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  1. until
    At Doveridge Village Hall (Sand Lane, Doveridge, DE6 5JQ) Entry fee: £5.00
  2. I have no experience of guitar flatwounds, but on bass I like D'Addario Chromes, because they're both bright and compliant, even on a 5-er. You could do worse than ping @D'Addario UK a PM (probably best on BC rather than here) and ask for info and advice. I imagine others such as LaBella may have guitar versions of their flats? Perhaps a visit to their websites might yield some info too.
  3. Maybe you've seen it on Basschat? This is Guitarchat.
  4. No need to delete this thread. I'll lock it - please see/comment on the Guitar Show here instead.
  5. That appears to be the new, improved version of The London Acoustic Guitar Show, which used to be the LBGS's twin show before Blaze was acquired by Future Publishing. Looks good, as it now comprises both acoustic and electric. I'd love to attend BUT - on Sat 29th we have the South East Bass Bash, and when we leave the bash, Happy Jack and I have to rush to a gig with one of his bands. That means I'll get home early in the morning on Sunday, and will NOT feel like getting up at any useful time to travel to Olympia on the day. Maybe next year.
  6. If we organise Guitar Bashes in areas I can reach, yes. Especially if someone helps me persuade him indoors (paging @Happy Jack!) to drive me there. He might get guitar GAS, who knows... PS I have a soft spot for pointy, heavy-metally guitars. I'm unable to play them, but what the hell...
  7. Er... Joe Satriani (pre-2000) for solo work and composition skills, Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield for that original thrash rhythm thang, Alex Skolnik for mixing metal and jazz in his guitar work without screwing up either... or are these guys far too mainstream and well-known to be mentioned here?
  8. We're having trouble with showing pics in posts, Andy. It's a problem that needs to be solved at the source. Charic is on the case.
  9. @ped, @charic, the same is happening in my post in this thread. Edit: it worked fine when I posted it, then yesterday the pic disappeared and was replaced by a link.
  10. My pic-from-url test above is now looking weird! 😮
  11. There are more guitarists than bassists around, so there will be more lefty guitarists than lefty bassists, therefore a lefty forum should be viable.
  12. We beat you to it! 😎
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