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  1. MWH

    Liquid Blues

    Power supply, size of nothing really, looks like a Boss p/supply in size. Yes, Strymon is involved I believe, never thought about a youtube review as I thought these pedals were old hat now, barely ever see one for sale. I'll go look, Ta.
  2. MWH


    Hello, Hi and hello again, bit quiet this neck of the woods sadly, you'll still be more acomplished than me (i), you should see all the gear I have, but it only see's daylight twice a year !!
  3. .............. er, NO.
  4. MWH

    Liquid Blues

    So, does anyone know anything about this footpedal ?, twin AX pre-amp valves for a smooth overdrive , any info appreciated.
  5. If i'd waited a few more weeks, t'would be a year since you posted, so much dust, the tumbleweed blew away ages ago !, Hi.
  6. This would be a good battery eliminator, Mmmm !
  7. MWH


    Thanks for posting this, i can't help as i run a 70's rig in the living room, but its interesting to learn what folk use, and where.
  8. As a bass player with the odd guitar, are those single coil pups ''Strat'' pickups ?
  9. Who's that chap that plays in the Mick Fleetwood band ? , he plays some songs with a slide, i must check him out, answers on a postcard ....
  10. MWH


    Hello from me too, another bass player with a couple of guitars, but i should do more with them !
  11. So, does anyone here play with a slide ?, and if you do, can you give me some hints and tips please ?, presently tuned open D, is even that right ?, thanks.
  12. ,,,,,,,, simply appalling, sigh.
  13. I've never tangled with one of those, maybe it's better that way ?
  14. Good luck fella, I haven't a clue ......
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