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  1. My point is that Steve Vai's single handed playing is far more superior than the boring 7 string djent stuff. As for the 5 plus string bass Steve Harris was asked. Do you ever mess around with a 5-string? Nah, that’s one too many, haha. In my opinion a bass player does not need five strings or more. But everyone to their own. If someone feels extra special by having more strings, that’s fine. But it’s not my cup of tea.
  2. Lots of You Tubers and newbies are almost obsessed with the idea of a 7 string guitar. Steve Vai masters 6 strings with one hand. I remember seeing him at Hammersmith.There are " shredders" and there is Steve Vai.
  3. They can't remember whether the guitar came in the shop (second hand) with new strings or they re strung.
  4. The chap said they're likely to be 9's. They don't feel like hybrids though. I will measure them up. The reason I like these , I bend the hell out of them and they just take so much with the Floyd's rose and nut lock. They feel harder than Ernie's but sound great. He even asked me to bring strings down the shop and he could identify them , unfortunately it's a 3 hour round trip. I might sent them in and envelope once I am ready to restring.
  5. Thanks for response, the budget is not an issue here. I use Ernie ball slinky on most of my guitars 2221 or 2222 as I'm a Maiden , they use them and they sound and feel great. The fella from the shop said they could be Elixir then said they're not Elixir but likely to be Fender, as the guitar is strung up at factory with Fender string, but as you say they go rusty in the packet and I bought the guitar 18 months ago with no sign of rust on strings. I should have asked what strings they were, I think I even did from the younger lad but my memory doesn't serve Suppose lesson learnt. I just go with Ernie's
  6. Over a year ago I bought a second hand Dave Murray Sig strat from a shop. It had new strings in and they still sound great but could do with a replacement for recording etc. I contacted the shop and they say if it was restrung by them, they'd use Ernie Ball or rotos. Alternatively, they could look at the string and tell me, but it's over an hour drive. They're definately not Ernie ball as my other guitars have these and they are softer to feel. The factory fitted are Fender 250L but again I can't tell what these are. Obviously the colour coding has been cut off now due to Floyd rose attachment etc. Is there a way to identify the make and model of a string? I can measure up with Digi calipers...
  7. I've been searching for orange second hand, so tempted. I even internationally checked here, wish it was micro terror not dark.
  8. Messages from @jegac1 received an hour ago. Please get rid Spam message received....
  9. I have a push pull volume switch in my strat and whichever position the selector switch is, if I pull the volume switch the associated pick up will be paired with the bridge pick up. Have a look at this https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/7-killer-mods-push-pull-pot/
  10. Like the sound what amp/ VTS settings are you using? I find Amplitude 4 gives me tons of options. Nice song.
  11. SH73

    Need help

    Hi and welcome. I would suggest try posting in General Discussion. Have you tried You Tube. Plenty of free guitar lessons.
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