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  1. ped

    New Dark Theme!

    Give it a try! To choose the theme, scroll to the bottom of the site and find 'Theme' - click and select 'Guitarchat 2.0 (Dark)' Cheers ped
  2. ped

    Sign In?

    Thanks folks, we’re on it
  3. ped

    My ad

    That's right, no fee to list here yet, thanks for asking and good luck with the sale
  4. Hi folks Thanks for joining GC and getting involved. It’ll grow in time and I think that’s fine - Basschat was the same way and it took a while for a quality membership to establish. One thing that would help members get more involved would be if you guys could start some threads with the potential for everyone to get involved, like ‘show us yer pedalboard’ etc. So if anyone wants to start some then that’s cool. Cheers ped
  5. ped


    Welcome mate
  6. Yeah we’ll probably make one once the forum is ticking along. No need to segregate now.
  7. Welcome mate enjoy the forum
  8. You'll be after a LHD Porsche next!
  9. ped

    FS forum

    Hi there. Yes you can do that, or put a total price for all the items. Cheers ped
  10. Just drag the pic into the bit at the bottom of the reply box Let me know if you want a screen grab to show. Cheers
  11. Same as BC, as far as I know. It’s possible to set up custom behaviour if you’ve made your own stream though on both sites.
  12. You click the little blob to go to first unread... clicking the title will take you to the first post
  13. Welcome Andrew, I hope you enjoy the forum. Spread the word!
  14. Thanks @charic I didn’t notice this yesterday? Certificate based?
  15. Naughty boy! No that warning point was from before we even upgraded BC last year and as such I can’t see the detail and I can’t remove it either. Don’t worry about it
  16. I hope you all enjoy the new site :)

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    2. LegateNaarifin


      The green was a nice choice, very sharp and "snazzy"


    3. MWH


      Dragged my weary ar$e from good 'ol B/chat,  good work guys.👌

    4. MWH


      HEY !,  when on this site the basschat notifications come through, excellent !

  17. Thanks. Yes we’re making it Https now but it’s not something we can do before it opens, so to speak. Nothing to worry about
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