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  1. SH73

    Pickups for a strat

    For that price the pick ups should be decent and balanced. Have look at irongear pick ups m.
  2. Hi I'm rewiring two guitars. HSS and SSS I've done tons of research but so many different answers 1. HSS some advise 500k pot for volume and tone (humbucker) and 250k pot for mid and neck tone. Also some advise 0.22 some 0.47 capacitor. I'm after a 5 way blade switch. 2. SSS I'm after a classic strat wiring and I'm aware that 250 k pots are needed but again what capacitors do I need?so many options. Can anyone advise please? @Chiliwailer Some of the Seymour Duncan diagrams don't give potentiometers value. Thank you
  3. Still de tunes when using for high pitch.
  4. I've listened to any unusual sounds when pulling the trem. Ckick sound comes from the nut lock. Will check the studs too. Thanks @adamg67
  5. One of my bitsa guitars is fitted with licensed flloyd rose and it detunes when I use it. It is set up in a floating style and when I tense the strings with tremolo arm, I have to go in a diving bomb use to get the tuning back but it is nowhere close. I have lock nut and locking tuners but the tuning does not keep. I read that Schaller quality is as good as original flloyd rose tremolo but cheaper. Any schaller users here to advice on the product or how to keep flloyd rose in tune after set up?
  6. SH73

    Superior drum 3, any good?

    Are there any bedroom guitarists who heavily rely on drum software like Superior Drummer 3? It would be inreresting to know if you could share some experience what drum software you use and why. I have seen lots of good things on You Tube about Toontracks Superior Drummer 3 and I'm often mesmerized how good the drum composition is by bedroom or semi pro guitar players. I use a mixture of free version of Ez Drums (very basic and bland ) or drag drum parts from DAW one by one into a track and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle ( very time consuming but satisfying). I'd like something dynamic, faster to work with and wider range if drum kits, tools etc. Any suggestions?
  7. SH73

    Favourite Strings

    Ernie Ball 2221, 2222 and 2223.
  8. Seller- Guitar pick included Buyer- Does it need tuning?
  9. SH73

    Guitar Show London 2018

    I work so no show for me. Not sure if I went to bassbasch or guutar show if I wasn't working.
  10. SH73

    Fender headstocks

    I like the standard srratocaster headstock, not the large one.
  11. SH73

    which guitar is best for metal?

    It's all marketing. Seen guitar blind tests on You Tube? mostly get it wrong. There are people who say strat is not suitable for metal. Strat is probably the most versatile guitar imo. Maiden, Malmsteen, Richie Sambora, Eddie Van Halen..... What makes their sound unique is the style of playing, pick up selection, effects, amp settings etc.
  12. SH73

    Battle Of The Wahs

    Crybaby wah. Can't vote as I haven't tested other makes.
  13. SH73

    Guitar Show London 2018

  14. SH73

    What have you currenty got GAS for?

    I replaced pick ups on my SSS and HSS with irongear. Good reviews and price. I'm satisfied with them
  15. SH73

    which guitar is best for metal?

    No such thing. I play metal wit Les paul, Tele and Strat. So much can be achieved with pedals, amps, pre and post processing nowadays. I'd say playing a guitar that feels comfortable when playing is the best.