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  1. Quick update, I won't be able post here for 10 days. So no more updates for 10 or more days, going away from the weekend. Thanks all. Hope everyone has a good summer holiday.
  2. @ezbass @Dad3353 Sorry for any inconvenience caused loading videos. With them taking long time to load and play. But it seems you guys got there eventually. My bad dudes. @Crusoe thanks for the feedback and input on my terrible chord. I will take a look at that some time tomorrow dude. @crusie I didn't mean to tag you. Tagged by mistake it won't let me delete.
  3. Tried playing it on chrome browser via phone? They are up for me.
  4. Clean tone a chord PXL_20230809_141650584.mp4
  5. I retuned it, I think I did it. Clean tone. PXL_20230809_140521899.mp4
  6. Sorry about this, but try chrome browser?.. I uploaded it via phone on chrome browser. I'm not really a wiz on computers much lol Is there no option to download the video?.. Because i uploaded it without editing it. Or try Firefox, because i can see it on my firefox browser on my windows 11 laptop
  7. Tiktok is really good for musicians, especially guitarists, the audience there is much more friendly and apreciateable . Even if you are not so good right now at it you can grow with your audiences feedback really good.
  8. Thanks @Dad3353 This looks like i will have to spend more time on than usual on it, Really apreciate your time and help here, really means alot!
  9. Here is a clean tone version of all the open and closed . PXL_20230807_155411232.mp4
  10. I don't have a physical one, only via apps.
  11. Okay but will be tomorow now from the evening... So basically you need clean tone next.
  12. Okay for diagnostic uses here's a video . Yeah my chord does sound "dead". I used g strings guitar tuner. PXL_20230806_172101164.mp4
  13. But they sound nothing like these references i found... https://leftyfretz.com/free-left-handed-guitar-chord-diagram-chart/
  14. So a bit of practice today here is my terrible a chord. PXL_20230806_164059583.mp4
  15. @Dad3353 That makes absolute sense! So the one you don't press is basicall an open. Amazing! I will try to make some recordings soon of my chord progress dude.
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