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  1. yep that's lovely. How do the pickups sound? There's all sorts of switching available. Can it do the out of phase strat sound? and the both pickups on from a telecaster?
  2. For sale is my Electric XII I bought this for a function band I was fronting, it was used on 3 gigs, 4 songs per gig. The band folded so I've decided to let it go as I won't need it going forward. Only made for a year, in Mexico. These are quite rare butlook fab. Hockey stick headstock seals it for me Great sounding pickup, especailly through my AC30 CC2X Collection is prefered but could meet up half way, depending on distance etc any questions just fire away cheers
  3. I did a bit of googling and the serial number can also be on the neck plate I never knew there were some usa made squiers
  4. I had a late 70s strat back in 1990. It was maple board, black and most importantly, left handed. So I had it restrung and set up right handed. It really looked the part and played great. I didn't gig on guitar at that time, so I never got to use it in anger. I sold it to a lefty friend of mine, who is still gigging it to this day
  5. I have 2 seymours in my HSS strat. Both from 1982, a PAF in the bridge and a single coil in the neck. They are superb for what ever I have used. I have a tele with a bareknuckles bridge pickup based on a '63 IIRC. sounds awesome. seymours in my Slash AFD LP, it's my best sounding LP
  6. thanks for the offer but I managed to get an immaculate one, still in its box. I've used it once or twice. I also have a BM Red Special so decided to pair them but it's not my thing really. I love the Red Special, it's my main gigging guitar, for my 80s thing that I do. I swapped pickups to more authentic ones (yonderbosk) but, to be honest, I can't tell the difference
  7. Rotosound yellows for the past 15 or so years, they have been really good. Currently using Dean Markely Signature strings. Absolutely fine too.
  8. my main gigging guitar atm,
  9. This guitar is an R8. It has been made to look like Marc Bolan's famous Les Paul, before any of the neck changes. This belongs to my brother. It was his 50th birthday present from his wife. I bought the guitar as a standard R8 then did all the mods on it, including Slash seymour duncans.
  10. Here's an old picture of my (then) Gibson collection From Left to right '79 LP Deluxe, Early Studio with ebony board (belongs to my wife), 2010 Slash AFD LP, Faded Flying V 2004, '67 SG jr, '59 LP jr, Custom shop Flying V Custom and my R7 from about 2002. Sold the faded V on ebay to fund a new PA system, the '59 JR was sold to my brother and the Custom Shop V is now with Ben Grenfeld (ex wishbone ash)
  11. the amp sounds really good. It cleans up nicely when you back the volume down on thw guitar it's also very touch sensitive. If you dig in it breaks up nicely All in all, I'm very impressed (and for a time 15 years ago, I was making and selling some all valve amps. www.wkz-amps.com)
  12. I'm with you on this. I don't want anything these days, weird isn't it
  13. fairly decent amps can be bought 2nd hand quite cheaply. At the moment Andertons are offering the vox mv50-ac plus a cab for 160 quid. A very good deal and a very nice bit of kit. I have the MV50 ac and have been gigging it through a 1x12 cab. More than loud enough for the function band I play with
  14. I have a Gibson Les Paul AFD guitar from 2010. It's not that I am a massive Slash fan, I just thought it would look good. However mine doesn't have the reverse chevron flame but it sounds amazing. I particularly like how it cleans up (both pickups on) when you roll the volume back. I bought it new, unseen and almost returned it because I don't like the top very much. What a great guitar and they only made 600 of them. I have a Jerry Donahue Vintage telecaster. It cost peanuts really. Again not a JD fan but the wiring and 5 way switch made this guitar very appealing to me. It is also a great guitar I also have a Brian May red special guitar. I use this in my 80s duo. An interesting sounding guitar, nothing like a strat really but still a really useable guitar. I use it exclusively in my 80s thing. and a Justin Meldel Johnson Fender Mustang bass. No idea who JMJ is, they got great reviews on basschat, so I bought one, again, unseen. It is my favourite bass and is my goto instrument. Signature models sometimes offer a different flavour on a given guitar, which will suit some people but not others. Just enjoy
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