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  1. I've just hit the button on this: (sorry it's a bit out of focus - from eBay) As a new body for this ply-bodied Korean Squier I bought new in about '87 (pretty much only body, neck and neck PUP original): Now what colour... clear, clear with red dye? Scratch plate or not?
  2. How many fingers do you need?
  3. Try putting your ad on basschat - more likely to be seen there.
  4. A local guitar shop owner (about two years ago) was telling me how the 'online giants' generally do discount deals for shops, these allow him to sell at prices close to theirs.
  5. Once found a neck in a skip. Made a ratty body out of plywood to use up some random bits. It's actually the guitar in my avatar. Then changed the body to a cheap s-type of the 'bay.
  6. I'd have thought someone looking at a 'player pack' is an outright beginner. I suspect they may be more interested in learning to play a guitar than learning to build one?
  7. Egad! It is a stripped-down Strat-style body with the feel of a Les Paul!!
  8. My brother regularly posts videos on a Gibson forum. Often sat in front of a conspicuously unplugged-in Marshall stack. He gets so many people asking what amp and pedals he's using, he now has a standard photo to use in reply. It's a Blackstar Fly balanced on his hand
  9. I'd go for a stripped-down Strat-style body with the feel of a Les Paul. Full shred.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353544113861?hash=item5250df0ec5:g:DuEAAOSwL5lg0j-G
  11. It's a common misconception that Martin Barre, of Jethro Tull, invented the barre chord. This is of course nonsense. He merely introduced them to so-called 'popular music', and as a result they became known as 'barre chords'. Previously, they were known as 'dito appiccicoso' chords in classical guitar and lute.
  12. Need to either do more relic work on this or get a new body. Korean (plywood) Squier I bought in the '80s after my Hohner Strat was pinched.
  13. This! I went over to check my brother's house when he was on holiday, and his '62 SG Junior was lying on the floor, face down. The hanger and pile of brick dust were on top of his Marshall head, which must have partly broken its fall. Miraculously, it was intact, and even in tune. I don't know how I would have broken the news if it had been damaged.
  14. My Shubb is nearly 40 years old. The nylon tip of the adjuster unscrewed and got lost a couple of years ago. I was able to buy a spare for not very much. Any questions? (the 'beak with handle' type are second best.
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