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  1. Bought for a project but never got around to finishing it. As new condition. Will be sent in original Fender packaging Chris
  2. Beedster

    FS: '79 Fender Strat relic

    Cash offers welcome
  3. Beedster

    FS: 70's Strat bitsa

    Cash offers welcome :)
  4. Beedster

    FS: 70's Strat bitsa

  5. Beedster

    FS: '79 Fender Strat relic

  6. Beedster

    FS: '79 Fender Strat relic

    Yep, it certainly has something about it
  7. Beedster

    Fender headstocks

    Fender weren't known for changing something unless it really needed changing, so they either made them bigger because it was more economic to do so (which seems unlikely but possible I guess, more margin for error for example), because the bigger headstock sounded/stayed in tune better (even more unlikely), or because the larger headstock was more recognisable/iconic and therefore protectable by law (plenty of early instruments had headstocks not unlike early Tele's/Precisions), and enabled the word 'Fender' to be picked up in TV/photos more easily. I know where I'd put my money. And I love the bigger 70's Strat headstocks.
  8. Beedster

    FS: 70's Strat bitsa

    Another step in my current gear restructure. This is a rather nice hardtail Strat with a late 70's Fender body, lightly reliced, and a new Fender Mex neck wit a lovely big 70's headstock (I tried to source an original '70s maple board neck but nearly every one I played was in such poor shape that I opted for a newbie, and frankly the new Mex stuff is hard to tell apart from the US made gear, hence opting for Mex). Body and neck are both very nice, you may want to cut the nut slightly lower than is currently the case, doesn't bother me but it's as it came out of the factory at present which is normally quite high for most players. Neck and body are the only original vintage Fender parts. PUPs, circuit and pickguard are Seymour Duncan Everything Axe https://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/everything-axe-pickguard which retails at £320 https://www.gak.co.uk/en/seymour-duncan-everything-axe-guard/126372. Tuners are Fender US. Like the other Strat I'm selling here, this guitar owes me over £1000!
  9. Beedster

    FS: '79 Fender Strat relic

    Another step in my current gear restructure. This is a rather nice Strat if you like that lived in/well played/hung out with the Stones look. Neck and body are both original Fender '79, bought from Fender Factors a couple of years back. The body is very very nicely beaten up, please see photos. This is not a case of 'there's a small dink in the upper bout'. The neck is in very good condition, lovely dark rosewood board and, of course, the large headstock Neck and body are the only original vintage Fender parts. PUPs and circuit are from Joseph Kaye https://www.josephkayeguitars.com/about/ who, among others, makes PUPs for Wilco Johnson. Tuners are a nice set of Klusons bought new from WD (I think) last year. Pickguard is a lovely aged 3-ply Tort I picked up from the USA which still has the film in place. Guitar owes me over £1000, £800 is a decent price for this rather lovely old thing.
  10. Beedster

    FS/FT Larrivee L-02 acoustic - Price drop

    Hurry up with those pics
  11. Beedster

    Bass FX on guitar?

    Folks, any thoughts on using modelling/FX units designed for bass on guitar, specifically the likes of Line 6 Bass Pod? Cheers Chris
  12. Beedster

    FS: Roland Cube 40xl

    Still here
  13. Beedster

    FS: Hayden Essex Blonde tube combo

    Still here :)
  14. Beedster

    What have you currenty got GAS for?