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  1. Have put out another new track this month. https://open.spotify.com/album/67qpvsFvFk7Z8cFf2UII6l?si=tEpMQSGiQBqZomzVs-oYTQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjxSPhSH7WE
  2. My three favourite guitarists are, Steve Morse (Deep Purple) Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) Chris Hayes (Huey Lewis & The News)
  3. We've released a new 4 track EP, Just Want You. Has three new original songs on it plus a cover of the Spandau Ballet track, To Cut A Long Story Short. Is available on all the usual digital platforms, Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/0cEJSHu2238kcC6tQUsTdb?si=ervbeqPCQVm2uyf8YvnsdA Deezer - https://www.deezer.com/en/album/151376252 Apple - https://music.apple.com/gb/album/just-want-you-ep/1515885605 Google - https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Vantage_Point_Just_Want_You?id=Bzk2pzujfdw74qt7fuh236h3o7y&hl=en_GB YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK-U_rxk1BY
  4. My band, Vantage Point, have released a new tune to the digital streaming world, called Puffin Killer, and can be heard on Spotify, Deezer, Apple, Amazon, etc. https://open.spotify.com/track/7JKfYxBTlEsXIqRgh9Fb6m?si=__AnZW8bRYqzM3monzJkQQ While our lead guitarist has been spending his time in isolation playing some famous guitar solos, here is his attempt at, Wasted Years, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bZW3VkGA9M
  5. Guitar is my principal instrument, currently have four electrics and one acoustic. Also have one bass guitar that I bought second hand in 1994 and still use to this day. Have started rehearsing with a band on the bass as well in the last year, so hoping to get a lot more use out of it in the near future.
  6. Not sellers regret, more, took to the skip and got rid of regret. My first electric guitar that I bought 2nd hand for £60, hadn't played it in years and no longer worked properly. So I disposed of it. There are times I regret, and wish I'd held on to it for nostalgic purposes.
  7. Some footage of a guitar solo recording session for a new track.
  8. We've just backed a singer, Mercy Breheny, on her debut single release, Just When I Wasn't Lookin'. Is available on all the usual digital platforms.
  9. We've just released our new EP, Collision Course, the title track is an instrumental with lots of guitar going on.
  10. Have been back in the studio working on a cover of, I Think We're Alone Now.
  11. We have just released a new EP, On the Road, four tracks including a cover of the Priest classic Metal Gods.
  12. We released our debut album, Daredevil on the Shore 11 years ago today ... To celebrate here is a clip of us playing the first two tracks from the album 5 years later. It remains the only time our lead guitarist has turned up to a gig with his triple neck guitar ...
  13. Haven’t bought one for years, but I always thought Guitar Techniques was best for improving guitar playing, just seemed a bit more grown up than Total Guitar and provided more proper lessons as opposed to just transcriptions. But a lot could have changed since I last bought either, and with all the lessons and videos available on the internet, I’d have thought it would be difficult for the magazines to survive these days.
  14. I enjoyed it, lots of interesting things in there. Of the three programmes in the series though I thought that the drum one was best, while I wasn’t so keen on the one for bass guitar.
  15. I keep getting told off due to plectrums being found in the washing machine ...
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