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  1. I've always worked on the principle that in E standard tuning you string an LP/SG with 10s and Teles/Strats (or similar scale) with 9s. Until last night, my Fender Showmaster superstrat was tuned to D standard and strung with 10.5s (D'addario EXL110+) to give it the same string tension as 9s at E standard but having recently decided to use a different guitar as my default D standard guitar, I decided to re-string and re-tune my Showmaster to E standard but having had 9s on there before and not liking them (too fizzy) I thought I'd try 10s this time instead. So having re-strung, re-tuned and re-setup I gave it a go, and was really surprised by the results - despite the increased tension, the strings didn't feel that much stiffer to be honest and the fizzyness was also gone, so all's good! What do other people put on their Strats when tuned to E standard?
  2. I suppose it's always been the way but recently I seem to have noticed more signature models of guitars and pickups than ever before. On the whole, do you think involving celebrity musicians in the design / development process of a guitar or pickup leads to a better product or is it just a cynical marketing ploy to persuade bedroom players that they can sound just like their guitar hero?
  3. Just as a side thought - if you leave everything on "10" all the time and never touch the volume or tone controls, will the oxidation on the tracks of the pots build up over time (a bit like rust on brake discs) and so would it not be advisable to do at least one full sweep of each pot each time you play the guitar?
  4. Nile Rodgers shared that on his Facebook feed earlier today - it is pretty cool isn't it!
  5. I can't believe no-one has "bitten" yet, if this was over-the-road on Bass Chat, World War 3 would have started! The strange thing is that I almost agree with you though. Although I have half a dozen guitars that all get used regularly (different pickups, different tunings, etc) I have only 2 basses that I play - a five string Spector Euro and a four string EBMM Sterling; any bass tone or playing "feel" that I need can quite happily come out of one of these.
  6. When you look at my top 3 I think it's quite easy to spot that I am a product of the 80s. My top 3 are: John McGeoch (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Magazine, PIL, etc) - amazing unorthodox talent and much missed (probably the guitar equivalent of Mick Karn). Geordie Walker (Killing Joke) - again, an amazing unorthodox talent. Andy Taylor (Duran Duran, Power Station, etc) - at first consideration, kind of the opposite of my other two choices but still a little unorthodox in his own way if you consider his hard rock playing style in the context of an 80s pop band.
  7. That's a peculiar fretboard - I'm not sure why you'd want it to curve around like that on the last few frets but it might help you to identify it.
  8. Having just had a particularly torturous time restringing my LTD M403, I've come to the conclusion that there is a special place in Hell reserved for whoever invented the reverse headstock.
  9. In my "other" band (ie. The g*th one, not the Britpop one) we once played a club night at Skin Two - now that was an interesting audience!
  10. And that brings us right around to the initial question of this post - how do we make this particular forum (ie. Guitarchat) more appealing? Whether we like it or not, one question that does need to be asked is whether the forum would have a larger and more active readership if it were a part of the Basschat forum? Would it be possible to have certain pages shared across both forums? This might be one way to increase readership and activity.
  11. It's a difficult one - if we look to other guitar-centred forums for inspiration, then we're just going to end up as a clone of them and therefore just another guitar forum. What makes Basschat special are the members and real sense of community that they bring, in which case I guess it begs the question as to whether we actually need a guitar specific forum or if it's best just to keep the one forum (ie. Basschat) and have a dedicated guitar area within it?
  12. It seems that most people on here are Basschat members that also play guitar, I don't know what the official stats are but that's my observation. I suppose that's quite a specific demographic, which is probably why it's not all that busy over here.
  13. A bit late to the party, sorry. If you're looking at replacement pickups for an SG, then it really has to be a Bare Kunckle Riff Raff set - not cheap but definitely worth every penny.
  14. Yes, a little loosening of the truss rod (probably half a turn) should be all you need. Does it have a trem? If so, you might need to loosen the springs a little as well.
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