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  1. not played either of those but our guitarist has one of the early Sessionette 75's with the retro tone upgrade and it's a really great sounding amp, incredibly loud but a great sound, from what i've read the blues baby should be equally good but not as loud. Matt
  2. @EdwardMarlowe i'd suggest keeping an eye out for the Bugera V5, cheap as chips and remarkably good, especially at home volumes, i plugged mine into a 4x12 at a rehearsal room once and it gave a surprising amount of volume for such a small combo, the Tiny terror was great too, usable in the house with a small cab and then plenty loud enough for pub gigs when plugged into a bigger cab provided you didn't need cleaner sounds, i leant mine to a guest guitarist for a pub gig we played and even with just a 1x12 it didn't need any help from the PA. the laney LC15 hasn't been with me long enough yet but i've got plans for a new set of valves so i'll reserve judgement until that's done. Matt
  3. I bought my first Valve amp back in about 1998 i think and have been mostly valve for guitar ever since (with the exception of a little marshall vs15 for bedroom use when i was a student) in order of purchase: Marshall JCM600 2x12 combo (still have this in the cupboard, it needs some work as the output jacks have failed) Orange Tiny terror (with a 1x12 cut down combo cab) Bugera V5 (given to me for helping a friend sell his big combo) Laney lc15 (bought as i had sold the bugera and the tiny terror and wanted something else) in my cupboard i also have a 1972 Marshall Artiste 2x12 combo that i was given by a friend, it's in need of a complete overhaul and probably 2 new speakers and complete set of valves but i don't have a need for it right now (mainly play bass) if i ever start playing guitar in a band again then it will get the overhaul and i'll use it live. in the course of buying the above amps i have also tested quite a few others, a JCM30 was nice, and an old 70's marshall 50w combo was the second choice when i bought my JCM600, there was also a Blues Junior that i had on test from a shop, it had a great sound but was just so loud and uncontrollable to me that it went straight back. My plan when i sold my Bugera and tiny terror was to find one of the small Mesa Boogie combos, a studio 22 or one of the subway models maybe, but nothing popped up for sale and i was made redundant soon after so it dropped down the priorities. the Marshall was my main amp for live use for most of the last 20 or so years, including loaning it out to friends for live use, it has a great bluesy tone and a remarkably good clean channel, i've never really gone in for high gain so it's been all the amp i've ever needed, the other smaller ones were bought as i have a bad back and lugging the Marshall round wasn't easy but they have come and gone and the Marshall is still here. Matt
  4. Matt P


    it looks very similar to the one housing my Tanglewood except the lining on mine is red, but i know from experience that double checking the dimensions is worth doing (luckily my local guitar shop traded the used Hiscox case i had bought for the right one with only a little cash changing hands) Matt
  5. Matt P


    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353119093932 This looks like it might be the right one, I would ask for some internal dimensions and double check on the hiscox website though. Matt
  6. plectrums are a very personal thing, i started at about .88mm for ages (tortex black ones) my guitar tutor suggested going thinner and io settled on mm tortex for ages (orange ones) and then a random slightly smaller fender medium one that is my currnet favourite. buying a random selection from and then trying them all is a good way to start as @EdwardMarlowe has suggested, in the past i would have suggested just going into your local guitar shop and see what they have, i have also found new and interesting ones in the random dish of spare/lost plectrums in our rehearsal room. I love to mod my plectrums to tailor them to my playing style, some are sharpened to a point, some have a few small holes drilled through to aid grip. the main thing i would suggest is to keep an open mind, try as many as you can and find the one that suits you best (then buy a multipack of your favourite) buying plectrums is one of my vices, even though i have clear favourites i still buy more. Matt Edit- just looked at that pic and realised i could probably spare some, drop me a pm with your address and what plectrums you are currently using and i'll send you half a dozen or so different ones in the post.
  7. Matt P

    Tanglewood guitar

    thanks for the info nice to know that it's older than i had thought, i wish Tanglewood would give more info on their website, they don't really give much backstory which is a shame, they always seemed to get rave reviews whenever they appeared in magazines. If it were me i would be making some fuss like "30 years of 5 star reviews" or similar, they might not have 100 or 50 years of history but 30 or so years is doing pretty well considering how many companies have disappeared in the last 10 years. i bought this one from my friends father, he is an artist and musician and bought it new as far as i know and said it wasn't that cheap, it certainly plays and sounds very nice. i have a bit of a hankering for one of the warrior basses they made as well, either the humbucker one or maybe the j-j version. a lot of warwick vibe for a pocket money price tag. i tried out the Overwater by Tanglewood basses they made a few years back too, really wished i had bought one as they were excellent. i have a massive stash of guitar magazines from he early 2000's in the loft, there are quite a few favourable reviews of Tanglewoods in there. One Tanglewood i am actively looking for is a TW-15 Baby, which is an all-solid travel guitar, i missed one on ebay last month that went for about 80 quid, amazing value for an all solid guitar. Matt
  8. Matt P


    I have an addiction to Hiscox hard cases, the semi acoustic one pops up on ebay fairly often I think I paid about 50 for mine, more expensive than a basic gig bag but they are very strong and last pretty much forever. The model is pro2-gs, it will fit the casino very nicely but might be a bit loose if its a casino coupe which is a fair bit smaller. Matt
  9. I know that they're not traditionally a Fender speaker but Celestion have dabbled with Neo guitar speakers, the century vintage and neo creamback are the current offerings (both under 2kg), in the past there was a century neo as well which was more modern sounding, i actually have one (a century neo) sitting on my shelf, i bought a cab (actually a cut down combo) that had one fitted and when i sold the cab i swapped it out for a g12t 75 and kept the neo in case i bought a combo that it would fit in. I then bought a 1x10 combo where the cab is slightly too small to squeeze the 12" speaker in, Doh! Matt
  10. i would be a bit careful with anything thicker than a 12, especially if the guitar has a cedar top or is lightly braced, my McIlroy came with a note that fitting anything thicker than a 12 would invalidate the warranty as the cedar top was only strong enough for 12's. the Newtone Heritage strings have a much lower overall tension than other strings, the total tension of the 12's io use is less than the total tension of 11's from D'addario. if you arte total beginner to guitar then a lighter gauge will be easier on the fingers, you can always experiment with thicker gauges when you have a bit more experience. Having said all that do use regular 13's on one guitar as it has a slightly shorter scale and i usually have it detuned a tone which helps a bit. Matt
  11. I would suggest maybe 11's as you are starting out, when it comes to acoustic strings I only use Newtone heritage strings, they are lower tension than other brands and the tensions are even across the fretboard, I have been playing for 20 odd years now and have introduced quite a few people to these strings, I have yet to find anyone who didn't like them. They are a tiny bit more expensive than D'Addario or ernie ball but I find they last a bit longer so it all balances out in the end. Matt
  12. Matt P

    Tanglewood guitar

    hello, i don't think this is an early Tanglewood as the first ones had a different logo and headstock, i have what i an fairly sure is a fairly early thinline Tanglewood here and the logo is very different. as far as i am aware production has always been in the far east somewhere, mine has no internal sticker (or any sign there ever was one) i know it was bought new back in the mid to late 90's by my friends father, the only markings are the branding on the headstock and a label on the heel with the model number. apart from that there is nothing to say where it was made or any kind of serial number visible. i have always been a bit of a fan of the Tanglewood electrics, the acoustics have a well deserved reputation for quality at a great price but the electrics are the same but don't get the recognition that they deserve. my one is certainly not going anywhere! the one you have looks an absolute stunner. as far as laminated tops on jazz guitars it's far more common than you would expect, even Gibson use laminated tops on things like the ES335, you do occasionally find solid tops on this kind of guitar but it's far more common to find laminated as it uses less materials and is far quicker to make especially with maple as it usually needs to be carved from a solid piece rather than bent, the bindings on the edges and the f-holes will cover up any tell-tale signs of a laminated top as well there are guitars with high 4 figure price tags that make no mention of a solid top and sometimes the maker is quite open about it being laminated, Gretsch make a Chet Atkins relic 6120 that retails at £8899 and it is clearly labelled as a laminated top. Matt
  13. the korg pandora units are on my watch list, they tend to sell at around 40 quid but very occasionally they go around the 30 mark, i tend to prefer knobs and dials for adjustment but if a pandora is available at a low enough price then i'll jump on it as i've always fancied one ever since i saw the original one in a magazine. Matt
  14. well, i've never seen one of those Vox units before, it looks really good, i'll definately put a ebay watch on for one, thank you! the Pod units (and the cheaper clones) usually have some kind of 1/4" output that i can link into my current interface, the USB is sometimes to act as an interface for recording but on some models it's there to allow connection to a PC for patch editing software, i spent a frustrating hour one afternoon attempting to set up a friends early Pod 500 HD thing (can't remember the exact model) it was so complex that i gave up and gave it back whatever i buy will have to be one of the cheaper models with less bells and whistles. Matt
  15. I saw the Vox offerings but they all seem to be designed for floor use rather than sitting on a desk, i was really hoping for something that was desk orientated so that is can sit next to my pc off the floor (this also keeps it away from the inquisitive fingers of my 3 year old son) i will keep an eye on eBay though, if it is cheap enough then i guess one of the smaller ones could sit on the desk. i have seen some of the Joyo offerings, one of the small pedal preamps might be an option as an always-on box. thanks for the reply @EdwardMarlowe. Matt
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