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    A quick refinishing question, what's under the top layer of paint on a normal mass produced guitar? I've got a Squire Affinity Tele which I was thinking of stripping and refinishing. I've scraped a patch of the colour paint off under the scratchplate and under that is what looks like a thick transparent layer, not unlike plastic when scratched with a screwdriver. Any ideas what this might be and how to get it off? I'm thinking of just a natural finish depending on the grain of the body.
  2. Si600

    DIY Pedals

    @Jimothey made one over on BC. Knowing his level of lunacy and skill he probably designed it from scratch, mined and refined his own materials and then built something worthy of the best of the best boutique effects maker.
  3. Si600


    Oi Oi saveloy! Welcome to GC. It'll pick up soon, honest.
  4. In that case, meet my bitsa Superstrat. Series 10 neck given to me by a friend, body from the classifieds in the back of Guitarist, before you could get such things from the interwebz. Gotoh tuners and licensed Floyd Rose. IIRC the pickups are Kent Armstrong, very probably from WD Music or David Duke when his hardware catalogue was four sides of photocopied A4. The front routed body was cut through to the back and the front cavities had a wooden lid fitted. All the cutting for the trem and humbuckers was done on a milling machine. It's a Vauxhall green rattle can finish, but it may be Ford!
  5. Si600


    Just a standard Squier from me. I got it to go mad with modifying it but I've changed my mind so either nothing, or a refin to natural, depending on what the body wood looks like under the paint.
  6. Do strat shaped guitars count?
  7. I'd start the pedal board one, but it's not for geetars so probably doesn't count 😉
  8. Yeah but, no but, yeah. I know @Kiwi and @leftybassman392 from next door. Do you consider yourselves bassists first, in which case having a load of basses is not unsurprising. I'm asking whether folks who see themselves as primarily guitarists have a bass lurking as many bassists, in my perception of BC, have the odd guitar. I'm also being nice and getting the content going 😉
  9. It's probably in the synaptic signals between the neurons your brain. Or, put another way, it's all down to personal perception.
  10. I think you'll find, if you read some of the madder posts in the dark corners of instrument forums, that tone is all in the wood. Or the pickups. Or the strings. Or the paint. Or in your head. Delete as applicable.
  11. I'll send you some, what's your address?
  12. Si600


    Just on your only pair of pants. (That's y-fronts for any Amuricans, not trousers. Learn how to identify clothing, bloody colonists...)
  13. We have a red and black rug in a sort of paisley pattern in our rehearsal room. Whenever I drop a pick it's easier to get a new one out than find it. That's my BF Supertwin and GK Fusion in the background.
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