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  1. Oi! The Build Diaries section is there for a reason. Just sayin'
  2. Paging @Andyjr1515, should he ever appear on here. Though, you're also a BC member aren't you? Drop him, @Jabba_the_gut and @Reggaebass a PM. One of them may have time to do it for you.
  3. In my case it was something to watch whilst waiting for my role-playing group to all get online and sort themselves out. It doesn't hurt that she's rather cute, but I found it interesting for a while. I would imagine once you've learnt about singing, stance and how not to do vibrato they become quite samey after a while.
  4. I've got sucked into watching the Charismatic Voice. She doesn't do reaction videos as such, though there is a fair amount in there but she then dissects the technical aspects of singing which is interesting rather than just going OMG all the time. There's a composer I've found who does the same thing with the tune, dissects what's going on with the melody. I'm in awe of him. He was listening to the new Maiden single, second time of listening, and he's following along on his piano whilst talking about it. Presumably you can learn to name tones as you hear them? It's a skill worth learning if you can I suspect.
  5. Moderati, whilst we appreciate that BC is really where it's at, there are bits of GC that still aren't working. The three line menu that allows you to access your profile and login for example.
  6. Sling yer hook then.... I can't see my info/login option either, and here has kept the poxy double spacing as well.
  7. I think it goes without saying to not use the screws provided! I went up to the biggest screw diameter I could get through the block of wood and close to the length of a drill bit. I've gone into solid brick, if you have a hollow wall try and find the studs.
  8. I've had mine hanging from these for a year or so. They've not marked yet, not to say they won't though. They're never in the sun so I expect them to stay mark free. https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Neboic-Classical-Electric-Ukulele-Accessories/dp/B07ZTGS78D/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=wandhalterung+gitarre&qid=1625688658&sr=8-6
  9. Love the title of this video. No' even close Jimmeh! To be honest, I've not watched the video so he may have made it from heather wood with a thistle stem fretboard all sourced from the Highlands.
  10. I was pushing my band to do all our load in, setup, break down and leave wearing brown storemans coats and flat caps. They weren't interested in it as a gimmick.
  11. I read somewhere that you should make a bit of effort with your stage clothes at smallervenues like a pub, where the "stage" may just be a space where the tables have been pushed aside. Not necessarily complete Ziggy Stardust, but at least not look like you've just stepped out of the crowd.
  12. Sorry Skinz, but that looks like a Wickes melamine kitchen worktop that's been glued on and polished. The rest of it looks nice though
  13. It's made from 7/8ths of a piano, or the bits are 7/8ths" thick?
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot that bit!! It's a laptop stand. I'll be honest, I'm not sure why she wants one like it, it doesn't bring the screen up to the correct height for your eyeline but it's too high to use the keyboard comfortably. Still, she asked for that height off the table so that's what she's got.
  15. This is the Christmas present. Ash, oak and mahogany. Better, but still not perfect finishing. Again, the mechanics and the design I like, and if (when) I make another it will be broadly the same but with some detail and process changes. I thought of better ways to make it as I was going along.
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