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Found 3 results

  1. Good day. I hope somebody will be able to assist me. So I have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard and the neck broke beginning of the year with the guitar still working 100%. It was in the hardcase for the time so I decided instead of fixing the neck to buy a new body and neck as a DIY project and just install the hardware and electrical parts in the new body. I removed the pickups by cutting the wire in the middle of each pickup and removed all the wires and control knobs without disconnecting any other wires from where it was soldered. So basically the only wires that I had to reconnect was the two pick up wires. So I installed everything in the new body with the earth at the correct place and joined the pickup wires precisely as I removed them. After all this I plugged it in and nothing. Not even a sound or noise. I removed the pick ups again to male sure that there is no short circuit but could not find anything. What can be a common problem? I want to see if I can fix it myself before taking to a guitar shop. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have just tried to change my guitar strings and removed the original strings, its a les paul copy 2 epiphone, and the 'bridge' (not too sure if thats the correct word) is completely loose and can slip right out. I will insert pictures. And another piece can also come out. I wasnt sure whether or not to tighten it in case it wasnt right to do so. As I'm sure it is obvious from the title and lack of knowledge that I'm a beginner so please don't judge lol! XD
  3. Right, let's get this forum moving with some satiated GAS. Having tried this out last week, I pulled the trigger today and I'm ever so glad I waited, £60 off the advertised online price. I've taken off the horribly contrasting white pickguard and have set it up. Plays really nicely and those stock P90s sound great, especially the neck pickup. Minor gripes are that there a few sharpish fret ends (easily fixed) and that the pau ferro used for the fretboard has obviously been stained a bit and putting some lemon oil on the rather dry looking 'board, caused some stain to come off on my fingers. Still that's merely cosmetic and, again, easily fixable. Oh what's that I hear you say? Very well...
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