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  1. Thanks to help from forum members here I have set myself up with a Behringer Uphoria UM2 (Asioforall as the USB driver) into my Windows10 laptop with the free version of Guitar Rig 5 set up. My first time entering into the world of sims and really enjoying it. I am using a set of headphones to avoid disturbing the family. The problem is that when I play music from YouTube or Spotify it is not coming through the audio interface. It goes through the speaker on the laptop. Is that something to do with how I have set it up/is there a way to route it to the interface? Thanks Kevin
  2. Hi all. Well I finally got sorted. Thanks for your help. I reinstalled the USB driver and configured it properly. Having great fun playing and (to me anyway) sounding like Andy Summers and Jimi Hendrix with some of the presets. I have a new question now. Is there a way I can play along to backing tracks on spotify/youtube through the headphones connected to the interface? At the moment only the Guitar is coming through and the sound from backing tracks is coming out of the PC.
  3. Hi and thanks for your help. I have a windows 10 laptop with guitar rig and an IPad with Garage band. No joy on either. Same problem. Output works but no input signal
  4. Thanks and yes have tried both inputs and also read that. Nothing doing!
  5. Hi again just to add that the same problem occurs when I connect the interface to my IPad. Output sound from IPad to headphones in the interface is working fine but no signal when guitar plugged in. YouTube videos mention that the UM2 is class compliant and will work fine into Garage Band etc. Thanks for your help on this everyone
  6. Thanks again. I have installed the Asioforall driver and looked at every video I could find. The actual Behringer UM2 video suggest no drivers are required though and I cant find any instructions on what to do with Asioforall after downloading it
  7. Thanks for looking. Guitar and lead are working fine as I use them in an amp all the time. Beginning to think the interface input is faulty. The output works fine on it.
  8. Hi all, I have still not managed to sort this issue out. I have attached a short video showing how I am set up. Would be great if somebody could have a look and see if there is anything obvious to you. IMG_0018.MOV
  9. Hi all hope you can help. Tearing my hair out. Bought a behringer uphoria UM2 as my first audio interface. Plugged it into my windows pc and and a driver called usb audio codec appears. Sound from the pc is going into it fine. I set up the free version of Guitar Rig 5 as the amp sim but when i plug my guitar into the interface, nothing happens. When I look at the inputs in the audio section of Guitar Rig they are all showing as NOT CONNECTED. Spend a while online looking for troubleshooting guides but cant find a thing. Any advice welcome. Have I done something stupid? The installation instructions that came with the interface mentioned the need to download the latest usb driver but when I went to the website it was sending me to an external link. Also a behringer quickstart video on youtube says that there is no need to download anything. It should just plug and play
  10. This might sound very dumb but I am looking for some advice on setting myself up to play/practice at home only using some form of PC solution. At the moment i am using a practice amp and my wife could do without that! questions are: 1. Best way to get sound. I presume not just my small Bluetooth speaker 2. Is there a way to play backing tracks from somewhere like YouTube on the pc and simultaneously play the guitar 3. I presume the amp sIms are guitar agnostic. I.e. a custom shop strat will sound the same as a squier 4. Advice on a good product
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