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  1. Thunderpaws

    DIY Pedals

    I quite fancy a go at doing my own Fuzz pedal, I’m sure it can’t be that hard!! Any suggestions? Using google gives me quite a few options: https://www.electrosmash.com/germanium-fuzz https://shop.pedalparts.co.uk/Fuzz/cat847125_2465698.aspx https://buildyourownclone.com https://www.bitsbox.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=280_281&products_id=2033 https://www.jedspeds.co.uk/muffkits https://www.musikding.de/The-Face-69er-Fuzz-kit https://www.stewmac.com/Pickups_and_Electronics/Pedal_Kits_and_Parts/Pedal_Kits/JHS_Old_School_Fuzz_Pedal_Kit.html etc...
  2. Hey all. still loving it! The neck And middle pickups are tele style alnico 5s. 5 way switch. It has an ash body too so is different in that respect to their usual offerings. I think they only made them for one year so once they’re gone they’re gone. @EliasMooseblaster the thing sounds great to me, this is quite a good wee video....
  3. Absolutely delighted to bring home a new Fender Sixty Six from guitarguitar in Glasgow last weekend. Bob and the other staff couldn’t have been any more helpful if they had tried. Brilliant shopping experience from start to finish. Played through a kemper in the booth using a range of profiles. Actually went in to pick up a Gretsch Electromatic but came home with this instead. Tried many others from £600 to £800 and this was easily the best neck, best fit / finish, best sound and playability out of the lot...though didn’t play any strats. The neck and bridge pups are easily the best sounds on the guitar, though the middle is very usable. The mix of bridge humbucker and middle Tele single coil is also great. Took a buddy along to help out and he’s going back in for the Suhr Ian Thornley sig model he tried while we were there too. That was lovely.
  4. I’m looking for inspiration at sensible prices. About to buy a guitar and want a fuzz to go with it. Looking for vintage type hard blues similar to Jack White or Tyler Bryant. Don’t have much money left after the guitar though! Under £100.
  5. Have you advertised this forum anywhere other than basschat? Maybe guitarists just don’t know it’s here?
  6. That looks ace. Any tuning issues with the Bigsby? I put a deposit down today and will go and play next weekend. This is the one I’m looking at...metallic cherry red.
  7. Glad you have made this post! I have been after a telecaster for donkeys but then I saw the 5622 electromatic centre block. Totally want one now. Should the “made in China” tag put me off? I play bass in my band and the guitar will only be used at home and in the rehearsal room. Feedback shouldn’t be an issue. The 5622 seems to be about £100 cheaper than the 5422 at the moment.
  8. I reckon she’ll be getting rid before her husband gets a chance.
  9. Hey Guitarchat. My first look here. I drifted over from basschat. I have some vouchers. Play bass primarily but mess around with ideas and recording at home lately. Option 1) buy a Boss Katana 50 so I have a range of easily accessible tones at home. Are they as good as everyone says for the money? Option 2) sell my PRS SE and use the vouchers plus what ever I make to buy a Telecaster as I’ve always wanted one. So, who here has a Katana and are you in love with it as much as YouTube? cheers
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