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Favourite tunes/performances.

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What it says on the tin.


A place to post performances that you have particularly enjoyed. Can be live, studio or anywhere in between. Any style whatsoever, any player(s) whatsoever; as long as it features one or more guitars as a central (and hopefully noteworthy) feature of the song/performance, this is the place to post it.


I do a lot of YouTube surfing, and from time to time things appear in front of me that I wasn't expecting or in some cases was even aware of. For example, a few minutes ago I found the following piece by a guitarist I'd never heard of. It's ragtime - which not everybody will like - but given the brief I set for the thread it's bang on. Ragtime on a guitar is difficult to play well, but this guy pretty much nails it (after a slight false start which I'd like you to conveniently ignore). The piece is a Scott Joplin tune called Pineapple Rag.


Enjoy: :)




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Love a bit of Eric Johnson and having Roscoe Beck on bass in the same video is always going to get my vote.



I’ve recently been learning The Rain Song by Zeppelin and came across this very nice solo adaptation.



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1 hour ago, Stub Mandrel said:


He's 65 in this video.


Why does he look like a teenager?


I suspect monkey glands....

It's from '97, which would make him 43 at the time. However, he isn't bad looking these days for a 67 year old, so maybe right about the monkey glands.

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