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  1. It's probably in the synaptic signals between the neurons your brain. Or, put another way, it's all down to personal perception.
  2. I think you'll find, if you read some of the madder posts in the dark corners of instrument forums, that tone is all in the wood. Or the pickups. Or the strings. Or the paint. Or in your head. Delete as applicable.
  3. I'll send you some, what's your address?
  4. Si600


    Just on your only pair of pants. (That's y-fronts for any Amuricans, not trousers. Learn how to identify clothing, bloody colonists...)
  5. We have a red and black rug in a sort of paisley pattern in our rehearsal room. Whenever I drop a pick it's easier to get a new one out than find it. That's my BF Supertwin and GK Fusion in the background.
  6. Si600


    Now now YT. Let's not get carried away again, you know what the judge had to say about that last time.
  7. Si600


    If I had an nth of his wit and way with words I'd be happy.
  8. Hang it on the wall and call it art?
  9. Si600


    Knob off back to BC where you belong. Or buy a guitar Damn, the Raspberry Smiley isn't on here
  10. Is that the original body? Why did you decide to change it in the first instance?
  11. Just out of curiosity really. As most of the membership on here seem to be from next door, I imagine it's fairly safe to say that a lot of bassists have a guitar. I was wondering whether the same was true of guitarists, or folks who classify themselves as guitar players.
  12. This is going to be my next mod project. Originally I was going to Super-Tele it, Floyd and double humbuckers but then I thought I already have a Super-Strat so it's going to remain a hardtail. What I am going to do is strip it and try and contour the Fender comfort contours into it, use a neckplate-less method on the neck and shape the body there a bit before refinishing in Tru-oil. I may turn it into firewood of course. I may put some hotter pickups in, but to be honest the Squire standard ones sound OK to me.
  13. This is my Partscaster. A Series10 neck from a friend and a normal front routed strat copy body from the small ads in the back of Guitarist, long before the internetz 😉. The bridge and neck pickup cavities, the bridge cavity and control cavity out through the back were done on a mill, I didn't, and still don't own a router! The wiring slots and control cavity were covered with a wooden lid. Filled and rubbed down and finished in a Ford metallic green rattle can, it could be a Vauxhall colour, I can't remember now! The bridge and tuners are Gotoh and the pickups are from memory Kent Armstrong.
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