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  1. All budget stuff nothing fancy but gets the job done(mostly). I'm only a begginer but like to get close to the sound of the piece I'm trying to play. Have done that way too many times learnt a piece ,practiced for ages just with an unplugged guitar. Then found it sounds all wrong after adding the effects. Kokko compression,mosky noise gate,mosky golden horse overdrive,caline Englishman distortion, and finally my trusty ancient rp55 for anything else. Though mostly as a drum machine to keep me in time All played through an old Peavey blazer 158. Total cost around £160 including the amp(£20 from eBay like new) and a cheap wireless setup. The mosky golden horse is copy of I think a klon centaur? I might be wrong but for the price it's really impressive. So there's my super budget setup. It keeps me out of trouble. Except for with my wife! Oh and the neighbors
  2. Tbh I might like the messing about /customizing bit more than the actual playing to be honest. I'm an engineer by trade so it kind of fits with skills I already have. And I grew up around a car body shop so with a little refreshing hopefully my spray painting should become passable. I've had a little more practice time available this year with the lockdown keeping me off the bankside. So instead of being stressed that the carp eluded me again. I can get stressed at at chord changes and strumming patterns. It's all just for fun as I know I'll never play like gilmour /slash/Gary Moore. But at least I'm making progress(slowly!)
  3. Wuggis

    Cheap multi fx?

    I'm no great shakes as a player but I always find multi FX fiddly. I have an rp55 which I use as a replacement for whatever pedal I'm missing when trying to get a sound. It works well enough for most things. Especially if it's for something you aren't going to use much. I also had a zoom g1 some years ago. Didn't have them at the same time so my comparison is from memory but I'd say the zoom was more to my liking. To second one of the other comments there are lots of cheap pedals that work surprisingly well. Caline,mosky and joyo all spring to mind. Shop around and you might fill the gap in your board for £20/30 . And I've just realised how old this thread is so you've probably solved your problem by now. But I've typed it now so I'm posting it!
  4. The first guitar I bought in 1989 was a postbox red marlin. Not sure what model it was as it doesn't seem to match any of the models from that time. It wasn't a sidewinder as it had a pointy headstock Jackson /charvel style and no pickguard. And I don't think it was a loner as it had a fender style trem and the neck was unpainted maple. I always thought it was called a marlin "nasty" as that was what it said on the fluorescent paper star pushed through the strings as a price tag. But now I think about it that was probably the guitar shops little joke. Basically telling anyone who knew anything that it wasn't good. If it turns out it was actually rare important model please keep that to yourselves! As I seem to remember giving it away covered in dust a few years later. I doubt it though
  5. Hi everyone. I'm an older begginer well 48 so older than most. I've had a love affair with guitar music most of my life. And have had a couple of half hearted attempts at learning over the years. I could struggle through things like nirvana etc in my early twenties. But eventually gave up due to lack of free time and not really progressing very much. Fast forwards twenty odd years and here I am trying again. Something I have to say is how far the gear has moved on in that time! At least in cost to performance value. And this new fangled internet thingy make so many resources available! As a part Scottish Yorkshireman the relatively low investment needed to get started these days warmed my heart lol! If good gear and teaching resources had been this available years ago it might have been a different story. I'm also in to building/ customising so hopefully there will be others here that share that interest. Although as you can see from my cover photo that's more evh make it your own than custom shop. At least up to now.
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