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  1. Apologies for not spotting this comment earlier. Funnily enough I was thinking today that if I were to move it on I might be able to squeeze a double bass into the spot it currently occupies... I'm not really sure about value, but I would guess that £250 for the guitar plus £500 for the work would give someone a vintage Gibson at a reasonable price. There's certainly a sentimental value attached to it but whether that's worth using up limited storage space is another question.
  2. It might end up going that way, eventually.
  3. A long time ago I owned a Marshall Mercury amp which I used for comping in a swing band (playing this guitar). It gave a great clean sound, but needed to be run on full power to be (barely) heard alongside all the horns and after about 90 mins it would heat up and start to distort. If my guitar playing ever does take off again then a small valve amplifier of some sort that could handle some clean jazz sounds would be nice, hence looking here to see if anything interesting was mentioned.
  4. I have indeed now ordered a Squier Tele - even including some decent strings and a proper setup it’s still just under £200, which is the amount I could have spared for the V’s repairs.
  5. I currently play bass (and so would normally be found at Basschat) but recently saw mention of all fourths tuning and thought this might be the ideal opportunity to do a bit of guitar playing without much distraction from bass. In fact, it may even be helpful, given that it would allow the opportunity for playing chords, which I can't normally do (I only have fretless basses). As I have an old 70s Gibson Flying V hanging around which I haven't touched since the early 1990s I thought that it might be worth trying to get that set up for this purpose. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be so simple, with the following required to make it really usable, in addition to a setup, new strings, cleaning etc.: The neck's not at the right angle and needs to be reset. I'm told that the body's been sanded thinner, which might not help. All the frets need to be replaced. Is that crack under the headstock in the finish, or the wood? Needs checking. The side dots have been painted over and need to be re-done. A new nut is needed. Possibly a new bridge as well. So, probably about £500, which is a bit much for the amount of use I'd get from it. Even more if anything particularly dodgy were to be found under the finish, and a refinish would be yet more still. This couldn't be done until August at the earliest. It's tempting to simply buy a Squier Telecaster, which would be much cheaper than even the minimum repair cost, but then the V will still be taking up space. What do people think about these guitars - worth the cost to refurbish?
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