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  1. It's not my guitar, hopefully the op will see this and update us. Matt
  2. i would be a little careful taking a 59 gauge string up to E unless the guitar was well constructed, one of my guitars is only warranted up to 12 gauge strings (cedar top being the reasoning i think) there shouldn't be an issue but that's a fair amount of tension. i am lucky enough to have 4 acoustics and only have 2 in "regular" tuning (E-e) i keep one (Gretsch Jim Dandy 24" scale) tuned one step down D-d with 13-56 gauge strings for Blues playing and another (Yamaha DW Dread) is in Nashville tuning, but again one tone down using the "extra" strings from a 12 string set (the regular strings go on one of the normal tuned guitars) so the gauges are - 26,19,14,10,16,12 I find this works really well as i use both the Gretsch and the Yamaha in the band where i am playing along with another acoustic guitarist so having the alternative tunings helps to give a little interest and stops it getting to muddy sounding. i have experimented in the past with Nashville on an electric guitar but it didn't suit the band i was playing in at the time. all my acoustics are fitted with Newtone strings (heritage and masterclass) and i have no intention of buying strings from anywhere else (in fact I have a few more sets on order at the moment) Is anyone else using Nashville tuning? i had intended to put up a post about it but saw this one first so thought i would add it here instead Matt
  3. well after months of eBay/classified/Facebook marketplace searching I managed to bag a Vox Valvetronic Tonelab as suggested/recommended by @EdwardMarlowe. It's excellent! exactly what i was looking for (although it has a bigger footprint than i was hoping for) the amp models are excellent, the effects are very decent and it seems very easy to use (not really dug too deep into it so far) Thank you for the suggestion! Matt
  4. I have never really got on with strats, but I do have a couple of superstrats which I love (no idea why I love one and can't get on with the other!) I also have a mex telecaster which I love, if you want a chunkier sound out of a tele have a look at a 4 way switch mod, I have done it to a couple now and it gives you an extra sound which is very humbuckery and has extra heft, highly recommended. Matt
  5. i've not used those particular ones but i have definitely seen them in shops (especially the rail mount style as it allows for easily moving the hangers around), the only brand i use at home are Hercules, i have 2 of the regular wooden based ones in constant use, they do make an angled one as well which is what i would buy if i needed the angled type. https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Hercules-Stands-GSP40WB-Guitar-Wall-Hanger-AGS-Long-Arm-/art-GIT0028555-000?campaign=GShopping/GB&ProgramUUID=5G_AqJarZwoAAAFl0FZyjI8V&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6575BRCQARIsAMp-ksOAMzA04Wra31MR9t3cnQwmjvj97ZiGFljEsve_a6yWUHhpPrNcMqoaAqrNEALw_wcB Matt
  6. i Haven't bought anything but i did acquire this Chord 3/4 sized acoustic on Tuesday via a freecycle -type post on facebook, i am assuming that the previous owner was a beginner as they had stickers to show basic chords on the fretboard, i gave it a cleanup and some adjustments and made a clear scratchplate for it and it play's fine, not expecting it to sound amazing but for playing in the garden or round a campfire it's fine. (and it was free!) I left the headstock stickers on as i don't mind them. here it is next to my McIlroy AS25 for scale ( the McIlroy absolutely stomps on it in terms of tone but then it would!) Matt
  7. I've never really got on with coated strings, I have been exclusively using Newtone Heritage 12's for the last 12 years or so, they last really well and the balanced (low) tension feel is just excellent, i have given a few sets away top friends and pretty much everyone that has tried them has swapped over as well. before that i mainly used D'addario phosphor bronze, 11's then 12's for the 10 or so years before that, i did use DR (sunbeams i think) for a couple of years but swapped back to the D'addario as i could buy them locally rather than ordering online. I order the Newtones direct as that's the easiest for me now. Matt
  8. I am one of the Basschat posse that has joined in on this site but i started as a guitarist and only took up bass when i was at uni, i turned up with guitars and amps and joined the christian union and a local church and offered my services, at the same time i met a drummer (still one of my best mates, best man at my wedding and also member of my current band) i also met a guy that introduced himself as a bassist, what he didn't mention was that he was also a fantastic guitarist, we all ended up playing together and on our first appearance in the church band he ended up playing my electric guitar and i played his bass (a lovely mex precison deluxe p-j with the anodized gold scratchplate), everyone assumed that i was a bassist and as they was a shortage of bassists i was asked to play more often, i spent a couple of years borrowing basses so that i could play on a sunday before i got my first bass (actually swapped an acoustic guitar for it) i have more guitars than basses and the current tally is 5 electric guitars, 3 acoustic guitars and 5 bass guitars, (plus EUB, U-bass, Banjo, ukulele and banjolele) I try and play as much guitar as i can but Bass always has held a fascination for me, i actually set out to play bass but the local music shop didn't have anything that caught my eye and there was this graeat looking red superstrat hanging there so that's what i bought (and still have) Matt
  9. My first reaction was a hofner with a fender badge but i was also stumped by the label inside, the headstock inlay is similar to the Hofner Senator but it's much bigger on this guitar and not having a makers logo or name on the headstock is rare too. The tailpiece is very unusual, most of the ones you usually see have the string anchors in a line either straight across or at a single angle or a gentle sweep, this one seems to be staggered into 2 sections of 3. are there any signs that parts have been replaced or that it has been repaired in the past? I will agree that it's a great looking instrument, i really like archtops and something like this is very unusual. Matt
  10. 10's on all my electric guitars (superstrat's, Tele, Lp, 335) i used 9's when i first started as i just asked for super slinkies because that was what i had heard Eric Clapton used, i went to 10's about 4 years later on the suggestion of my guitar tutor and haven't changed since (about 20 years) for about the first 20 years i think i mainly used D'addario on the suggestion of my tutor as they were cheap enough and easy to get everywhere (especially as the D'addario uk bass is 4 miles from my house) but recently i have been using Fender as they are a bit cheaper and IFAIK they are made by D'addario anyway. I have experimented with rolled strings on my 335 copy which were nice and i will use pure Nickel wound if i can get them cheaply enough (DR pure blues for a while and fenders in more recent years) Matt
  11. not played either of those but our guitarist has one of the early Sessionette 75's with the retro tone upgrade and it's a really great sounding amp, incredibly loud but a great sound, from what i've read the blues baby should be equally good but not as loud. Matt
  12. @EdwardMarlowe i'd suggest keeping an eye out for the Bugera V5, cheap as chips and remarkably good, especially at home volumes, i plugged mine into a 4x12 at a rehearsal room once and it gave a surprising amount of volume for such a small combo, the Tiny terror was great too, usable in the house with a small cab and then plenty loud enough for pub gigs when plugged into a bigger cab provided you didn't need cleaner sounds, i leant mine to a guest guitarist for a pub gig we played and even with just a 1x12 it didn't need any help from the PA. the laney LC15 hasn't been with me long enough yet but i've got plans for a new set of valves so i'll reserve judgement until that's done. Matt
  13. I bought my first Valve amp back in about 1998 i think and have been mostly valve for guitar ever since (with the exception of a little marshall vs15 for bedroom use when i was a student) in order of purchase: Marshall JCM600 2x12 combo (still have this in the cupboard, it needs some work as the output jacks have failed) Orange Tiny terror (with a 1x12 cut down combo cab) Bugera V5 (given to me for helping a friend sell his big combo) Laney lc15 (bought as i had sold the bugera and the tiny terror and wanted something else) in my cupboard i also have a 1972 Marshall Artiste 2x12 combo that i was given by a friend, it's in need of a complete overhaul and probably 2 new speakers and complete set of valves but i don't have a need for it right now (mainly play bass) if i ever start playing guitar in a band again then it will get the overhaul and i'll use it live. in the course of buying the above amps i have also tested quite a few others, a JCM30 was nice, and an old 70's marshall 50w combo was the second choice when i bought my JCM600, there was also a Blues Junior that i had on test from a shop, it had a great sound but was just so loud and uncontrollable to me that it went straight back. My plan when i sold my Bugera and tiny terror was to find one of the small Mesa Boogie combos, a studio 22 or one of the subway models maybe, but nothing popped up for sale and i was made redundant soon after so it dropped down the priorities. the Marshall was my main amp for live use for most of the last 20 or so years, including loaning it out to friends for live use, it has a great bluesy tone and a remarkably good clean channel, i've never really gone in for high gain so it's been all the amp i've ever needed, the other smaller ones were bought as i have a bad back and lugging the Marshall round wasn't easy but they have come and gone and the Marshall is still here. Matt
  14. Matt P


    it looks very similar to the one housing my Tanglewood except the lining on mine is red, but i know from experience that double checking the dimensions is worth doing (luckily my local guitar shop traded the used Hiscox case i had bought for the right one with only a little cash changing hands) Matt
  15. Matt P


    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353119093932 This looks like it might be the right one, I would ask for some internal dimensions and double check on the hiscox website though. Matt
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