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  1. vantagepointrocks

    On Guitar... Lenny Kaye

    I enjoyed it, lots of interesting things in there. Of the three programmes in the series though I thought that the drum one was best, while I wasn’t so keen on the one for bass guitar.
  2. vantagepointrocks

    Where are all my plectrums?

    I keep getting told off due to plectrums being found in the washing machine ...
  3. vantagepointrocks

    Scottish Hard Rock / Metal - Vantage Point

    Along with music, building Lego is a big hobby of mine and I’ve managed to combine the two by putting my hand at stop motion videos and doing promos for the band. Just finished my 5th, using the Sydney Opera House set to pretend that the we played a gig on the other side of the world.
  4. vantagepointrocks

    Scottish Hard Rock / Metal - Vantage Point

    Recently uploaded a promo video for a new recording by my band, Vantage Point. The song, Demon Stomp, isn't available outside of YouTube yet, but our four albums, and several singles/EPs can be found on all the usual digital platforms. The video was filmed on the roof of the Biscuit Factory in Leith, Edinburgh.
  5. vantagepointrocks

    Favourite Strings

    I use D'addario strings have always found them to be fine, so I haven't gone out and tried too many others to be honest.
  6. vantagepointrocks

    UK Guitar Show

    Apologies, notice there is a thread for this in another forum, unfortunately can't see how to delete this topic.
  7. vantagepointrocks

    UK Guitar Show

    Anyone been to one of these Guitar Shows before? Unfortunately I am in London the weekend before, though that does coincide with Europe at the Royal Albert Hall, so will get to see John Norum. But I do quite fancy the idea of the Guitar Show, maybe have to think about putting it in my diary for next year. Not sure though about the description of Nita Strauss' career though, I understand how playing for Alice Cooper can fit in with a, "stellar career," but not sure being the member of a tribute band contributes in quite the same way, as good as they may be. https://www.loudersound.com/news/nita-strauss-added-to-uk-guitar-show-line-up
  8. vantagepointrocks

    Favourite Guitarists.

    A couple of other guitarists I really like that have so far not been mentioned, and a good chance they wouldn’t be ... Francis Rossi, obviously not classed as a guitar hero by any stretch of the imagination, but better player than the 3 chord ability he is tagged with, and some of his solos, I’m thinking Backwater, Whatever You Want, Too Close to the Ground, I find very tuneful and melodic. Chris Hayes, lead guitarist with Huey Lewis back in the day, think he has produced some fantastic guitar solos for pop songs, favourites are, Walking on a Thin Line, Back in Time & I Know What I Like.
  9. vantagepointrocks

    Vantage Point

    Not from a gig, but in rehearsals our lead guitarist has been having a go at some famous guitar solos to put up on yourtube page, here are a couple,
  10. vantagepointrocks

    Vantage Point

    Not a new video, but here is a clip of my band playing what is probably our most popular tune, 24 Hour Breakdown, a few years ago. I’m playing the rhythm guitar, leave all the solos to our other guitarist, Liam, who is infinitely better than me,
  11. vantagepointrocks

    Favourite Guitarists.

    The two guitarists that spring to mind when I think about my favourites are Steve Morse & Adrian Smith. But really I love the playing of so many guitarists.