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  1. try loosening the neck screws and gently centre strings by pushing the headstock end of the neck,then lock in position... have had to do this with most of my bolt on guitars as I nearly always have to shim the neck as part of setup.
  2. This you? Great take on it...could do a popper on that mic...
  3. Come back to the dark side! You are denying your true 'mojo'😜😎... seriously, swapping to righty might have been ok for bass, but your losing out for delicate,accurate, expressive guitar work.. And, it would bend heads at a gig/jam night if you got a lefty guitar and righty bass out together!
  4. I got a hercules - fits all my guitars and basses... https://www.amazon.co.uk/HERCULES-GS412BPLUS-AGS-GUITAR-STAND/dp/B07T3R8QTJ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=14C9VWGK1RED6&dchild=1&keywords=hercules+guitar+stands&qid=1587555793&sprefix=hercules%2Caps%2C143&sr=8-3
  5. I'll throw wall hanger in as an option...
  6. Hi BL.. Welcome aboard! That's a Lefty tanglewood Memphis 335 type... ideal for a beginner on the basis of: it 'll be easier to fret due to lighter strings than an acoustic, which will make barre chords much easier when you get to them. It will make a decent enough sound without an amp, and offer a variety of tones and styles when plugged in. made by a decent manufacturer and so should be setup reasonably well. Oh , and it looks great! If you are getting rid of it I would like first dibs,please!
  7. Loved reading this... Robert Johnson and Jake Burns in the same post! Respect to you ,Sir! Don't quite agree about the Beatles, but then Iprobably admire them as much for pioneering modern recording as much as their playing - even then Macca's bass work is the highlight there...
  8. I see,. and yes most certainly as you put it ... Ah... A very strong example of 'opens mouth ,inserts foot' once again... Doh! I am actively trying to be less ' inappropriate' as I get more aged, but this shows I could still make a career out of it... As no apology is needed, can I at least offer my sincere but late condolences...and wish you all the best in these strange times.
  9. Hi H, I can remember a while back, the rave reviews about the Wizard P and J bass pickups.. pretty sure they were handwound in wales by a fella who previously worked for or with a famous pickup brand. Thats all I got though... I would be pleased to find them in a used guitar , I bet they sound fine!
  10. Ok, I could overthink this one... but, for formative main influences I'll go for: Hendrix,Clapton and Gilmour.. with honourable mention to Angus, Jimmy Page and even the Dual attack of Rossi/Parfitt. But that really is just getting started...
  11. Hey thanks, MWH! Really appreciate you taking time to comment , and glad you liked it... really nothing musically complicated though.. it took more time to arrange and mix/master. As for 'expertise' levels - I realised early on that I'll never reach being 'great' or even 'good enough' and concentrated on being musical enough to really enjoy myself... I do hope you find some inspiring stuff to do during furlough... maybe get your lady singing while you play?
  12. They are GFS Mean 90's .. there are a few dfferering filtertron types on this site to look at... sprawling inept pentatonic nonsense type demo of said frankenstrat....
  13. $25000... Hell, why not? You gotta be all kinds of sure its gonna be your 'keeper' or so wealthy that its no big deal to you...
  14. Nearly forgot to mention learning goals atm ... spent most of last week adding to and remixing old recordings of a song - taking on the intricacies of music production using Reaper.. Mind blowingly capable software that does pretty much any thing you need to make you music. Been learning for over 10 years now and its just starting to click. Free lockdown licenses available atm. track here: My wife Lucy wrote, sang and played acoustic and virtual strings.. Toms, bass and arpeggiated guitar from myself - first ever finished original track! Needing mixing, arranging critique to work from - so please feel free to comment with anything fairly civil. Warning: contains emotion...
  15. Just been off to the 'tube for a listen.. Great song, ideal for bass/lead looping - I admire your ambition... That'll be the lockdown cabin fever kickin' in.. I am also experiencing bouts of random uncharacteristic cleaning and maintenance - hopefully this will pass soon and I can resume proper time wasting.
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