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  1. Don't Rickenbacker's do that ?, not a fan myself, what other options have you ?
  2. Ha-ha !, that might be closer than you think ....
  3. Good questions, well asked !, be interested to read any reply's from anyone with the right knowledge, but it would be long winded reply to cover it all
  4. MWH

    Which guitar

    I agree with that, i bought a Gibson Nighthawk to leave tuned OpenE, 800 quid, near mint, should get most of my money back one day.
  5. MWH


    Hi, does anyone on here have or use one of the above, i would like some info without asking the manufacturer.
  6. Hi Gav, and welcome, i play bass, but have also been making efforts to get back to a six stringer, have sold my Les Paul and Burns, and am having a custom build 52mm nut solid body electric built, a neck wide enough to get my useless fingers into, i still have a lesson once a month, and will get some tuition for the new build when its done. So, your'e ahead of me already.
  7. Yes, I buy Guitarist on an intermittent level, and try to play some of the blues licks that they have inside. I subscribe to Bass guitar magazine though even if some months it's a bit of a waste. Actually, I don't read books anymore really so mags are more my thing, ok, I like the pictures of what's available.
  8. Finger picking huh ?, as a bass player I keep my finger nails really short, so I use a plectrum when I "play" a guitar are you usin your nails to pick the strings ?, sort of flamenco style? . And no, I don't have a clue what songs to recommend, sorry.
  9. With you there, I bid on few before ending up with an Audio-Technica ATW-R09, 860 Mhz, about sixty quid-ish. Heaven knows if it was worth it financially, but I do like it.
  10. Yay !, so good and cheesy grins too, wish I had a fraction of her talent, might have to sulk later ...
  11. Hi, a lot of the activity is from BC members here, it can be a little too quiet sometimes, sadly.
  12. This is what you call 'Early Days'
  13. Very Tele isn't it ?, an ash tray and a control plate in even more contrasting timber would kill or cure it.
  14. Hi Wylie, so do you have a six string guitar at all ? I've sold my lemon Les Paul and Burns Steer as the flippin strings on a typical 43mm nut are so close, simply can't play a normal electric guitar any more. Over on BC there's a member, (Simo) who is an excellent luthier, mainly does basses, I have a 32" scale lined and fretless of his which is wonderful. He's about to start a 52mm nutted job for me with 9mm string spacing, bass is 10mm, simple solid body with individual string bridges, custom pick-ups and my choice of timbers. I'm mainly bass but like a good howl now and again.
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