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  1. Getting close, I can almost feel myself playing it on stage now ...foot on a monitor and a pained expression on my face.
  2. Truss rod cover, this was tricky to make , I may try again. It involved sticking the decal transfer the wrong side (glue side )up. It's made from perspex from a shop display stand. How much more yellow could this be?
  3. Holes for controls: Big hole for controls showing the back of the small holes for controls: I filled the truss rod access with blue tac to prevent it filling with resin while I finished the headstock . Today I opened it up with a dremmel Fretboard masked and frets blacked in preparation for some levelling: Run the levelling beam over until all the frets have lost the black from the crown, then recrown:
  4. Fretting in progress... Fretting complete: The neck starting to take shape: The inevitable trail fitting:
  5. Fretboard slotted glued on and radiused. That's my left foot BTW. Dots fitted and I've started staining the fretboard, the dots will show up better once I've snaded and finished the board. The inevitable trial fitting.
  6. Measuring with callipers will tell you the string gauges but not a lot besides, most brands do a 9-42 and a 10-46 set and the gauges are the same. If you guitar is strung with standard 9-42 0r 10-46 it would be hard to tell the brand. You can sometimes identify Ernie Ball strings because they do some hybrid sets , skinny top heavy bottom etc and the mix of gauges is (as far as i know) unique to those sets.
  7. I'm itching to play it, I was hoping to have got the neck finished this week but ongoing issues with the headstock have held me back.
  8. The flower is sometimes called "Scotch broom" which is what decided my exact choice of yellowness. A few things happened today.. The neck joint is quite a complex shape , in order to use reclaimed timber it was necessary to glue two pieces together to for the heal. . To strengthen the joint I've put some dowels through (made from piano hammer shanks.) Routing for neck joint and pickups.> Trial fitting of the neck. I must admit to spending a few minutes posing with this and looking at my reflection in a window.
  9. The gift that keeps on giving....the board I put the body on while spraying has been transformed into this marvellous piece of abstract art. That's the album cover sorted.
  10. Apparently so.🤔 I actually prefer Füc£in’ YELLOW!
  11. That may be what Billy Connolly would call it but Halfords call it "Fiat Broom Yellow"
  12. Yellow, seriously yellow. Monochrome cat included for comparison.
  13. Calmer voices have prevailed, I'm spraying it white: Only kidding , that's primer on the back , it will be yellow eventually. The front is looking good now but I may have to go back to square one with the headstock though. I tried applying layers rather than casting a solid section. A word of warning if you are thinking of trying this the dust that comes off when you scrape or sand the epoxy is nasty stuff. I gets into my sinuses and gave me a week long headache even though I wore a mask. The back before spraying.
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