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  1. Sorry Skinz, but that looks like a Wickes melamine kitchen worktop that's been glued on and polished. The rest of it looks nice though 👌
  2. It's made from 7/8ths of a piano, or the bits are 7/8ths" thick?
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot that bit!! It's a laptop stand. I'll be honest, I'm not sure why she wants one like it, it doesn't bring the screen up to the correct height for your eyeline but it's too high to use the keyboard comfortably. Still, she asked for that height off the table so that's what she's got.
  4. This is the Christmas present. Ash, oak and mahogany. Better, but still not perfect finishing. Again, the mechanics and the design I like, and if (when) I make another it will be broadly the same but with some detail and process changes. I thought of better ways to make it as I was going along.
  5. Yeah, I know I'm just copying and pasting from the mother forum. You'll live. A tablet stand, or picture stand if they so wish, for my parents. Softwood, oak and mahogany. We talk to them over Skype every week and for some reason known best to my dad he insists on having his iPad in portrait orientation, so the stand at the back can't be used, They prop it up on a book. This started out life as the prototype for my sister's Christmas present. It showed me how not to to do it . I couldn't think of anything sensible to make out of two wooden triangles so bashed this together. The finish isn't great, the chip outs are quite ugly in places, but it works and as a design/functional mechanics I like it.
  6. I keep forgetting to update this forum, soz. An advent(?) star sort of commissioned by MDW. She sees things, and then drops hints about how easy it would be to make. In this case, she wasn't wrong. It's got process imperfections, but it's all a learning curve. It's also the first thing I've put my makers mark on, thanks again @Fishman. The decal paper didn't have enough varnish on so it's a bit fuzzy on one edge.
  7. I've got an MG50 DFX, I don't know whether it's still available, but I'm perfectly happy with it. It can go to far too loud for home use if you want it to. I don't think I've ever turned it up to full chat!
  8. Once you've taken arty photos of it it becomes a tool. Otherwise it's just a few planks.
  9. I've also seen that there's a project missing. TBF, as most of you live on BC, you've already seen it but...
  10. It's been a bit quiet in the workshop over the summer, my mojo sort of wandered off. Anyway, here's the latest lump of savaged wood to emerge from the depths.
  11. I'll kick things off with my first sensible bit of woodworking, a pair of chisel stands. Made from some unknown softwood that came to us as a pallet. I'm quite liking pallet wood as a build medium, some of the markings under the surface are quite pretty. And it's cheap!
  12. A little thread to show our non-luthierie projects. Rules: Things must be of general interest to the GC audience. I'd love to see your 7 1/4 GWR King Class (even more to drive it) or 100cc V12, but that's not GC. No WIP, unless you're so squeeeeeeee about it that you have to. No luthierie, do a proper diary thread for that. No massive projects, do a proper diary thread for that. No Model A hotrods, by order of @Dad3353 !
  13. I have a traditional one-pickup job P-Bass, albeit a 5er. It's the bass that I use in the band and when it's home it's my go to. As it lives in the rehearsal room I've got my first 5er at home, an Aria Pro II P-J Bass with EMGs. They sound totally different as you would expect. I've also got a build in planning stages for use in the band as an alternative to the P. There are a few songs where I want something different sounding. Guitar wise, I'm not sure whether I mentioned them or not, a superstrat HSH, Floyd rose, pointy headstock and a Squier Affinity Tele. Both completely different animals.
  14. Do you have the option to try them both? Instrument quality can vary wildly between manufacturers and even from the same factory. You're better off actually trying them. I can say get the Ibanez over the Epiphone because I'm not a fan of the Les Paul shape 😉 but the one that you get *may* weigh too much and have sharp fret ends, at which point it's put you off playing it. What's the budget out of curiosity, and do you have to get an amp and the rest out of that money?
  15. Si600

    Leg Vice Build

    You lucky Guitarchatters get this before those pesky bassists, the finished and fitted vice. Three coats of varnish on the chop and all shipshape and Bristol fashion. Which means what exactly, it's a slave vice? It has a maximum capacity in line with the screw of 250 mm, and that's right on the limit of thread engagement. It's width capacity is technically as long as I can fit in it, and I suspect, but haven't tried it yet, that if the leg met the chop all the way down you'd have an even clamping force nearly to the floor, you could glue up a length of around 900 mm if you wanted to. My vice jaw addition is 130mm deep, to the top of the screw really. I hope you've enjoyed my journey into chaos and insanity, and I've made the mistakes for you if you make your own version.
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