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  1. I'm no expert, but I like how it sounds. Full and crisp. A fully tweaked recording would be interesting.👍
  2. I'm a step ahead/behind all of you. Crap on bass and even worse on guitar.😭😜
  3. Small instrument (26") Small clamps.🤪
  4. The neck is on. Some light sanding is next, it's already pretty smoth.
  5. Turns out my "uke-kit" doesn't quite look like the one above, but it's close enough. Drilled a hole in the heel of the neck and placed a dowel in said hole. All this wood fiddling takes it's toll. Time for a meal before I continue the "build" 😜
  6. If I for some reason wanted to dilute tru-oil, what should I use? (unless it's a totally bad idea)
  7. Finally got around to order some tru-oil. I'm getting kind of excited!😛
  8. Not much of a build, all ready made parts put together. I still like it though, and post this photo wherever I can....😜
  9. Is there anybody out there?

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    2. MWH


      Thanks fella, since I kicked this flatwound thing off I've sold my lemon burst  gibson les paul  and my burns steer. Podgy bass playing fingers won't cope with all those 'iccle strings so close together.  Having a guitar built from scratch with a 52mm nut,  9mm string spacing,  it is 10mm on my basses so this is my last shot at getting  back into guitar playing. But, I still want flatwounds so all the questions  still stand. I use flats on my basses, most come from strings direct so I might pump them for info, but all I have found out for myself is what most of us have learned,  they give a jazzy tone, when I want them to be a Gary  Moore tone. Plenty time yet I guess

    3. Teebs
    4. Teebs


      Don't tell anyone, but I don't play guitar, or even own a guitar :/



  10. The quality of your work deserves to be seen twice!👍
  11. Does it (tru-oil) darken the wood this much?
  12. I use flats on guitar (and bass) and will never go back to rounds on any instrument. Flats feel good, rounds don't. Each to their own, I guess.
  13. Any flea market/boot sale. A slim chance to find the unexpected and desirable at an affordable price.😛
  14. Welcome! Playing and building instruments is a good combo.
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