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  1. Start a Coronavirus thread and don't let @Dad3353 moderate it. Things will soon perk up 🙂
  2. Overtime you will build up callouses - pads of thicker skin. Every time you blister you will lose what you've gained as the outer skin seperates. As @Dad3353 says, take your time.
  3. Back in the '80s I bought a Squier Indonesian Telecaster because my Hohner start got nicked. Over the years I added a DiMarzio stacked humbucker my brother gave me, cheap Gotoh copy tuners (the Squier ones were truly awful) and lastly a genuine Fender Tele selector knob to replace the annoyingly round one. Most annoying has been the single-ply back scratchplate that looks like a bit of ring-binder cover. This week I invested less than £15 on the bay to get a mint green scratchplate, vintage through body bridge and ferrules. I also added some light relicing ... I think it looks great, downside I've had to order another £15 worth of strings and 'vintage' tuners. Just need to work on my playing...
  4. My eclectric (TM) guitars. Tele was a consolation I bought to make up for having a pink Hohner strat (prezzie from my brother) nicked, its an indonesian Squier from the plywood body period. Tokai SG was a prezzie from my other brother: The freaky explorer with its hand hacked from plywood body and neck from a skip got a new eBay body which appears to be best balsa wood... The IBanez got its hardware upgraded - my bro gave me a Di Marzio 'buckjer and a Gretsch pickup: My first electric was the K-2T, s/h just afetr Running Free came out, modestly upgraded from shite to not-quite-as-shite: Various acoustic things, strumsticks were prezzies for my brothers. ~1975 Epiphone acoustic was my 21st birthday present from parent chosen when I found it in a s/h shop while at uni.
  5. Fixed a buzz like that on a Vox amp once. Unclipped each valve in turn and wiggled it in its socket... Could also be a valve with something loose inside.
  6. Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze was what made me want to play electric guitar. Neil Young - because he not only enjoys playing it, it sounds like he enjoys playing it. My brother because he can teach more a few sentences than any YT video.
  7. I'm a bass player really but @Dad3353 told me to come and raise hell....
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