stage in over 30 years of gigging - so I agree, it's probably as much an emotional safety net as anything else.
  14. darkandrew

    Tele Tuesday

    That is a lovely colour combination. I remember seeing a peacock blue and natural maple Spector Euro 4LX for sale in a music shop quite a few years ago - it was a thing of beauty and I've always regretted not buying it.
  15. darkandrew

    Tele Tuesday

    They're quite good guitars, although the current ones are made in Indonesia I believe and I'm not sure how they compare to the Korean ones. As I mentioned earlier, I was never really a huge fan of the stock pickups which were a USA made Atomic / Black Canyon combo but, again, these have changed too in recent years and I think are now a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates+ / 59 combo. Apart from the sharp fret edges, which were easy to sort out with some masking tape, a fine file and some wet'n'dry, everything else about the guitar is really good. I've also got a couple of ESP Eclipse, Les Paul style guitars, but I would say that this Tele sounds more like a typical Les Paul than either of those.