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  1. Guillaume bought a guitar from me. Everything went very smoothly. A real pleasure to deal with. It was great to meet you and your wife. Safe journey home. @guigui33
  2. Not a modeller but I use my Cog Effects Knightfall and Rogue One drive pedals on guitar. They sound fantastic. Easily prefer them to the built in drive of my TC Nova System. Use to use EBS tremolo and Dynaverb pedals with guitar too. Both sounded sublime to my ears.
  3. Guitar was returned to the seller today. He has been pretty shirty today via messages on ebay. I think he tried to start some kind of complaint at his end as I got a message saying the seller had asked eBay to get involved. It was closed in less than fifteen minutes and refund issued. 👍 Thanks for your help
  4. He's accepted the return and it's winging it's way back to him now. Fingers crossed I'll get my refund and that'll be the end of it 🤞
  5. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here with images? They ain't showing? Edit... They appeared
  6. Sellers response... "there's no way there's anything wrong with that guitar" ... Here we go...
  7. Thanks @OldG It is quite clear, now that you mention it, that there is a bow in the sound board. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I just bought a used acoustic guitar on ebay. A takamine EG 523 SC. It has arrived and on first inspection I believe the action is incredibly high. I have never come across an action so high. (see image. Pardon my rudimentary measurement 😁.) I like the guitar and would like to keep it but in its current state it is difficult to play so my first instinct is I should contact the seller and return it. I don't want to start mucking around with the guitar myself and possibly damage it but I don't mind having a set up done locally if that will fix it but it seems to me like a big adjustment would be required, probably beyond the realms of a basic set. What do you guys think?
  9. Bert jansch... Hands down An incredible musician, arranger and song writer. (maybe not a great singist tho) If I were to be able to play the guitar like anyone, it would be him.
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