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  1. ,,,,,,,, simply appalling, sigh.
  2. I've never tangled with one of those, maybe it's better that way ?
  3. Good luck fella, I haven't a clue ......
  4. Hi, i'm assuming that's what the original owner did, kept it in a shed or something, the twerp.
  5. Hi, you'd need a lot of time to listen to my stories of spending too much money on guitars, amplifiers and even the odd drum ! Hope you warm to it so you don't mind the cost after all.
  6. Hi, I just wondered if there is anything that can be done to minimise lacquer checking ?, it's a 2018 HP Les Paul, and though I'm happy with what I paid for it as the issue was highlighted in the add, I would like it to not get worse.
  7. Looks so much better than my squier Strat, that neck dink , how bad when playing ?
  8. This is great ! well done.
  9. I like that ,  Probably posted a topic in guitars,  what do you mean  ''probably'',  he either did or he didn't  !

  10. MWH

    Total newbie

    Hi fella, and welcome, i have a Tele, but its in a cardboard box in bits, i ought to make more effort with it, sigh.
  11. MWH


    Not heard of him, is he a Fender or Gibson player ?
  12. Ooh !, i like the sound of this, we could be like the Spanish Inquisition ?
  13. i've got my Strat project to finish one day, its simply sanded down for the mo prior to staining, i'd be interested in finishing gloop myself, hopefully someone will suggest something
  14. I sold my mint Lemon burst Gibson Les Paul, now years later, i replaced it with a pink burst HP Les paul, lost nothing on the yellow job , but the replacement was nearly twice as much !
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