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  1. Thoughts?? I'm tempted but not keen on that logo...
  2. This is probably the wrong place to carry out market research... If you're dead serious about developing a product for a specific demographic then that's the area of opinions, wants and needs you should focus on. You might aswell ask us about feminine hygiene products, because our opinion is just as useless... If I was yourself, I would develop several prototypes and get them in the hands of your target audience. Failing that, why not just make great guitars for everyone?? @Dad3353 - Your 12 string retro is an absolute stunner!! I really LOVE those Daisy Rock guitars especially the "Venus"!! And my little one is the proud owner of the "Debutante"!!
  3. Hello, I didn't realise that plectrums came in different gauges. Are gauges just a preference or do they actually serve a purpose, and do you require multiple plectrums for different playing styles? Cheers!!
  4. Cheers!! I managed to get the "debutant" in bubble gum pink for a ridiculously cheap £55!!
  5. Share your favourite YouTube channels!! My fingers are too sore to play at the moment and need my guitar fix!!
  6. Does this bloke in Holland have one of these by any chance going for a modest price?? I honestly think this is gorgeous and would be immensely proud to own it!!
  7. Ahhhhhhhh, After having a good mooch online, my daughter came across the brand "Daisy Rock"... If you're not familiar with this brand, they're guitars marketed for girls. My daughter (4 years old) is now adamant that she wants one of these instead of the 1/2 size Yamaha I was hoping for... I really don't want to drop £200+ on a pink guitar for an infant and then have to purchase an amp aswell... I've had a look at a small pink strat (£70ish) made by Eastcoast but I'm not sure I trust this brand?? Has anyone had experience with this company?? My son (7), has his heart set on an absolutely gorgeous red tele (£180ish) made by squire. I trust squire to make something decent. But it's £100 more than i wanted to pay... And he'll need an amp!! I want them to be excited to play, learn and be proud of what they are holding but the cost is rapidly increasing!! Am I crazy if I go along with this??
  8. Wow!! I smiled all the way through that!!
  9. Nice one lads!! We really appreciate the input!! Cheers!!
  10. Hello, My children, aged 4 and 7, have started to show an interest in guitars after watching myself gradually improve over the last couple of weeks. Does anyone have experience with children and guitars?? I don't know whether to buy them something cheap, just to get them used to holding and strumming?? Or to get them something respectable that they'll be able to use for a good few years?? Sharing and taking it in turns to hold mine is not an option as they're both desperate to get it back after their "turn" has finished... Cheers!!
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