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  1. MWH

    She lucked out on this in auction

    Having read the thread title, I was waiting for the guitar to fall over and fracture the neck joint, lucky her !
  2. MWH


    No chance of getting to try one anywhere ?, trip out with a mate ?
  3. MWH

    Where are all my plectrums?

    I keep buying new ones as every time I do, they vanish again and so it goes on, conspiracy theory anyone ?
  4. Hi fella, all quiet on the western front at the mo, folk seem unable to move from the other guitar sites, I guess they're comfy there.
  5. MWH

    Baritone Fireman

    I sold my Squier V1 after I bought the Silhouette Six, I don't think the silhouette gets as deep as the squier, but it feels like half the weight, certainly smaller, and have often wondered what the pups were designed for. As it's a guitar a complete octave down now I guess it doesn't need to replace the bass player as such.
  6. MWH

    Baritone Fireman

    Well, I have a Musicman silhouette bass V1, which came with both baritone and bass strings, currently on bass flatwounds tuned E to E, same pups. 30 inch scale like the Squier which I also had for a while, the difference between the two instruments is astounding
  7. MWH

    Finished pics! A Bitsa Dreadnought for me :)

    I've spent my whole life using my hands for work or pleasure, (eh ?), airfix kits to tuning car engines, this is great, really excellent, well done fella. J
  8. MWH

    Flatwound strings

    Thanks, nothing like using strings that suit the individual, do any of you guys have enough knowledge to say which makes of flatwound strings have what kind of sound, who's are bright ?, or who's are mellow ?, which to avoid, etc.
  9. MWH

    Show us your gear...

    God I'm jealous, if it was my gaff there would be one cat kipping on the amp, and another swinging from a guitar strap, I feel better knowing its in a container, smirk. Hope the move goes well.
  10. MWH

    Yet another BWD (bassist who dabbles).

    Hi from Holmfirth, I don't play all the basses I have, never mind the guitars, thank heavens I don't have room for more than one car !
  11. MWH

    Flatwound strings

    So, whilst every bass guitar i have has flatwounds, if you put them on a typical six stringer, just cos i like the feel of the flatwound strings, will they ''bend'' like wire wounds, then again it's the single core strings that get all the ''bending'' what if if i put 11 gauge flattys on ?, i like a mellow tone. Getting back into guitars so don't have oodles of knowledge,, answers on a postcard ?
  12. MWH

    What have you currenty got GAS for?

    Maybe something older, a bit vintage with a few knocks and bruises, but as cheap as poss, say an original Burns, just because.
  13. MWH

    Who makes an inexpensive ES335 type

    AND ?, is there a happy ending, will i need a hanky ?
  14. MWH

    which guitar is best for metal?

    Ah, one of those perforated Dobro jobby's, 👌
  15. MWH


    Morning ' you guitery-esque people's, I live only ten minutes from the home of Matamp, it's owned and run by an old school mate of mine who used to do work for Mathias in the sixty's, he bought the company from Mathias's widow years ago. Anyway, he has tentatively started production of 12 inch driver units to go with the majority of amps that he supplies, think Fane/Celestion drivers. Early days yet but should be interesting, if you need to update or want new cabs, another avenue for ya.