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  1. So as way of introduction, I'm in my mid 40s, two kids, a wife, and I have been air guitaring for around 30 years... Maybe it's a mid life crisis, maybe it's a lockdown thing, or something else, but I really want to see if I can actually play. However: 1) It's lockdown, therefore lessons will have to be online, possibly from an app / YouTube. I realise this isn't the best way to learn, but I'm not looking to become the next Brian May, just have a bit of fun 2) I'm left handed, and when air guitaring, I play left handed. I assume I would need to buy a left handed guitar? Is that even a thing. or do other lefties just use a normal guitar and learn that way? 3) I'm thinking of starting off on an electric guitar, mainly because I figure I can play with headphones so it should in theory be 'silent' and not disturb the rest of the house? 4) Under that setup would I need an amp, or can I just plug a normal headphone into the output? anything else I should know?
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