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  1. I've spent an eternity playing with finishes, getting there slowly, I hope to assemble it next week.
  2. I'm going with that option unless I have any better ideas further down the line. I've done more work on the contours , it's taking on an SGish look.
  3. More progress on the Green Death, not sure which bridge/pickup mounting regime to go for. I've done some contouring and I'm experimenting with finishes.
  4. The Green Death stumbles forward... The neck now fretted and profiled: I've done some shaping on the body, there's more to come but not until I've done the routing for the pickups: Together: Oh no!!!!.....a side project!!!
  5. More on the Green Death soon... I've been a bit distracted by another project
  6. The front and side dots will be ebony turned from the black keys. Trimmed and sanded: Not sure about the headstock , I wanted to try something different. I'll stick with it for this guitar , the body will get pointy too.
  7. I have decided to call this guitar Green Death because it's green, the name sounds bad ass and it's a Doctor Who reference. The main timber used for pianos is poplar , it varies a lot in density and colour .It's usually covered in veneer but in this case I've stripped the veneer. I've chosen dense green wood for this guitar and not just the body. I was originally only having a bridge pickup but last weekend I had a rehearsal/writing session and found myself using the neck pickup a lot. There will be some contouring eventually. f For the neck I'm using part of an old chest of drawers: No idea what the wood is but it's plenty hard enough: For the fretboard I'll be using green poplar again: I've glued and clamped it over night, I may work on it tomorrow but I have other things on the go...
  8. I have used ebony from the black keys but I'm not keen on ivory even if the elephant died 100 years ago. I might try some of the synthetic key covers but most of the older ones discolour , sometimes ending up muddy orange. Not sure what I'll use on this one , I'll decide when once I've selected the fingerboard.
  9. Hi, some of you may know me and my previous projects from basschat. These are two basses made using wood from scrap pianos. At the moment I'm making a guitar from similar materials. It starts like this with panels taken from pianos , mostly pre 1920 so the wood is likely to be 100 years old. Mostly poplar with various veneers.ody The body is made by gluing several pieces together , pianos don't tend to have much wood that's thick enough. For this build I've removed the veneer and the front face of the body is made from opposing blocks with the grain at 90 degrees to the centre line. It's mostly for me to play in a punk band so I'm keeping it simple, one pickup by the bridge , vol and tone control. There will be some contouring but I haven't decided quite how much yet.
  10. Well Dorset actually. (If the mods could change my username that would be great, I think the system kept my original name from Basschat) Some of you may know me from Basschat, I would say I'm a bass player first, acoustic guitarist second and electric third. Having said that last July I became the guitarist in a glam punk band and I'm enjoying the challenge. I make instruments from recycled materials , mostly old pianos. https://www.scavengermusic.co.uk/
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