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  1. After a few years without a guitar (I had an SG Bully that I never really played), I got myself a 2nd hand Pacifica 012 last year in the hopes of actually learning to play 6-string. It feels so nice and I found that I instantly got on with it. Not sure what they are new (probably around £100 with a little amp?) but it's so comfortable and feels well put together.
  2. A lot of people moan about how big boys like Fender and Gibson never put out anything "new". At least least these new AcoustaSonic things are different! https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/acoustasonic-guitars I can't decide if I like these, it looks like they scooped out a Tele and put an acoustic top on there. It's a bit messy but a bit cool all at once. Sort of.
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