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  1. This has been sorted. It a particular tool to tightened it which has now been located 😀
  2. It looks as though it should be able to be adjusted. Hard to describe, but there is a definite notch in the ferrule on the link of the trem arm inside the cavity. It looks like a specific tool should fit it, but I can't think what. I'll try and get a photo of it next time I see it.
  3. Should you be interested, here are a few videos about this edition replica. Remarkable that the luthier had not once had his hands on the original during the process of making them.
  4. I turned up to rehearsal on Monday and found that our guitarist had decided to celebrate Christmas early this year and had treated himself to an EVH Frankenstein Frankenstrat Replica. Not the £700 one mind, but the $25,000 Fender-Charvel variety! I have to say it's an absolute beast of a guitar and the attention to detail is phenomenal. it comes with loads of candy, a reliced flight case and just has that sound in spades. As an aside, if anyone is familiar with what I believe to be an original type Floyd Rose term and the specific tool you might need to tighten the trim arm, then your advice would be much appreciated by it's owner. We've both had a look at it and are undecided as to whether it's even possible. We decided it might be a nice idea to have a side by side shot of the 'monster' next to my pristine Ritter Cora.
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