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  1. MWH


    Hi, does anyone on here have or use one of the above, i would like some info without asking the manufacturer.
  2. Hi Gav, and welcome, i play bass, but have also been making efforts to get back to a six stringer, have sold my Les Paul and Burns, and am having a custom build 52mm nut solid body electric built, a neck wide enough to get my useless fingers into, i still have a lesson once a month, and will get some tuition for the new build when its done. So, your'e ahead of me already.
  3. Yes, I buy Guitarist on an intermittent level, and try to play some of the blues licks that they have inside. I subscribe to Bass guitar magazine though even if some months it's a bit of a waste. Actually, I don't read books anymore really so mags are more my thing, ok, I like the pictures of what's available.
  4. Finger picking huh ?, as a bass player I keep my finger nails really short, so I use a plectrum when I "play" a guitar are you usin your nails to pick the strings ?, sort of flamenco style? . And no, I don't have a clue what songs to recommend, sorry.
  5. With you there, I bid on few before ending up with an Audio-Technica ATW-R09, 860 Mhz, about sixty quid-ish. Heaven knows if it was worth it financially, but I do like it.
  6. Yay !, so good and cheesy grins too, wish I had a fraction of her talent, might have to sulk later ...
  7. Hi, a lot of the activity is from BC members here, it can be a little too quiet sometimes, sadly.
  8. This is what you call 'Early Days'
  9. Very Tele isn't it ?, an ash tray and a control plate in even more contrasting timber would kill or cure it.
  10. Hi Wylie, so do you have a six string guitar at all ? I've sold my lemon Les Paul and Burns Steer as the flippin strings on a typical 43mm nut are so close, simply can't play a normal electric guitar any more. Over on BC there's a member, (Simo) who is an excellent luthier, mainly does basses, I have a 32" scale lined and fretless of his which is wonderful. He's about to start a 52mm nutted job for me with 9mm string spacing, bass is 10mm, simple solid body with individual string bridges, custom pick-ups and my choice of timbers. I'm mainly bass but like a good howl now and again.
  11. .... and a belated Hi back to you fella.
  12. MWH


    How about Guitarist magazine Q&A section, just an email ...
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