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  1. would anyone know how to process a lead reggae solo, but without a rythm ? Thanks
  2. hey there buddy, There still isn't .. Just the local pubs playing local bands.. since i last known a couple a years ago..
  3. to jam or not to jam, that is the question!

  4. hey there , my friend your link brings me back to this forum.. Doesn't let me open it, i also have a jam track thread here too.
  5. Check it out enjoy , CnC welcome..
  6. I'm currently learning scales and i stumbled across Arabian scales and fell in love with guitar again.. But i found this to help me.. it's also known as the dominant Phrygian scale and Double harmonic major, so i looked up its pentatonic scale. https://jguitar.com/scale/C/Double Harmonic Major
  7. Yes, that was epic!!! it seems you are also familiar with arabian scale style too. Thanks!
  8. I have been studying this scale and style in my free time, why has the video been removed?..
  9. That is bang on my friend, i could never get the delay right..
  10. Hi all, I'm Imran, aka IbanezImy. I've been playing and teaching myself guitar for 6 years on and of. But loving every moment of it. I'm a lefty with an Ibanez S Series. This is my guitar and Marshall amp. My amp is so awesome. Basically here to make friends and find local ones to jam with and learn new stuff. Excited to be part of the community. cheers
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