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  1. Hiya !!, I play guitar too, one of them biggish four string thi... Damn !, back to BC, (wanders off, more of a shuffle these days ...)
  2. MWH

    My ad

    Hello you, well done ! over on Basschat you have to pay a fee to advertise, but that let's you sell for a year as I remember, anyway, good luck with your sale.
  3. Hi, and as above, put the money into learning, I still go for lessons, you will learn so much at those lessons, even that you don't like the tea bags they use !, I have bought and sold, ( lost money ) on guitars along the way, the most valuable thing I have learnt is that my preferred musical taste is weirdly the easiest stuff for me to play, so the tutor tries to "stretch" me, but, surely in the end, you could keep that acoustic and purchase an instrument that is best for your preferred genre, horses for courses, we want pics of your next purchase, best of luck !!
  4. Paul Rose guitar live streams from his home, most of the time it's anything related to ww2/russians .
  5. I don't play guitar well, I'm here from BC, but along the way I ended up with a ma-hoosive 100watt rig, had the head amp output reduced to 40 and still deafening, so, with a lot of digging around on t'interweb I came across this secondhand Morgan, (thought they only made cars !), interestingly the wattage is adjustable as well as volume, I'm running it through a 2x10 bass cab as I got rid of the big rig complete. Well pleased.
  6. Well good luck with that fella, way beyond me once it gets going ....
  7. Love the receding memory bit, I have that along with the hair-line, been trying to learn the first couple of minutes of a John Mayall number, both bass and guitar, put 'em in a looper pedal, but then I go painting walls, working in the garden and ... NO, it's gone !!, my head is like a new tune in, two tunes out, if I ever retire, life will become odd quite soon I fear.
  8. I have absolutely no idea, can't Gnasher help ?
  9. Ah , maybe I left the " her ashes are scattered on the small beach at North Landing, Flamborough " out of my post, but thanks for the sentiment. No need for an apology by the way.
  10. MWH


    Hi Backman, short of trawling the Internet, no. That's an old Yamaha, could you find another and rob it for parts ?
  11. So, from the left, Les Paul HP , Simnett custom wide neck, (9mm string spacing ), D'Angelico deluxe. Being an arthritic bass player I had Jon create the wide neck for me, it's my go-to guitar now, the other two have defaulted to wall hangers, something I won't do with my basses !
  12. Paul Rose, Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa. I am so blinkered in my musical tastes ......
  13. Wow !, that's great, well done guys !, I know I'll never get to that level, I started learning bass and guitar too late in life so I have no problems with my level of 'expertise '. My missus was a good choir sing-ist, but sadly let it go. Today I my first day of being furloughed off work so if I can kick my own butt enough I can practice more through the day instead of endless tasks to catch up on. Keep up the good work !!
  14. I'm trying to learn 'The Mists of time' by John Mayall & Bluesbreakers, but, being a member of BC as well, I'm going for both the bass and lead guitar using a boss looper. I got to a point and now I'm going backwards thanks to diy, car polishing, etc. I think I've stopped concentrating.
  15. Hi fella, welcome aboard, love the green Gretsch, I have a D'Angelico semi-acoustic, but I rarely use it nowadays.
  16. This boutique 70's rig sits in my lounge, the 100 watt Head has been reduced to 30-ish, it's a 4 x 12 cab, it's fabulous all valve sound ! If I could afford the Kempler I'd flog this rig to Richtonemusic , and get some space back whilst emulating anything on the planet surface. I have a Les Paul HP, it has so many abilities sound wise, (maybe 150 different ) Put the two together and there would be no end of variation, but would it be like the old graphic equalisers where you ended up with all the sliders set in the middle ?
  17. MWH

    Liquid Blues

    Ok, been on youtube, the reviews are no more impressive than the pedal itself, I haven't used this for years and had considered getting it some new valves, to see if it improves things, but that could have its own issues, back in the cupboard methinks. Thanks for your interest.
  18. MWH


    Hi guys, I really ought to post some pics of my stuff, I've just been laid off, (furloughed) for easter, so should have weeks to "decorate " the house.
  19. MWH

    Liquid Blues

    Power supply, size of nothing really, looks like a Boss p/supply in size. Yes, Strymon is involved I believe, never thought about a youtube review as I thought these pedals were old hat now, barely ever see one for sale. I'll go look, Ta.
  20. MWH


    Hello, Hi and hello again, bit quiet this neck of the woods sadly, you'll still be more acomplished than me (i), you should see all the gear I have, but it only see's daylight twice a year !!
  21. MWH

    Liquid Blues

    So, does anyone know anything about this footpedal ?, twin AX pre-amp valves for a smooth overdrive , any info appreciated.
  22. If i'd waited a few more weeks, t'would be a year since you posted, so much dust, the tumbleweed blew away ages ago !, Hi.
  23. This would be a good battery eliminator, Mmmm !
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