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  1. In my misspent student days, I knew some young ladies, who lived in flat G4 and went by the collective name of 'G-Force'.
  2. Tung oil then satin restoration wax.
  3. And now the same guitar, transmutated:
  4. Sound great, but fugly as hell...
  5. He's 65 in this video. Why does he look like a teenager? I suspect monkey glands....
  6. I would, even though the screw SHOULD lock the string in place a turn or two around the post is going to make any slipping less likely, which is a good thing.
  7. Sewing machine oil is very good. I have used it in the past. Lemon oil of guitars is the same stuff (light mineral oil) but with some lemon oil to add fragrance, which makes it pleasant to use. Avoid plant-based oils as they tend to oxidise and go sticky.
  8. Ah it looked like wood to replace a metal plug. Yes it should be completely flush with the body and the top level, so it is perpendicular to the strings. As it's metal it is probably best to epoxy it in place, being careful not to block the central hole.
  9. I've wondered about wiping/spraying the stain around the edges to keep the central area natural for a redburst...
  10. Ok, forget the compressor, with that sort of sound compression is superfluous - especially as the limiter on the quilter does essentially the same thing. You need masses of gain, on the amp and on the pedal. Consider investing in some cheap pedals (e.g. Behringer Tube Overdrive a tube screamer clone) or maybe a fuzz or distortion pedal rather than just overdrive. There is delay or chorus in there too, as a minimum use some of the amp's reverb. Once you are close to the sound you want, you might upgrade, or feel you don't need to. Bad news is that Yngwie uses stacked humbuckers in his guitars, tele PUPs are pretty weedy single coils that give the classic thin, biting sound, even more than a Strat. That's one reason why they aren't popular with shredders. Best thing to do is dial gain and tone controls (especially the mid range) to max, then back things off to get the sound you like. You don't get a sound like that by pussyfooting around. If you can't hammer on a note and get a creamy distorted sound you won't get anywhere near that video.
  11. EEK! Looks like they are screwed into wooden plugs that are pulling out. I'd guess that a different bridge which had metal plugs to allow height adjustment was removed and this bridge fitted in its place. I'd suggest getting the wooden plugs removed then glued in properly before the bridge goes to meet the nut... a luthier will do it, but you should be able to do it yourself. Just tapping the wooden inserts back in won't be a permanent fix because of the amount of tension.
  12. Yep, Luthier Warehouse. Should turn my old Squier hack into something a bit unique! It's very nice in the flesh. Working up the courage to use my smaller router to round over the edges. Then it needs some filler on some natural voids. I have Northern Guitars blue denim stain on a bass. It worked really well, so might try their red stain. Nitro lacquer was really hard work, so an oil or wax finish is tempting.
  13. I've just hit the button on this: (sorry it's a bit out of focus - from eBay) As a new body for this ply-bodied Korean Squier I bought new in about '87 (pretty much only body, neck and neck PUP original): Now what colour... clear, clear with red dye? Scratch plate or not?
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